10 Best Korean Lip Balms for Everyday Wear

I can give you a rough estimate of the money I spent on Korean lip balms just this month. $30 on a lip balm that “promised” to keep my lips moisturized $25 on a lip balm that didn’t even arrive

9 Best Korean Ceramide Creams: Definitive Guide

Looking for a Korean ceramide cream, well… I have tested over 32+ different products. And spend exactly $849,32 on those to find out what the best ceramide cream is. I’m a Korean skincare enthusiast and am addicted to K-beauty in

Skincare Routine: Before or After Shower?

Going to take a shower, don’t know if you should use skincare before, during, or after? It’s a common problem amongst many people, but it’s not something that is too difficult to find out. One tip: using skincare products during

Do Kpop Idols Bleach Their Skin?

Kpop idols and pale white skin, is that normal, healthy, and even possible? Most Kpop idols that have pale white skin are either born that way or have lots of white makeup. It’s practically impossible to go from tanned to

How Long After Moisturizer to Apply Sunscreen?

Applying sunscreen after moisturizing, that’s what I do every single day. My skin has improved significantly since I’ve done that. It protects your skin from sun exposure while also keeping your makeup in place. Generally speaking, sunscreen should be applied

Does Yesstyle Sell Fake Makeup?

Ever bought any products from Yesstyle, well I have spent more than $5,000 on that site alone. Until I found that was a rumor going around about Yesstyle selling fake makeup products. Luckily they don’t. I contacted their customer service

How to Return Yesstyle and Get a Refund

Want to return a product to Yesstyle? This is possible if the products are unopened and still in good condition. Returning is very easy if you follow the steps below. I’ve returned over 5 packages in the last couple of