Can Soju Be Frozen?

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Yes, soju can be frozen, but it’s not recommended since it removes the flavoring and precludes the soju from being enjoyed as normal. Normally, people don’t freeze soju unless the soju is in a soju cocktail and needs to be frozen in order to drink.

The only reason why you would freeze soju is when you’re going to make ice soju, and you would need to freeze the soju beforehand so it can be used as ice cubes.

Generally speaking, people don’t freeze soju in Korea. It’s very uncommon, and even if people do freeze soju, they’re typically doing it for fun.

If you want to read more about freezing soju, then please keep reading on.

What Temperature Does Soju Freeze?

Soju will freeze at -173 degrees Fahrenheit / 114 degrees Celsius. At this point, the soju will turn into a solid. Make sure to put the soju in a freezer bag or something, so it doesn’t get wet.

Freezing soju normally takes up to 4 hours. Once it’s frozen, you can leave it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.

The one time I’ve frozen soju was to try it out like ice cream, but it didn’t turn out too well. The flavor wasn’t good at all, and I would prefer to drink it instead of eating it.

I’ve seen other people do this on social media, but it’s something that’s not recommended. I would recommend you enjoy the soju normally with your friends rather than trying to freeze it and possibly ruin its flavor.

Should You Freeze Soju?

No, you shouldn’t freeze soju. In fact, you should avoid freezing it by all means. Normally, you wouldn’t even need to consider freezing soju unless you want to make soju slushies or something of the sort.

If you’re going to freeze soju, then you want it to be somewhat of an alcoholic cocktail, but it’s not worth the trouble.

Other than that, you can just drink it normally. There’s no reason to freeze soju. From what I’ve seen is that it’s just a waste of time, and it’s not fun at all.

It’s just better to drink the soju when it’s in its normal state because it will taste way better than frozen. If you want ice, then just add some more cubes instead of freezing the entire bottle of soju.

How to Freeze Soju

There are many ways to freeze soju, but here’s the easiest way that I’ve found.

  1. Fill up a freezer bag halfway with soju
  2. Zip the freezer bag and get out all of the air by pressing it down until you can’t press any more air out
  3. Stick the freezer bag into another freezer bag (double bagging makes sure that nothing leaks) and zip it shut
  4. Roll the freezer bag up and stick it into a corner of your freezer.
  5. Leave the soju in the freezer for 4 hours or until you want to drink it. You can leave it as long as overnight if you want but make sure to check on it every hour.

It’s very important to never freeze the whole bottle! Freezing the whole bottle is very dangerous because of the glass. The glass could break when you’re trying to get the frozen soju.

Some fun things to do with frozen soju would be making ice cream, cocktails, or slushies.

Do You Sip or Take Shots of Soju?

Normally, people take shots of soju. People normally don’t enjoy soju by sipping it or drinking it slowly until the bottle is finished. But both ways of drinking are fine.

People are more likely to take shots of soju even though people normally drink soju by the shot glass.

I personally enjoy drinking soju out of shot glasses. It tastes better when you take shots because it tastes stronger.

Even if you do drink soju by the shot glass, it’s not a bad way of drinking. Some people enjoy taking shots and some people enjoy drinking it slowly. It doesn’t really matter how you drink it as long as you’re happy and having fun doing it.


Soju can be frozen, but you probably shouldn’t unless you’re going to use it for an alcoholic beverage. The best way to enjoy soju is normally, and freezing will only lessen the flavor of the soju.

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