Can You Drink Opened Soju?

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Yes, you can drink soju that has been opened before. Generally speaking, soju can be drunk after 3 to 6 months of opening. Make sure it doesn’t taste weird; otherwise, it’s better to throw it away.

Most people don’t know that opened soju can be drunk, but it’s actually very common in Korea. If you can’t drink a whole bottle in one or two sittings, then it might be better to seal the cap tightly and put it back into the fridge.

This is something that I did very often when I was a student myself. Normally, soju would stay good up to 6 months after opening. After the 6th month, I wouldn’t recommend drinking, but if you really want to, you can.

If you want to read more about soju, then please keep reading on.

How Do You Store Soju After Opening?

The best way to store soju after opening is to seal the cap tightly. When soju is opened, the air can get in and oxidize it, causing a chemical change in the taste. This will happen naturally if you don’t seal the cap after opening soju.

If caps are not sealed properly after opening, then this could cause other problems like spilling or leakage too.

It’s also important to store it in a dark and cool place. If the soju is stored in a sunny place with no cap, then it could affect the flavor and taste of the soju too.

So, remember always to close your bottle of soju after you open it. This will make sure nothing bad happens to your soju.

I’ve noticed that soju won’t taste good after it has been out in the sun for many days. The best soju I’ve tried is when it’s cold and a bit freezy.

Is Soju Expensive?

Generally speaking, soju is not that expensive compared to other liquors. But the price is different depending on the brand and quality of soju. Also, where you buy the soju price will vary a lot.

Chamisul Fresh Soju (차미쓰 생이지) costs around 8,000 won to 10,000 won (8 USD to 10 USD) for a 500ml bottle. This price might vary depending on the region you’re in.

The taste of Chamisul Fresh Soju is really nice, and it’s even considered one of the best soju drinks for pure soju so, it’s not a mix.

If you add coke or orange juice to soju, then this will alter the way it tastes a lot too. Some people think that adding coke to soju is good, but I think it’s not.

Since soju and coke are both clear liquids, they won’t be that tasty together. It just doesn’t go well with the tastes at all.

So for pure soju drinkers who don’t like to mix things up too much, Chamisul Fresh Soju will be a good choice.

How Much Does a Soju Bottle Cost in Korea?

On average, a bottle of soju costs about 4,000 won to 10,000 won ($4 up to $10). Soju in clubs will be way more expensive than grocers or convenience stores.

It really depends on where you buy soju, but this is the general price range for a bottle of soju in Korea.

When I was living in Korea people would pay around $5 for a bottle of soju. This isn’t very expensive since you can pay around $5 for a beer too.

If you’re looking to get cheaper bottles of soju, then I would highly recommend you to buy soju from grocery stores or convenience stores. You can get soju for about $2 to $3 there.

However, I wouldn’t recommend buying it from clubs and pubs since they’re normally very expensive and not worth paying that much money just to drink a lot of soju.

What Is The Price Of Soju In America?

In America, one bottle of soju costs around $5 up to $8. Soju has been gaining popularity in America because of the K-dramas and K-pop. Many people really like Korean food and drinks, including soju.

I would highly recommend you to try Chamisul Fresh Soju if you’re interested in getting good quality soju. It costs around $8 at local Korean grocery stores or online shops.

What Is The Price Of Soju In Europe?

In Europe, one bottle of soju costs about $4 up to $8. The most popular soju in Europe is probably the Peach flavored soju.

This one is very well known amongst the younger people, and it’s likely to be mixed with Yakult or other drinks.

Is Soju Cheaper than Water in Korea?

No, soju is not cheaper than water in Korea. After all, soju is an alcoholic drink, and water is not. Soju will never become cheaper than water since it’s not something you’ll drink instead of water.

Generally speaking, people only drink soju and beer, and not many other alcoholic drinks like whiskey or vodka.

Soju used to be a lot cheaper than it is now. But the Korean government has been trying to regulate soju prices because people have been drinking too much of it, according to surveys.


Opened soju can be drunk within a month. But if you keep it for longer than a month, then the flavor will start to weaken, and it won’t be as good as before. Cheap soju is available from supermarkets or convenience stores, and makes sure to avoid buying them in clubs.

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