Why Are Kdramas so Cheesy?

Kdramas are cheesy because the producers that write the scripts have the full story layed out in their heads. Koreans love kdramas that are cheesy and that’s why most of the dramas these days are like that.

Can You Live in South Korea Forever?

Yes, it is possible to live in South Korea permanently by obtaining general naturalization. After living in Korea for five years consecutively, you are eligible for general naturalization. You are also required to pass a Korean language, culture, and history test.

Can Korean Be Self Taught?

Yes, as long as you dedicate at least one hour of your day to self study and use the right learning materials, you should be able to learn an useable amount of Korean language on your own.

can you visit korea without speaking korean

Can You Visit Korea Without Speaking Korean?

Although you may struggle to communicate with many older Koreans, most young Koreans understand a basic to intermediate level of English. Even if you don’t speak Korean, you’ll be able to travel around the country without much difficulty.

do korean face masks work

Do Korean Face Masks Work?

Yes, Korean Face Masks do work. The majority of people use Korean face masks 2 to 3 times a week for the most beneficial results. Some people choose to use face masks on a daily basis if they have very sensitive skin or pimples popping up everywhere.

Can You Drink Tap Water in Seoul?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Seoul. It’s 100 percent safe to drink from the tap, but most Koreans don’t do it since they boil or otherwise filter their water before drinking it. The majority of people never drink

Does It Snow in Seoul?

Yes, it does snow in Korea. However, it doesn’t often happen only when the temperature is below zero degrees. It snows in Korea. Normally this happens around the end of November or early in December.

What Time Is Rush Hour in Seoul?

Rush Hour is between 6.30 am, and 8:00 am, and between 5 pm to 7 pm, Seoul’s subway stations become busy with commuters transferring from other lines or commuting for work in business districts.

Are Korean Green Peppers Spicy

Are Korean Green Peppers Spicy?

Yes, Korean green peppers are spicy. Generally speaking, peppers are classified into two major categories, sweet and hot. Korean green peppers belong to the hot ones.

are koreans tall

Are Koreans Tall?

No, Koreans aren’t tall. The average height for men is 5 ft 7. (170 cm). This is below the average global height, which is 5 ft 8. However, there are people that are way taller than 5 ft 7, so yes, there are Koreans that are tall.

Can Foreigners Go to College in Korea?

Can Foreigners Go to College in Korea?

Yes, foreigners can get into college in Korea. However, make sure that you pass level 4 at TOPIK because, at that level, the majority of the Korean colleges and universities will allow you to get in as a foreigner.

korean food vs japanese food

Korean Food vs. Japanese Food: Which One Is Better?

Korean and Japanese food is very different. The main difference is that Korean food is spicier than Japanese food. From my experience, Korean food is spicier than Japanese food, but Korean people can handle Korean spicy food better than spicy

Can Foreigners Drive in Korea

Can Foreigners Drive in Korea?

Yes, foreigners can drive in Korea. A foreigner can get an international driving permit for one year. It’s not available for visitors, and you must live or study in Korea to get one.

do koreans eat sushi

Do Koreans Eat Sushi?

Yes, Koreans eat sushi quite often. Generally speaking, Koreans eat sushi about once a month, depending on their personal preference. Some people it every week while others only eat it once every 3 to 4 months.