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BTS Diet | Everything You Need To Know

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How do the BTS members lose weight and what kind of diet works? Find out what the BTS diet is and maybe try it yourself!

BTS Diet Everything You Need To Know

To start right away with the diet, you should probably know something about BTS first. They are a very popular Korean pop group.

BTS is worldwide known and has been one of the biggest boy groups ever to exist. If you haven’t heard about them, you’re probably never on social media because they are that big.

BTS Jimin Diet

BTS Jimin is a member of BTS Bangtang Boys. Jimin applied for an audition in the entertainment company Big Hit and got accepted. He’s born in 1995 and is a very good dancer.

A lot of people look up to him, which makes sense. He’s one of the more popular boy group members because of his looks and dance skills.

Here below is his diet, which contains one meal a day for ten days straight. As you can see, this diet is very bad for the overall health and not recommended to try yourself. Most idols follow diets because of their comeback or when they have to perform.

When following a diet, they look at their best for the fans, and they love it. However, they should never starve themselves to satisfy their fans. That’s why the fans called Army support BTS in whatever they do.

If you follow this diet, make sure to do it safely, you don’t want to starve yourself and get sick while following this diet. A lot of people have tried this diet themselves, and none of them recommend following this diet.

It might look great for weight loss. However, it is not. It isn’t good for your metabolism and eating habits. You’ll feel tired very fast throughout the day and won’t have the energy to do fun things.

BTS Jimin Diet

BTS Jin Diet

BTS Jin is the oldest member of BTS and also known as worldwide handsome. He’s very good at singing and his acting skills, he’s starred in many Korean dramas, and many people like him.

In a Korean tv show, Jin once said that his diet was two chicken breasts a day for one year straight. As you can see, this isn’t a lot of food, and it also comes with dance practices, working out, and singing.

When you have to do all these things at once, you might see that it’s extremely hard. Idols have to do this every day and only see their family once a month, depending on where they live. This is the main reason why a lot of k-pop fans support their idols no matter what they do.

If you’re going to follow this diet, make sure to eat more than only two chicken breasts a day to maximize your calorie intake. It’s better for your health, and you won’t be tired throughout the whole day.

Most people that want to try this diet can’t do it even for one day since it’s pretty much starving themselves. That’s how bad this diet might work for losing weight, but it’s only temporary.

Once you’ve finished the diet, you’ll probably go back to your old eating habits and gain weight again. That’s why it’s always recommended to make your diet and stick to that one as long as possible.

BTS Jin Diet

BTS Workout Routine

Working out is something that idols must do to stay fit. It can be dance practice or going to the gym. Most idols do both and follow their diet. When it comes to BTS’s workout routine, there’s no strict schedule they follow.

BTS has a personal trainer that helps them create a schedule and stay fit whenever they have to perform activities. This can be anything like running, singing, or practice dancing. What I recommend for you to follow is to do some cardio exercises to start with.

This will help you start, and by doing this every day, you’ll eventually get better. After a couple of weeks, you’ll probably start liking it, and this is a great improvement in life.

Most people that don’t workout are very stiff, and that’s something idols want to avoid at all costs since they have to dance. Even if you don’t like working out, it’s great for weight loss.

There are many ways to start, and you can follow some YouTube tutorials or go to the gym and ask the employees for help. I’ve done this myself, and it has been a great experience. In the beginning, I was a bit hesitant and scared to go to the gym; however, after going for a couple of weeks, I got used to it.

Should You Follow This Diet?

To give you a little bit of context, I’ve followed this diet myself for about a week, and I lost a ton of weight very fast; however, I felt very tired throughout the day and not energized.

This is a huge problem for a lot of people that change their diet dramatically too fast. So if you’re going to follow this diet, make sure to do it moderately.

Start with small steps and take them one by one. After you’ve done this for about two weeks, you can slowly eat less and less. Do not starve yourself. That’s one of the most serious mistakes people make. They starve themselves for a couple of days and expect to lose weight.

Here is my schedule for the people that are going to follow this diet.

Day 12000 calories
Day 21950 calories
Day 31900 calories
Day 41850 calories
Day 51800 calories
Day 61750 calories
Day 71700 calories

After the 7th day, I just kept eating 1700 calories a day and did that for a couple of weeks. Here are some of my results.

Day 1132 lbs / 60 kg
Day 2131 lbs / 59.5 kg
Day 3129 lbs / 59.6 kg
Day 4127 lbs / 58 kg
Day 5126 lbs / 57.3 kg
Day 6125 lbs / 57 kg
Day 7123 lbs / 56 kg

As you can see, I lost about 8 lbs / 4 kilograms in a week, which is a lot. However, as I said before, I felt very tired throughout the day, and it was very hard to stay focused. So, make sure to do it moderately.

Also, keep in mind that everyone has a different metabolism, so it might not work for everyone. This is my experience, and I wanted to share that with you.


It’s really up to you which diet you’re going to follow. I always recommend starting slowly and take it step by step.

This way, you’ll get the best results without starving yourself, and eventually, you’ll start to enjoy it.

It’s like doing homework. Once you start getting used to it, you can’t stop working out. That’s how I do it, and I’ve been a workout for about three years now. I’ve lost over 33 lbs / 15 kilograms of weight, and I’ve never felt this fit.

Keep in mind that following this diet might have bad side effects like feeling tired all day long.

That’s why you want to start slowly and build from there. Many idols also struggle following a strict diet, and that’s why they have a personal trainer.

However, not everyone can afford this, so make sure to create a schedule that works for you. Don’t try too much at once. Just follow your phase, and you’ll eventually get there.

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