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11 Healthy Mukbang Food’s To Try Yourself

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We all know that Korean mukbang videos are the best to watch when you’re feeling hungry. But how can we make these delicious dishes ourselves? Well, this blog post will tell you 11 different recipes for healthy Korean food that you could try yourself.

If you enjoy watching people eat on YouTube, but want to cook your own meals instead of just watching them.

If you want to know more about the different kinds of foods, then please keep reading on.

1. Strawberry Fruit Salad

Strawberry Fruit Salad With Yogurt will be a healthy dish that you could make yourself. It’s a great snack for when you’re feeling hungry and it’s also perfect during summertime.

People love other kinds of fruit salad as well, like the Peach Fruit Salad. Why this food is great for a mukbang is because it’s healthy and fresh at the same time.

The strawberry makes it appealing and the yogurt is healthy for you. The perfect meal for a mukbang video.

Make sure to add some mint leaves to get that extra tasty kick. I’ve been eating this salad for many months now and it’s very delicious. Definitely worth giving it a try.

You can also eat it for breakfast or as a snack.

2. Protein-Packed Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad With Grapefruit, Pomegranate Seeds, and Avocado. This is the perfect healthy food for you to eat when creating a mukbang video on YouTube.

This salad contains spinach which is already one of Korea’s most popular vegetables. But adding these 3 different ingredients will make this a very tasty dish that everybody would want to try out.

You can add many different kinds of ingredients to your salad, but these are just whatever I prefer to put in my own salad when I’m feeling hungry.

This delicious meal will help you stay fit during summertime and if eaten daily, then you’ll be able to lose weight while maintaining a healthy diet.

3. Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad With Pomegranate Seeds, Raisins, and Almonds. This is another salad that you could eat as a mukbang video.

Another healthy dish that’s very delicious as well. You can add many different kinds of ingredients to your salad, but the ones I’ve added are just what I prefer for my own taste. Broccoli contains a lot of nutrients that will help out with your health every single day.

The pomegranate seeds will be a nice addition to this recipe and almonds contain lots of calcium as well as fiber. Fiber is something we all need to consume during our daily life or at least try out once in a while instead of skipping it for months or so on.

4. Honey Dijon Chicken

Honey Dijon Chicken With Asparagus. This is one of the dishes that I had on my channel during mukbang time.

I tried this recipe and it was delicious. The chicken tastes very good with all these ingredients inside, but what makes it even tastier is when you pour over some honey to make it sweeter.

But of course, make sure not to add too much money or else it will become too sweet which isn’t nice at all.

There are many other kinds of chicken recipes that you could try out on your channel as well, so why don’t you give them a go? You’ll definitely enjoy making them yourself just like I did. 🙂

5. Spicy Tuna Bowls

Spicy Tuna Bowls. If you’re living in Korea, then I’m sure that you’ve heard about these before.

The most amazing food for a mukbang is spicy tuna bowls. You can eat it with chopsticks or just your hands whichever you prefer most. The reason why they are so popular during mukbang time is because of how delicious it is and how healthy it is as well.

Make sure to give these bowls a try because it’s one of the best-tasting meals you’ll ever get in Korea.

Another plus is that it’s healthy and perfect for a mukbang video. The colors are bright and very appealing to the viewers.

6. Healthy Stuffed Peppers

Healthy Stuffed Peppers. Whenever I have a mukbang time, I usually go to this recipe because it’s not only healthy but it tastes very good as well.

It’s perfect for a mukbang channel and this is actually one of my favorite meals to eat during mukbang time too.

I’ve been eating these peppers on my channel pretty much since I started doing mukbangs and they’re still something that people love me eating today.

So give them a try if you haven’t already got around to it yet. You can make them yourself or order online whichever you prefer.

7. Quinoa Stuffed Avocado

Quinoa Stuffed Avocado

Quinioa Stuffed Avocado. These are some of the healthiest food you could ever eat when doing a mukbang video on YouTube.

This is my favorite recipe because it’s healthy and awesome to eat during your mukbang session. The ingredients are tasty as well, especially the avocados that are perfect for making this awesome stuffed avocado dish.

I recommend eating these with chopsticks since it makes it easier to take out the quinoa from inside and spreads them out nicely onto your plate instead of shoving all the quinoa into one end like I usually do whenever I make this recipe for myself or friends at home.

8. Healthy Curry Bowls (Korean Style)

Healthy Curry Bowls (Korean Style). These are very delicious and healthy at the same time.

They’re great for a mukbang video, especially when you’re feeling hungry during your Livestream session. The ingredients are simple but they go together perfectly to make one tasty meal that anyone would love eating in real life or in a mukbang session.

Make sure to give these bowls a try because it’s one of the best-tasting meals you’ll ever get in Korea.

Plus, it’s nutritious and ideal for a mukbang video. The colors are vibrant and appealing to the eye.

9. Lean Beef Tacos

Lean Beef Tacos

Lean Beef Tacos. This is a very popular dish when it comes to doing mukbang sessions in the USA.

Everyone loves tacos and this one doesn’t disappoint at all. It’s simple but tasty enough for people watching your videos on YouTube.

The beef tastes really good with all these ingredients inside, especially if you put some seasoning before cooking it.

Make sure to give these tacos a try because they’re so tasty and healthy which makes them perfect for mukbangs.

Not only that, but you don’t have many ingredients to go pick up either so they’re quick and easy to make as well making them great choices whenever you feel hungry during Livestreams or recording

10. Skinny Chimichangas

Skinny Chimichangas. These are some of the best-tasting and healthiest food you could ever eat when doing a mukbang video on YouTube.

They taste really good and they’re perfect for mukbangs since they’re healthy, tasty, and easy to make at home as well.

Make sure to give these chimichangas a try because you’ll love them.

They’re also among the most popular foods that people love watching. It’s easy to make and has a lot of ingredients that people will love to eat.

11. Healthy Japanese Ramen

Healthy Japanese Ramen. This is a very nutritious and healthy food option when you’re doing a mukbang video on YouTube or Livestream for your audience.

The ramen noodles taste very good and the egg has this perfect texture that anyone would love to eat during a mukbang session.

Plus, it’s also one of the best-tasting meals you’ll ever get in Japan if you know where to look for them in the right places.

I highly recommend giving these bowls a taste because they’re not only delicious but they have an amazing nutritional value as well which makes them perfect for any YouTube channel.


All in all, these are some of the best-tasting and healthiest meals you could ever eat if you’re doing mukbang videos on YouTube.

Not only that, but they’re also easy to make at home as well making them great choices whenever you feel like recording videos for your channel or livestreaming.

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