Is Korean BBQ Spicy? (Yay or Nay)

Korean bbq is a popular dish that’s becoming just as trendy among western countries. If you’re interested in trying some original Korean dishes, this one is always a crowd-pleaser. However, one thing about Korean food is that the cooks usually

Do Koreans Speak English? (The Truth)

Most Koreans do speak English but definitely not fluently. The majority of Korean students get English taught in kindergarten. But from there on, it stopped, which is quite sad. Kids stop learning English and the only way they’ll advance is

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If you visit South Korea, there will be many interesting dishes on the menu. One story that has been going around for years is that dog meat is used in some dishes. This is horrifying news to people from North

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Are you too lazy to cook some real food? And instead, you’re going with instant noodles every day? I WAS LIKE THAT TOO! But after a while, it gets really unhealthy. Eating instant noodles too often may cause stomach issues,

Is Jajangmyeon Spicy? (What It REALLY Tastes Like!)

As someone that can’t handle any spicy food, you shouldn’t be sweating so much about jajangmyeon. Jajangmyeon is not spicy at all, and you’re probably overthinking it. Unlike many other Korean foods, jajangmyeon tends to be very mild. I’ve been

Is Ramen Spicy? (4 Ways To Cook Ramen)

Thinking about eating ramen? Let me tell you that most ramen brands out there are not spicy. Now, that doesn’t mean that ramen noodles are not spicy. In short: Depending on the brand of ramen noodles you have. It may

Is Gochujang Spicy? (4 Easy Homemade Recipes)

Looking to try out your new recipe with gochujang, but you don’t know if it’s spicy? Gochujang has become such a popular ingredient these days, that everyone uses it. Even studies have shown that gochujang is healthy. But knowing that

Is Gochujang Healthy? (4 Health Benefits)

Trying out new Korean food requires more than just tasting it. You need to know which types of food are actually healthy and which ones are not. Gochujang is used in many types of Korean food, without you probably know