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The Best Cleansing Balms without Polyethylene: Definitive Guide

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Looking for a cleansing balm polyethylene-free, I did too. And after testing 26+ different cleansing balms I created a list of the 6 that were polyethylene-free.

I’m a Korean skincare enthusiast and have spent thousands on different products in the last couple of months.

After doing hours of research, I found the 6 best ones.

Let’s get started.

Best Overall
Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm
Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm
  • Works for all skin types
  • Naturally-derived oil
  • Best overall
Our Favorite
HANYUL Pure Artemisia Mild Cleansing Foam
HANYUL Pure Artemisia Mild Cleansing Foam
  • No more dry patches, redness, or any irritation
  • Protecting the skin barrier
  • Our favorite
Best Budget
BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original
BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original
  • Fast glowing skin
  • Renewed formula
  • Best Budget
Beware: Some people have noticed fake products on certain stores. To ensure you are getting the real product, use the links above.

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6 Cleansing Balms without Polyethylene

1. Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm

Looking for a cleansing balm that works for all skin types, well, this is it.

I’ve been using this cleansing balm for about 3 months now and it’s by far the best one.

Not only does it keep your skin soft and gentle, it also removes makeup extremely fast. Are you coming home from a long day of work, and want to go to bed ASAP.

This is the one you need. Just a few washes and your skin is clean

What I like about this cleansing balm is that it has naturally-derived oil extracts, which are backed by many studies to improve the skin.

There are thousands of cleansing balms on the market, however, unlike those. This one actually removes dead skin cells.

At first, it can feel quite harsh on the skin, but you’ll get used to it. So give it a go, chances are you will never go back.

Don’t forget, you need to use a cleansing balm for up to 3 weeks before you see any massive results. Don’t give up after the first week, that’s what most people do.

And the reason why they think almost all cleansing balms are a scam. Don’t be like that and give this one a try.

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2. HANYUL Pure Artemisia Mild Cleansing Foam

This cleansing balm is a foam, so it’s not really the same. However, it is polyethylene-free.

It is the best cleansing balm without polyethylene for sensitive skin. After you’ve used this cleansing foam your skin feels extremely moisturized.

At first, I didn’t know if it was this cleansing foam. But after using it for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin improved.

No more dry patches, redness, or any irritation. Just a clean and moisturized skin after every wash.

Most cleansing foams do contain polyethylene, luckily this is one of the few ones that work. And doesn’t contain any polyethylene.

It’s great for makeup removal, while also protecting the skin barrier. In addition to that, it lathers well and makes your skin feel very clean.

It doesn’t remove essential oils from your face, unlike many other brands actually do. So give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

I double cleanse, which makes sense to do so. However, you don’t have to unless you want to. The first cleanse will remove most of the makeup, and the second one will make sure your skin is clean and protected.

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3. BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original 

This is the polyethylene-free cleansing balm on the entire market.

I’ve tried many of them, and all of them contain polyethylene.

Luckily this one doesn’t, adding it to your skincare routine will massively benefit your skin. I really like this cleansing balm because it keeps your skin hydrated.

Unlike many other cleansing balms that make your skin very dry. Dry as a dead fish, to be honest.

This balm is specially designed for extremely dry skin types. It’s full of different oils and extracts that are known to improve the skin.

Even if you have glowing skin already, this is the one that you must try. Also, it’s not formulated with irritating ingredients making the skin red and irritated.

It’s perfect for removing makeup and does a great job at leaving the skin clean and hydrated.

In the past I didn’t know about this one, however, a couple of months ago they renewed this balm, making it even better than before.

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4. Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm 

The Beauty of Joseon cleansing balm is great for oily skin.

It does not contain polyethylene, which is the best part about it.

Even though this cleansing balm does remove makeup, I don’t recommend using it for that purpose.

This should be the cleanser that you use for double-cleansing. Double cleansing is backed by many studies to improve the skin.

If you’re looking to buy a cleansing balm, I suggest you get this one.

It’s free of PEG, Sulfates, and artificial fragrances. On top of that, it contains Rice Bran Water. This water is amazing for the skin and the smell is lovely.

This is used by 4,312 people daily and has over 5313 5-star reviews. That says it all.

Say goodbye to your oily skin. Forever! Stop reading here and get this cleansing balm today.

Trust me, this is by far one of the best cleansing balms that you’ll ever try.

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5. LuLuLun Cleansing Balm 

Getting perfect skin, isn’t that what everyone wants?

Well, I did too and this was the cleansing balm that did it. Unlike many other cleans balms, this one actually makes your skin smooth.

It clears the makeup almost instantly which is way better than the other ones.

Having clear skin will boost your self-esteem, and help you get more confident in your day-to-day life.

I’m not saying that this works for everyone, however, as a 2nd cleanser, this is great. many people use the 2nd cleanser and you should too.

Using this will improve your skin almost instantly. It’s made out of cosmetic ingredients based on advanced studies. The best part? It also helps with acne-prone skin.

At first, I didn’t know about that, however, after a couple of uses. I saw that my acne-prone skin was gone.

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy on cleansing oils that will never work, this is the one you need.

Stop reading here, and get this now, take action immediately. Don’t be that person that’ll never get perfect skin.

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6. Tofu Moritaya Soy’s Simple Life Pure Fresh

This cleansing balm is the one that doesn’t contain polyethylene but also prevents clogged pores.

It’s the last one on the list and one of the better ones on the market. Expect clear skin, pleasant smell, and instantly removed makeup.

If this is the kind of feature you are looking for, making your skin very soft, then stop reading here. Get it now and cleanse your soft skin.

Including even more features like having natural origin ingredients. Most cleansing balms aren’t as good as this one, but they still work well.

Although those all have polyethylene which is known to cause acne, this one doesn’t.

It has the perfect pH which is why it’s not producing more acne, dryness, and irritation. I highly recommend you to get this before your skin gets worse.

Let me put it this way, if you’re serious about improving your skincare routine, this is one of the best polyethylene-free cleansing balms you must have.

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Buyer’s Guide: Cleansing Balms without Polyethylene

This is the only buyer’s guide you’ll ever need when buying a cleansing balm without Polyethylene.

How To Find The Best Cleansing Balm

Finding the best cleansing balm without Polyethylene is not as hard as it sounds.

In fact, I have some tips to help you find the best cleansing balm without Polyethylene.

As you probably know, Polyethylene is not the best thing for acne-prone skin and it’s not good for the environment either.

Look at the ingredients – Ingredients you want to avoid are Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, and Triclosan.

These ingredients are widely used in the industry, however, they are harmful to your skin. It may cause acne, dryness, and irritation.

Almost all the products that are listed above don’t have any of these ingredients. Therefore, I recommend you to get one of them.

Price – Price is also something I would mind about when buying a cleansing balm, if it’s not through the roof, then it’s probably OK.

You should not spend more than $30 on a cleansing balm as it’s not as good as you think.

Buying the cheapest one won’t do any harm, besides, not giving the results you might be looking for.

Brand – I don’t recommend you to get a cheap product, but if it’s made by a well-known brand like the ones listed above.

Well, that’s a different case, because those brands are known for their amazing products and they won’t harm your skin. There are many brands that produce cheap products.

However, don’t go to offshore brands unless it’s a well-known brand in Asia.

Skin Type – Look at your skin type before buying a cleansing balm, if you’re acne-prone, then don’t buy a cleansing balm with polyethylene.

If your skin is not sensitive and you don’t have acne-prone skin. You can get any product that fits your needs.

My recommendation is that you still think about it twice before buying a cleansing.

How Often Should You Use Cleansing Balms

Cleansing balms can be used as a first or second step of your double-cleansing routine which is the best way to cleanse your skin.

I personally use them on a daily basis, regardless if I double-cleanse or not.


Q. Is polyethylene safe in cleansing balms?

Yes, however, if you can avoid polyethylene, go for it. It’s not the best ingredient available.

Q. Why do cleansing balms have polyethylene?

Polyethylene is added to cleansing balms because it’s able to remove makeup faster and better.


After all, the Real Barrier Cleansing Oil Balm is the best cleansing balm without polyethylene in this review.

Give it a try and you’ll get the best results. Make sure to use it at least 2 to 3 weeks before giving any verdicts.

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