Is Korean Food Healthy

Is Korean Food Healthy?

Yes, Korean food is healthy regardless of gender and age. Most Korean foods contain essential nutrients that are good for health. For example, kimchi is very rich in vitamins and fiber that are essential to growth and development.

Why Are Korean Chopsticks Metal

Why Are Korean Chopsticks Metal?

Korean chopsticks are metal because it’s strong and never breaks, it also is very easy to clean because it does not absorb water. Lastly, it’s lasted way longer than wooden chopsticks.

Are Metal Chopsticks Safe

Are Metal Chopsticks Safe?

Yes, metal chopsticks are safe for daily use. Koreans use metal chopsticks on a daily basis without any problems. Keep in mind that they need to be cleaned thoroughly before using them.

Does Seoul Have Uber

Does Seoul Have Uber?

No, Uber is not available in Seoul. Uber, an intelligent transportation service that connects users and drivers through its smartphone app, launched in Korea earlier this month to much fanfare.

Reasons Why Seoul Is Famous

11 Reasons Why Seoul Is Famous

Seoul has a rich history, culture, and cuisine that are so unique to this city alone. It’s no wonder why it is famous! What are some reasons for Seoul’s fame? Well, there are so many things to do in this city.

Korean high school schedule

Korean High School Schedule

If you’re a high school student looking for a schedule with all the amenities of American education, but also want to learn Korean culture and language, this is the blog post for you! When I was still a Korean high

Do Koreans Use Kanji?

Kanji is a writing system of Japanese words using Chinese characters. This system is known as Hanja when used with Korean words. Many people in North American have taken interest in learning about Asian languages. When learning to speak Korean,

Which Korean Keyboard to Use?

When English speakers want to learn the Korean language, one of the best tools they can use to have a better understanding of the language is the Korean keyboard. Knowing how to type in Korean can further your learning of

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Korea?

Yes, with the right connections and enough cash, foreigners can buy property in Korea. This is not an easy process to go through if you are looking to purchase land, but there are some exceptions where this might be possible.

Can You Sleep at Incheon Airport?

Yes, you can sleep at Incheon Airport, but not for long. Despite being a major international hub and having plenty of amenities, Incheon International Airport is known to be one of the least comfortable airports in South Korea due to its poor sleep facilities.

Is Soju Served Cold?

As South Korea’s national drink, it’s best to enjoy this traditional spirit served cold and in a shot glass. This beloved favorite is an incredibly important part of Korean culture. Therefore, people often consume it with food. But there are many other ways to drink and serve it too.

Is Hanlim a Private School?

Many people are interested in traveling to South Korea to attend school. Korean schools are known for being more challenging and pushing students to succeed. When looking for a school in South Korea, many people take an interest in Hanlim.

Is Sopa Expensive?

Since SOPA is a top art school for people who are serious about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, students have to pay a tuition fee. SOPA is considered to have expensive tuition compared to other high schools. This is to make sure only students who are serious about the classes offered enroll.

Is Public School Free in Korea?

Korea is known for their top of the line education system, however, it comes at a cost. Public school is only free for primary and middle school grades. Once a student is ready for secondary school, they will have to pay per school year. Korea’s students will receive six years of free education at primary school, and an additional three years of middle school for free.