Why Do Korean Guys Have Bangs

Why Do Korean Guys Have Bangs?

Koreans have similar hairstyles, and the reason is that it looks good. The beauty standards are different in Korea, where bangs are very popular amongst teens.

4 Ways Mukbangers Stay Skinny

8 Ways Mukbangers Stay Skinny

Mukbangers are people that are eating in front of a camera while talking or being silent. It has been blowing up lately, and more people are questioning how the mukbangers stay skinny.

Korean Beauty Standards

The 8 Korean Beauty Standards For Male & Female

Korean beauty standards are very important in Korea. It’s the first thing you see when going to Korea. There are many different beauty standards, and studies have shown that appearance is the first thing people look at when they meet someone.

Why Do Korean Guys Like To Be Called Oppa

Why Do Korean Guys Like To Be Called Oppa?

Many Korean guys liked being called oppa since it makes them feel special. They don’t call everyone oppa because that would be weird to call everyone your “close friend.” Guys feel more special when they are called oppa since it feels like they’re getting closer with their girlfriends.