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Are Kpop Idols Allowed To Date?

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No, most of the Kpop idols aren’t allowed to date because that is what it says in their contract. Contracts are often 5 to 10 years long where idols aren’t allowed to date. This might sound harsh, but it’s what the idols have signed up for.

Dating in Korea is quite different, especially for celebrities. If idols are seen together, it will quickly become a huge issue. This might sound weird, but that the truth, every time two idols are together, there’s immediate speculation where people think they are dating.

After that gets out, the company can do two things. One, they let the idols date and let them live their own life. Option two is to remove them from the company and have them pay a fee, which is most of the time pretty expensive.

Which Kpop Companies Allow Dating?

JYP Entertainment

The only company that is known which allows dating is JYP Entertainment. However, this is only a couple of years after the debut. They don’t allow the idols to date right after the debut. This is one of the few companies that actually support the idols outside their work.

JYP Entertainment is known to be very good to the idols. The Korean entertainment industry is sometimes very harsh on their idols, but most of the time, there’s a reason for that. The company wants to protect the idols and prevent them from getting into a scandal.

That’s understandable since the companies have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into their idols. If the idol ruins the companies image, the whole group will go down, and they want to avoid that by silencing the idols.

However, there are many idols that date in secret, and nobody knows about them. It might be better for this because once the dating news gets out, they will receive a bunch of hate for no reason. That’s why we should keep supporting the idols no matter who they date.

Are Idols Allowed To Date Fans?

Are Idols Allowed To Date Fans

Yes, idols are allowed to date fans, but this rarely happens because dating a fan probably feels weird to them. If you look at many other Kpop idols, you can see that none of them have dated fans. If they have done that, it’s not public and will probably never be public.

If you’ve ever seen an idol date a fan in public, you’re really seeing something that probably won’t happen again because it’s very rare. Idols dating in from different industries is possible but dating with fans is a whole other topic.

If you think about it, dating fans, in general, will probably never happen because fans are often obsessed with you and really idolize the celebrities. So, keep in mind that supporting someone won’t give you a chance to date them.

Even if you could, you shouldn’t do that because it’s just weird for a celebrity to date fans. Dating someone from your own friend group is the best option, and if that doesn’t work. You can always go online and start looking for people with the same interest.

Why Is Dating Such a Taboo in Korea?

Dating isn’t a taboo in Korea. Only for celebrities and idols, it is. If you look at the Hyuna and E’Dawn situation, you can see how it blew up for no reason. There were only two members that liked each other, but they were from the same company so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Many fans did support them, but the company didn’t, so that’s when the whole music industry started canceling Cube Entertainment. It’s pretty harsh for the idols, but the fans support the idols and not the company.

So, when the idols get canceled, they often still have a fanbase and can slowly build up their music career again. South Korea has been like this for many years, and it probably won’t change over time because it keeps happening over and over again.

If it were going to change, it should have happened way sooner rather than now. That’s why we should keep supporting the idols that are dating and keep doing that.

Companies can’t do anything if the fans support the idols and stream their music. The idols will eventually release new music, and for the companies, it will be a loss since they have invested a lot of money into their idols.

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Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve come to the end of this article, you probably know that idols aren’t allowed to date. There are a couple of companies that do allow idols to date, but this is often after a couple of years. They aren’t allowed to date right after their debut, which is understandable.

We should keep supporting our favorite Kpop groups and idols no matter what they’re going through. If we like their music, we should keep streaming it. Especially when the idols have a hard time, it’s very important to support them.

Now that you know dating in Korea is taboo for idols, you’re probably wondering how it happens. Well, it’s been known that during the music shows people have switched out numbers and that’s how the friendship starts.

After a couple of months, they will probably start dating if they like each other, and from there, it’s just a relationship. There’s nothing special about that. The only problem is that they have to do it secretly and keep it like that until their contract ends.

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