Hobakjuk: What Is It, Where To Buy, and How To Eat?

There are countless types of porridges out there. Each culture has their own take on what ingredients to blend together. One of these cultures is Korean culture.  There’s a special type of porridge called hobakjuk in Korean cuisine, but what

List of 13 Korean Main Dishes Anyone Can Make

Koreans have a love affair with food and their cuisine shows it. Whether its veggies and rice or meaty and hearty soups, Koreans have endless classic dishes sure to make anyone’s mouth water (or burn off!). Much of their cuisine

How to Study in South Korea: University as a Foreigner

Over the last decade, Korea has become an incredibly popular student destination. With more global attention on Korean skincare, fashion, K-pop and K-dramas, it’s a trendy and modern place to earn a degree.  What’s more, the educational system in South

Korean School System Explained [English Guide]

Korea has one of the most advanced and impeccable education systems in the world.  With over 70% of the populace having education beyond high school and nearly a 100% literacy rate, Koreans are incredibly smart.  Their standards for education, learning

Samgyeopsal: What Is It, Taste, and How To Eat?

Meat is a common food type worldwide. In Korean cuisine, there are countless meat dishes. Korean cuisine loves to add meat and seafood to their dishes, and samgyeopsal is one of those traditional dishes.  What is samgyeopsal? Samgyeopsal is a

Tteokbokki: What Is It, Taste, and How To Eat?

Korean cuisine is rising in popularity thanks to the healthiness of the food as well as the versatility. If you’re interested in trying new foods from a different culture, you should try Korean dishes. More specifically, you should try tteokbokki.