Korean Beauty Standards

The 8 Korean Beauty Standards For Male & Female

Korean beauty standards are very important in Korea. It’s the first thing you see when going to Korea. There are many different beauty standards, and studies have shown that appearance is the first thing people look at when they meet someone.

Why Do Korean Guys Like To Be Called Oppa

Why Do Korean Guys Like To Be Called Oppa?

Many Korean guys liked being called oppa since it makes them feel special. They don’t call everyone oppa because that would be weird to call everyone your “close friend.” Guys feel more special when they are called oppa since it feels like they’re getting closer with their girlfriends.

Best Korean Diet Pills

The 5 Best Korean Diet Pills: Buyer’s Guide

Losing weight might be very hard for some people, using the best Korean diet pills might be an option for you. Keep in mind that weight loss products take time and won’t result in overnight weight loss. Diet pills are

Why Do Korean Men Wear Makeup

Why Do Korean Men Wear Makeup?

In South Korea, many men wear makeup because the Korean beauty standard has evolved through the years. Wearing makeup has become normal for men, and the majority of women have started to find it more attractive.

Korean Food

Korean Food: Is It Spicy, Vegan, and Halal?

Korean food is becoming more and more popular through the years as the whole music industry has grown in Korea. It has attracted many tourists that became more interested in South Korean food. There are many different kinds of food, from mild to slightly spicy and even extremely spicy food.

Why Don't Korean People Have Beards

Why Don’t Korean People Have Beards?

Beards have been a huge topic lately, and many people are asking why there aren’t many Korean people with beards. We’ve found this out for you so, keep reading on if you’re interested.

How Much Is The Kpop Industry Worth

How Much Is The Kpop Industry Worth?

The Kpop industry has been growing and growing over the last couple of years. Millions of dollars are invested into the trainees every single year. This might sound like a lot, but it really happens. The trainees cost on average $10,000+ each month to maintain.

When will BLACKPINK Disband

When will BLACKPINK Disband?

So far, we don’t know when they’re going to disband, they have signed a contract that lasts until 2023, and after that, it’s their own choice if they will resign or not.

Are Kpop Idols Allowed To Date

Are Kpop Idols Allowed To Date?

No, most of the Kpop idols aren’t allowed to date because that is what it says in their contract. Contracts are often 5 to 10 years long where idols aren’t allowed to date. This might sound harsh, but it’s what the idols have signed up for.