Mixxmix Review

Mixxmix Review: Korean Fashion Store

Mixxmix is one of the biggest and most popular Korean fashion stores. The store has grown throughout the years and is now extremely popular. We reviewed our orders from Mixxmix here below.

Seolhyun Diet

Seolhyun Diet: Meal Plan and Weight Loss

Seolhyun is known as a Korean actress and Kpop star. She’s been a member of the group AOA which is extremely popular in Korea. Many people have asked what her diet was, but it turned out that that wasn’t her real diet. Find out what her real diet is here below!

Yesstyle vs Kooding

Yesstyle vs Kooding: Which Is The Best?

Many people shop on Yesstyle while others shop on Kooding. Both are good Korean fashion stores, but if you’re looking for the best. We’ll compare both stores here below from customer service to international shipping times. Some stores offer free

When Do Kpop Idols Retire

When Do Kpop Idols Retire?

Kpop idols normally retire after 10+ years of actively promoting. The average of when idols normally retire is around 30. This is when people start to look older, and skin starts to go age. However, there are some idols that are still promoting, and they are 30+.

Are Idols Looked Down On In Korea?

Are Idols Looked Down On In Korea?

No, idols aren’t looked down on. In fact, they are often looked up to by the younger generation. The younger generation often wants to be like idols themselves and respect them a lot. However, if you look at the people in the TV scene for many years, yes, they look down on some idols.

Average Kpop Idol Salary

Average Kpop Idol Salary | From Trainee To Idol

The average Kpop Idols salary ranges anywhere from 45,000,000 (42,000 USD) won up to 1,000,000,000 (900,000 USD) won. It depends on how much debt they have and how the contract is split. Most companies have very bad contracts for the idols, especially at the beginning of their career.

How Do Kpop Idols Do Their Hair

How Do Kpop Idols Do Their Hair?

Kpop idols always have perfect hairstyles, and you might be asking how they do that. Well, it’s very easy; they have professional stylists. The idols that do their makeup are often the ones that are just starting.

Park Shin Hye Diet

The Park Shin Hye Diet | Extreme Dieting

The Park Shin Hye diet isn’t much to talk about since there’s not much information about it. We’ve tried to do as much research as possible, but she doesn’t talk much about her diet. Her diet consists of cucumber, low-fat milk, cabbage, and some brown rice.

Is WhatsApp Available In Korea

Is WhatsApp Available In Korea?

Yes, WhatsApp is available in South Korea; however, most people use Kakaotalk and Line, which is the same as WhatsApp, but it’s a Korean version. You can still WhatsApp to message or call your friends from overseas.

Do Kpop Trainees Get Paid

Do Kpop Trainees Get Paid?

No, Kpop Trainees don’t get paid. They build up a lot of debt when training for years. Many trainees don’t come from a rich family, and after they debut, they have to eventually pay the company back with sales, performances, and appearances.