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Are Kpop Idols Underweight?

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Yes, the majority of the kpop idols that perform are underweight. However, Korean beauty standards are different from the ones in the US.

Many Kpop idols that perform always look perfect, it feels like they are born that way, but that‘s not the case. Many idols go through extreme diets and have been doing that for years. It’s very harsh, and we’ll;l go more in-depth about this later in the article.

If you’re interested in why Kpop idols are so skinny, underweight, or maintain their body, then please keep reading on.

What looks normal in Korea doesn’t look normal in the US. So, if you look at it from a western perspective, they certainly are underweight.

Therefore many idols don’t think they are underweight because it feels like it’s normal there. They train with many other idols, and they look even skinnier. So, most of the idols are on the edge of being underweight if you think about it.

Why Are Kpop Idols So Skinny?

Why Are Kpop Idols So Skinny

Idols are skinny because that’s what the beauty standards in Korea are. We can do nothing about it since the public likes to see fit bodies rather than a little bigger ones. Many fans support the idols no matter what, and that’s what we should strive for.

The majority of the fans know that idols are skinny, but as long as they maintain healthy eating habits, there’s nothing wrong with that. The idol’s priority should be their health, and that’s always going to be like that.

How Much Do Kpop Idols Weigh?

There’s no exact weight of kpop idols weight but here below is an average that we think the majority of the idol’s weight. This is the average weight of female kpop idols, it might not be 100% accurate, but we think it’s pretty close.

HeightWeight in poundsWeight in KG
5’3 | 160 cm75 to 9034 to 40
5’4 | 163 cm77 to 9333 to 43
5’5 | 165 cm80 to 9536 to 44
5’6 | 167 cm80 to 10036 to 46
5’7 | 170 cm90 to 12040 to 54
5’8 | 172 cm100 to 13046 to 59
5’9 | 175 cm100 to 15046 to 68
HeightWeight in poundsWeight in KG
5’6 | 167 cm99 to 11045 to 50
5’7 | 170 cm99 to 12145 to 55
5’8 | 172 cm103 to 12547 to 57
5’9 | 175 cm110 to 13250 to 60
6    | 182 cm121 to 14355 to 65
6’1 | 185 cm132 to 15460 to 70
6’2 | 187 cm143 to 16565 to 75
6’3 | 190 cm143 to 17665 to 80
6’4 | 193 cm143 to 18765 to 85

How Do Kpop Idols Lose Weight

Many kpop idols lose weight by following a strict diet. Another way idols lose weight is that they have to follow a very tight schedule with no room to eat. They also have dance practice, which mostly lasts up to 4 hours a day.

This adds up, and when you work out a lot while also follow a diet, you’ll lose weight very fast. Also, their managers always keep a look on them. This might sound very strict, but it’s reality.

If you many Korean reality shows, you’ll notice that the managers are always there to look out for the group. They are their baby sitter during the day and but they also schedule and make sure the groups are on time.

How To Get A Body Like Kpop Idols?

There are many ways to get a body like a kpop idol. The easiest way is to start working out. Many idols workout throughout the day, even if that’s walking around the block. It’s all good for your health.

If you want to achieve a body like a kpop idol, you should start dieting and working out. Make sure to create a diet that suits your eating habits and stick to that for as long as possible.

I’ve tried this myself, and it’s very important to stick to the diet you created for at least a couple of months. Many people give up after doing it for a couple of days, which is bad.

Kpop Workout Routine

Kpop Idol Workout And Diet

Kpop idols follow a workout routine, and this is often made for them by personal trainers. However, if you don’t have the budget to hire a personal trainer, you can also do this yourself. There are many workout routines out there, but the most important tip is to work out consistently.

If you haven’t started working out already, here is a routine that we made for you. It’s a 15-minute beginner workout for everyone anywhere you want. I did follow that workout and maybe change it up a bit once you’ve gotten used to it.

How Do Female Kpop Trainees Deal With Periods?

Female Kpop idols do have periods, but it’s normally not spoken about. It might sound harsh, but generally speaking, they have to deal with it. The same goes for when they don’t feel well or are very tired.

The idol life is extremely harsh, and most of them never talk about it on TV because they are scared of the publics’ opinion. That’s why we should keep supporting the idols no matter what, and even if they don’t want to be idols anymore, we should be understanding.

We’ve come up with these three reasons while doing some more research about Kpop idols and their periods.

Birth control pills allow the idols to stop their period anywhere from 3 to 12 months. However, many idols don’t take birth control pills since they have a very busy schedule or might be in a secret relationship.

A low-carb diet could lead to an uneven menstrual cycle, making the idols miss their periods anywhere from 1 to 3 months. This might be the most common one since many idols do have very tight and strict diets.

Safety shorts, almost all idols wear safety shorts because if there’s going to be a leak, it’s covered. No matter the outfit they wear, the idols will probably always wear safety shorts if anything goes wrong.


Now that you’ve come to an end, I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for. In short, Yes, kpop idols are indeed underweight, but for them, it’s normal according to the Korean beauty standards.

Kpop idols are skinny because of the tight schedules they follow while also dieting and working out. This makes it very tiring being an idol and barely have time to eat. It might sound harsh, but that’s the reality.

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