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Are Korean Green Peppers Spicy?

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Yes, Korean green peppers are spicy. Generally speaking, peppers are classified into two major categories, sweet and hot. Korean green peppers belong to the hot ones.

In Korea, there are many different restaurants that offer green peppers. The majority of people eat green peppers plain because it’s like a side dish. In Korea, they have these side dishes that come with every meal.

If you’ve ever been to Korea, you’ll notice that it’s quite normal to have all these side dishes with every meal. They have these little tiny plates that are generally filled with Kimchi (a spicy fermented cabbage dish), green peppers, and cucumber.

How Do You Use Korean Green Peppers?

The easiest way to use Korean green peppers is to use them to wrap your food up. The majority of Koreans use them as a side dish or wrap it in their food. It adds a nice flavor to the wrap and tastes amazing.

If you want to cook with them, they’re not that difficult to use. It’s much easier if you know a little bit about Korean ingredients and flavors. I’ve been cooking Korean food for over 10+ years now, and it’s actually very easy.

Once you get used to it and know how to use different kinds of ingredients, it will become flawless. Using Korean green peppers in noodles is very tasty because it adds more spice to the noodles.

This is something that lots of Korean do when eating ramen or other instant noodles. However, eating green peppers with fried rice is also an option.

There are many different ways to use Korean green peppers, and at the end of the day, it’s a personal preference since everyone has a different taste.

How Do You Eat Korean Peppers?

Korean Green Peppers

Eating Korean peppers can be done in many different ways. Generally speaking, the majority of Koreans eat Korean peppers on the side as a side dish. They don’t add any sauces or any other ingredients to their green peppers.

Some people like it spicy, so they add more hot sauce than others, but for the most part, Koreans eat them plain and simple.

Some people make it a habit of eating one with each meal because they know Koreans eat these daily. In Korea, the majority of meals are not too big in regards to the portion size.

When they eat, Koreans tend to focus on the flavor of what they’re eating and not rushing through the meal. They enjoy sitting down at a table with their friends and family while eating until they are full but not overly stuffed.

Do Koreans Use Jalapenos?

Yes, Korean use Jalapenos. In fact, they’re very popular in Korea. Korea and Mexico have lots of similarities in their food, such as the fact that they both really like spicy food.

I’ve been to Korea multiple times and have seen that lots of people use jalapenos either in their food or use to cook it. Most people that really like spicy food buy the Jalapenos in grocery stores.

However, there are also people that don’t like spicy food. They avoid eating Jalapenos because it’s too spicy for them.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Korea, you definitely should. Try the taco stores in Seoul, they’re very good, and the jalapenos taste extremely good in those stores.

Are Cheongyang Peppers Spicy?

Korean Green Peppers

Yes, Cheongyang peppers are spicy. Cheongyang, also Korean green peppers are way spicier than normal green peppers. You can say that these pepper are at least 10 times spicier than the normal Korean peppers.

In addition to being spicy, they also have a sweet taste and flavor that comes along with the spiciness. Many people eat these peppers at least once a month because of the great tasting flavor that comes with them along with their extreme spiciness.

If you eat these pepper raw, they can burn you quite a bit and be very painful. After eating them though, your tongue will numb up for about 15 minutes to an hour depending on how well you can tolerate spicy food.

The Cheongyang Peppers originate from the Cheongyang area in Korea. This specific region is known to make spicy foods. It’s also the home of many of Korea’s favorite vegetables and fruits, such as cucumbers and plums.


All in all, Korean green peppers are spicy. Yes, you can eat them plain, but if you mix it with some rice or noodles or other types of food, it’s extremely tasty.

Make sure to try some Korean green peppers and see for yourself how good they taste.

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