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Can Soju Be Left Out?

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Yes, soju can be left out if you have other alternative drinks. However, soju is almost always drunk with food. If you do not have any appetizers to drink it with, it’s recommended wine or beer over soju.

On the other hand, if you leave out soju for someone who has become used to drinking it, it might be weird to drink something else.

It will probably take some time to get used to other drinks, so you should probably keep soju in the fridge.

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Do You Have to Drink Soju in One Sitting?

No, soju can be drunk over numerous sessions. However, when you order a bottle of soju at a restaurant, it is almost always for one sitting. Most of the time people order 3 to 5 bottles at once.

In Korea, the amount of food and side dishes to accompany a bottle of soju varies depending on what you are doing. If you are hanging out with your friends late at night after drinking beer, then it might be appropriate to order a few more bottles. If you are out on a date, then one bottle is probably enough.

It will also depend on how much food you have eaten before drinking, but most Koreans drink soju in one sitting when they order it at their local restaurant or bar.

What I normally did when ordering soju was that I ordered one bottle and shared it with my friends.

In Korea, it’s very normal to shout to the waitress and ask for another bottle of soju. So, asking for another bottle isn’t a problem but if you drink very fast then it might be better to order 2 bottles at once.

What I don’t recommend is to order 5+ bottles at once unless you’re drinking at home. It also depends on the number of people you’re drinking with but normally it’s not worth it to order 5+ bottles at once if you’re only with two.

Will Soju Make You Fat?

No, soju shouldn’t make you fat unless you eat a lot of food while drinking. Generally speaking, people eat lots of side dishes or fried food while drinking. However, even if you eat a lot of food it is unlikely that all the nutrients will be turned into fat.

If you’re only drinking soju and not eat too much, it certainly won’t make you fat. There are many side dishes that go very well when drinking soju. Some of those side dishes are:

  • Tteobokki (Spicy Rice Cake)
  • Sweet Dried Squid
  • Spicy noodles

Those are some of the most common side dishes that people eat when drinking soju.

On the other hand, it is recommended to exercise regularly if you drink a lot of alcohol. There are some studies that prove exercise is effective in preventing many health problems related to too much alcohol consumption.

Why Can’t You Stop Drinking Soju?

The reason why you can’t stop drinking soju is that you don’t have a limit. This is a very dangerous thing since you don’t realize that you’re already drunk.

Your judgment is impaired and your inhibition is gone, which can cause many accidents such as car crashes and fights. So remember to drink responsibly and never drink too much of anything because it’s unhealthy for your body.

Just like any other alcoholic beverage, soju can be left out after a certain time. As mentioned before, soju has about 20% alcohol content with lower calories per volume than most liquors.

Side Effects of Soju

Soju is a popular alcoholic beverage in South Korea. It is often mixed with beer, Yakult, and other drinks.

It’s a similar drink to vodka so the amount of pure alcohol in soju, about 20%, is comparable to that of vodka. The downside is that it mixes well with other beverages.

So what are the side effects of soju?

  • Nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain
  • Increased risk of heart attack due to increased blood pressure
  • Skin reactions, including dermatitis
  • Central nervous system problems, including restlessness and seizures
  • Damage to the liver and kidneys
  • Impaired vision and other eye problems

These are some of the side effects of soju that occur when you drink more than you can tolerate.


In conclusion, soju is a popular alcoholic beverage in South Korea. It has about 20% alcohol content with lower calories per volume than most liquors.

Drinking more than you can tolerate will result in side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and increased risk of heart attack due to increased blood pressure.

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