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The BLACKPINK Diet | From Trainee To Idol

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Wondering how the BLACKPINK diet works and want to read their weight loss journeys? Check out this article!

The BLACKPINK members are a group of YG entertainment that is very well known. They made their debut in 2016 with the song “Boombayah” it was a huge success from the start since YG entertainment hasn’t created a new girl group since 2NE1.

As you might know, the members have gone through diets before actually making a normal debut. Every idol has to go through this, and eventually, it will pay off for them when they debut. However, there are many times where it’s extremely hard, and I don’t have much energy.

This is often when they have to push through and go through many hardships. It’s also very hard when you train a very long time with a friend, and he or she won’t make it to the final group to debut.

This happens very often. However, today we’re’ going to talk about BLACKPINK’s diet, so if you’re interested, keep reading on.

Who Are The Members of BLACKPINK?

The group has four members, and each member has its specialty. They are all talented and have gone through years of training to make a debut finally. You won’t see that idols go through weight loss programs, but it happens every day in reality.

The fans only see the results and won’t think about what the idols go through. BLACKPINK has many hits in Korean and Japanese. Slowly they are taking over the world, and they even have hits with Dua Lipa.

Jisoo’s Diet Transformation

Jisoo is a member of BLACKPINK and is known as the visual. However, she’s also very talented in singing and dancing. Many people saw her body as the thickest of the group since the beginning. But that wasn’t the case at all.

In 2016 when they debuted, Jisoo looked the same throughout the year. Later in 2017, BLACKPINK came back, and Jisoo still looked stunning. She mentioned that she didn’t like eating vegetables but still ate everything.

Jisoo is often seen as the visual beauty and considered one of the most beautiful idols in this generation. Luckily she isn’t mocked by the public for her weight.

She probably likes eating fatty foods over healthy and eats that more often than, for example, salads. At the start of 2018, when BLACKPINK went on a hiatus, she gained a little bit of weight but still looked amazing.

However, she did lose it quite quickly again when performing. She said that she didn’t like working and dance practice is good enough, which is true. The girls dance for a very long time, and most people, that’s already too much.

In 2019, BLACKPINK came back with “Kill This Love” Jisoo still maintained her weight, and she looked stunning as always. I hope she stays healthy and happy throughout her whole life. We should support her no matter what she does.

Jennie’s Diet Transformation

Jennie is a member of BLACKPINK and the vocalist and rapper in the group. She’s 5’4 feet tall and, in my opinion, the cutest. The members get a lot of hate for their slim figures despite leading an extremely active and normal life.

Almost all idols gain weight over time in a normal and healthy way. She has mentioned that she has been a little conscious of what she’s eating.

Some people say that they promote “unhealthy beauty standards,” but that’s what everyone does in Korea. The beauty standards over there are very different from those in the US, which most people see.

In August 2016, when BLACKPINK made a debut, she looked healthy when performing, and the same went when they released “Playing with Fire.” A lot of people got curious about the girls their diets and what they ate.

Throughout the whole year of 2016, Jennie maintained her weight and looked amazing when performing. It didn’t look like she gained any weight in 2017 either. However, she did post some photo’s on Instagram that she’s been doing some flying yoga.

Generally speaking, yoga is very good for the body overall and helps with stretching. If you haven’t read about it, it’s worthing doing some research into that.

Jennie is known to have a small waist, and many people think that’s because of the extreme diet she follows, but that’s not the case at all. She’s probably just born that way.

In a radio show, she said that she workout after she wakes up and eats healthy after exercising. This is something we all should strive for, living a healthy life and exercise.

Rose’s Diet Transformation

Rose is a member of BLACKPINK and the vocalist of the group. She’s known to have a very thin waist, and she’s amazing at dancing and singing. Her body might be a bit on the thinner side, but that’s completely normal.

She’s always eating, but many people still refuse to believe she’s healthy and natural. They convinced themselves that she’s starving, which isn’t the case at all. Rose has never shown any worry or concern about her weight or eating habits.

If you look at some pre-debut photos of her, you can see that she’s always been thin and looked the same when making a debut.

Throughout 2017, 2018, and 2019 she looked the same. People think that rose’s thin waist isn’t healthy, but that’s not something she can change. If she feels healthy, she should eat whatever she wants and ignore public opinion.

Rose looks healthy, and she should probably gain weight rather than losing weight. In a radio show, Rose said that she started focusing on Pilates because of her diet.

Throughout the years, BLACKPINK has been amazing. Even though not many comebacks, they are one of the best girl groups ever to exist. So, it would help if you supported Rose no matter what she does.

Is BLACKPINK Allowed To Date?

No, BLACKPINK isn’t allowed to date as of today, writing this article. Idols are known to date in secret so that the fans can’t find out. Almost whenever fans find out the idol’s date, they suddenly get a ton of hate for no reason.

Idols are also people and should be allowed to date. However, if you look at it from a companies perspective, it’s understandable. When the idols date and the fans notice, they probably will lose many fans obsessed with them.

How Popular Is BLACKPINK?

BLACKPINK is extremely popular. You might not notice it, but once they do an event or performance. You’ll see thousands of people waiting for them to take pictures or signatures. This isn’t something that a lot of girl groups experience.

BLACKPINK might be the biggest girl group in 2021, and there aren’t many groups that have as many fans them. Despite their long hiatus, BLACKPINK still manages to gain thousands of fans every month without releasing new music.

They update their Instagram profiles pretty often, and if you look at their engagement, you can see that they’re very popular. In South Korea and worldwide, they even did a world tour that was pretty much sold out.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope it helped you understand more about BLACKPINK’s diet and what they go through. As you can see, it’s not easy being an idol and many people overlook this.

They don’t know what they have to do unless you’ve been an idol yourself. Just keep supporting the K-pop groups and stream their music.

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