How Do Koreans Study? (10x Your Productivity)

The Korean educational system is one of the most difficult, demanding, and rigorous in the world.  Even elementary schoolchildren have a grueling schedule that lasts at least 12 hours each day.  With so much time spent on education, they must

Is Duolingo Good for Korean? (Read First!)

Duolingo is a very famous app for smart devices. It’s a way for people to teach themselves a huge array of languages.  There’s Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German, along with Russian, Japanese, and even Navajo Native American.  However, they

Are Korean Corn Dogs Sweet?

Korean Corn Dogs are becoming quite viral online and capturing the hearts of Western nations, like the USA. If you watch a few social media videos, you see this wonderful pull of cheese after the delightful sound of a hearty

Are Korean Guys like They Are in K-Dramas?

Many romance-based K-dramas feature several very good-looking Korean guys.  They present a very chivalrous attitude and are quite protective of their lovers, or they come off as very rude and mean but show their soft sides later on.  When foreigners

Is Naengmyeon Healthy? (Read This First!)

Noodle dishes are a very popular food throughout Korea.  These incorporate veggies, a little protein, broth, and other ingredients that combine to provide the ultimate in nutrition.  Cold noodle dishes, like naengmyeon, are one of the most common throughout homes,

Is Korean a Tonal Language? (History)

There are many aspects to the native tongues around the area of Asia.  Many of these are tonal, meaning some tones or vowels come through in the pronunciation, which can change the whole meaning of a word.  Chinese, Thai and

Are Korean Guys Protective? (The Truth…)

When watching a Korean drama, or K-drama, men will act extraordinarily protective of their women.  This reflects the prescribed gender roles prevalent in South Korea. Because of the way their society evolved over centuries, men take on a stereotypical masculine

Are Korean Corn Dogs Halal?

Many people observe a halal diet. While this is mostly an Islamic custom, there are people who eat it because they prefer animal treatment.  But, this means these people must be meticulous about what they order away from home. When

Are Korean Dramas Realistic? (The Hidden Truth)

If you’re new to understanding Korean culture, you may have heard about a thing called K-dramas.  These are TV shows featuring beautiful actors with dramatic and suspense-filled dialogues. Westerners could compare them to soap operas, where everyone is rich and

Is Korean Seaweed Healthy? (Nutritional Value)

Korean cuisine is full of healthy options. They have even devised a way to make snacking healthier too.  This is particularly true in regards to seaweed. But is Korean seaweed healthy? Yes, Korean styles of seaweed can be very healthy.

How Do Korean Students Stay Awake?

The study schedule of Korean students is grueling. They spend the better part of the day going to regular school, followed by private school and extracurricular activities.  The average middle school, high school, or college student easily spends at least