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8 Best Kpop Diets To Try Out Yourself

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There are many kpop diets out there, but which one is the easiest to follow. Well, this depends on your current situation and what kind of diet you want to follow yourself.

The 8 Best Kpop Diets To Follow Yourself

I’ve tried many kpop diets myself in the past, and it’s not that hard. However, make sure to do it moderately and don’t starve yourself in the first couple of weeks.

Many people make this mistake, and it’s not worth getting sick or going too far with kpop diets. A lot of them aren’t even healthy, to begin with.

If you consider trying one of these kpop diets yourself, make sure to start slowly and build it up. Another tip is to don’t do this for a long period because it can seriously damage your health.

What Are Kpop Diets?

What Are Kpop Diets?

Kpop diets are just regular diets, but the ones that idols follow or have made up. This is often during a comeback or when making a debut. Idols go through extreme diets making sure to look perfect while performing.

There are many different diets, but the most famous ones are listed listed in no particular order, here below. Let’s get right to the list and start with the BTS Diet.

1. BTS Diet

The BTS diet can be split into two different diets, one for Jimin and one for Jin. We’re only going to talk about the Jimin diet in this article. As you might know, the diet consists of two chicken breasts a day, which isn’t a lot to start with.

Jimin follows this diet for a considerable amount of time. The Kpop industry is very fierce and harsh on kpop idols when they aren’t looking perfect when performing. This is really something that real fans don’t like.

Idols should be able to show their talent and not be bashed about their weight. That’s why K-netizens aren’t always the nicest when it comes to idols. You can read more about the BTS diet here.

2. Red Velvet Diet

In this article, we’re going to talk about the Red Velvet Wendy Diet. The other members also have gone through a diet, but Wendy’s diet is one of the most extreme out there.

Wendy is one of Red Velvet members, and she has the role of the main vocalist. Red Velvet is a very popular group out there, and a lot of people know them.

Her exact diet isn’t out there, but it is surely very bad to follow. She must have gone through a very hard time when dieting. Especially idols who train their whole lives and eventually, when debuting, follow a strict diet to please them.

This sounds really harsh, in my opinion, but still, people support them. There’s always a small group that will keep hating on her no matter what she does. I hope that she stays healthy and keeps bringing out new singles for us to listen to.

If you want to read more in-depth about this article, you can check it out here.

3. BlackPink Diet

The BlackPink diet can be split into 4 different diets since there are 4 group members. When BlackPink debuted in 2016, they were noticed for their slim figures. In this article, we’re mainly going to talk about Jisoo.

Many people called her “fat,” which isn’t very nice to start with when debuting. I also noticed that many people talk about her being untalented, which isn’t true at all.

She can sing, dance, and even do MC’s, which is pretty surprising for idols. She has a great personality and does follow a strict diet to maintain her figure.

Jisoo is seen as a visual jackpot in South Korea for her looks, which makes sense. She is really that pretty, and she’s known for that. If you want to read more about her diet and other members, you can check it out here.

4. IU Diet

The IU Diet is one of the most extreme diets out there. The calorie intake is so low that it might be dangerous for people to even try it. You only take one sweet potato in the morning, a protein shake, and that’s pretty much it.

So, if you’re going to try this diet, make sure to get professional help if it goes wrong. You don’t ever want it to go wrong and get ill or anything like that. By having professional help, you don’t have to worry about that.

IU did lose a lot of weight following this diet; however, it wasn’t pleasant at all, and she must have been tired throughout the whole day when following the diet. If you want to read more about the diet, you can check it out here.

5. Park Shin Hye Diet

Park Shin Hye is a very popular actress in Korea, and she has played in a lot of huge dramas. That’s what made her big and popular. Her diet starts with 1 cucumber and low-fat milk for breakfast. As you can see, this isn’t a lot and won’t make you stay energized throughout the day.

For lunch, she gets a bowl of brown rice and some cabbage. That’s all she gets for lunch, and this also isn’t a lot. I hope no one’s going to try this diet because it’s not very healthy at all.

Lastly, she gets 1 cucumber and some cabbage for dinner. If you’re interested in reading more about the Park Shin Hye diet, check it out here.

6. Bae Suzy Diet

Suzy is a very popular idol in South Korea, and she has gone through many diets for her dramas or comebacks. She debuted very early on, and that’s has made her very mature fast. Her diet starts with chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, and low-fat milk for breakfast.

After that, we move to lunch, and that’s only a bowl of brown rice and a small salad. It won’t make you feel full at all but rather empty and tired all day long.

For dinner, she gets some sweet potatoes, which isn’t a lot. Even though this diet isn’t the best, many other diets are worse. If you want to read more about it, check it out here.

7. Itzy Diet

The Itzy diet is pretty hard to follow and doesn’t have many calories. Here is the full Itzy diet:

  • Breakfast – egg toast with peanut butter or jam
  • Lunch – salad
  • Dinner – salad with boiled eggs and potatoes
  • Snacks – sweet corn, sweet potato, and chestnuts.

The diet might look like it’s a lot, but in reality, it’s not. It’s very little food for each meal, and it doesn’t make you full. If you’re going to follow this diet, make sure to do it moderately. You don’t wanna starve yourself when trying out your first kpop diet.

If you’re interested in the Itzy diet in full detail, you can check it out here.

8. Twice Diet

Twice is a very popular girl group in South Korea and has 9 members. It started with the show sixteen, and 9 out of many girls chose to debut as the girl group Twice.

There are many members to talk about, but today we’re going to focus on Jihyo because she has gotten the most hate out of all.

Twice Jihyo isn’t fat or chubby, but she is just a little bigger than the other members. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the fans make a very big deal out of it, which many true fans hate.

She should follow her own diet pace and eat what she wants as long it’s healthy.

Her diet consists of beans, kimchi, and some white rice. That’s all she gets to eat. If you’re interested in a longer article, you can check it out here.

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Kpop Diet Tips

Here are some Korean diet tips that can help you out. I’ve been doing kpop diets since 2012 and have a lot of experience in this field.

One thing that you should keep in mind is to make sure to start small. Every day you take a step further until you’ve finally achieved the diet you were going for.

Once you start a diet, it’s very important to stick to it until the end of the week or month. If you cheat a day, you’ll regret it for a very long time, and eventually, you will give up.

I see this happening with many other people looking to start diets but never got themselves far enough to start.

Workout Often

Working out is a given; however, many people still don’t do this, which is bad. If you haven’t worked out in the last month and you’re planning to start a diet. You should start today and take it step by step. This way, you’ll make progress and slowly work your way up.

Workout Often

Follow A Healthy But Strict Plan

Following a strict diet plan is one of the key solutions for weight loss. A lot of people slack off really fast and can’t follow a strict diet plan. This will definitely hurt them in the future because they aren’t willing to give it all.

I’ve had this myself where I just couldn’t get myself to stick to a diet, finally, after many months of doing nothing. I really felt like there needed to be some change, or it was never going to happen.

Eat more often but smaller meals

Many people make the mistake of eating huge meals quickly, which isn’t really good for health. It’s best from my experience to eat smaller meals but more often. This will steal your hunger and keep you full throughout the day.

Eat more often but smaller meals

Which Kpop Diet Is The Best

There are many kpop diets to choose from, and everyone has a different need. So, for you to personally choose a diet. I would go for the BTS diet but keep in mind to add some more food to increase the calorie intake.

Two chicken breasts a day isn’t a lot, and you definitely need more to function well through the day.

Generally speaking, it’s best to look at your current situation and see what is best for you. Are you looking to lose weight or build muscle, and how long do you wanna stick to the diet?

Those are some factors to take into consideration. So, make sure to think thoroughly about it before making rational decisions.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s up to you which diet you’re going to follow. Many options might suit you while others won’t. Most people starting a diet, especially kpop diets, can’t really stick to it because it’s that extreme.

You don’t really wanna do that unless you’re really desperate to lose weight. I hope this article has helped you find more information about kpop diets and which one is the best.

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