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Can You Sleep at Incheon Airport?

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Yes, you can sleep at Incheon Airport, but not for long. Despite being a major international hub and having plenty of amenities, Incheon International Airport is known to be one of the least comfortable airports in South Korea due to its poor sleep facilities.

Traveling can make a person tired. Especially when they have long layovers or their flight is delayed. This has brought along the trend of sleeping at airports.

After all, many travelers have a lot to do once they reach their destination. A nap, while they wait for their flight, could rejuvenate them so they are energized when they arrive.

This leaves a lot of travelers wondering if they can sleep at Incheon International Airport.

Travelers will be happy to know that there are rest areas and lounges at Seoul Incheon so they can relax before their flight. There are many spacious seats available where travelers can get a snooze in. This way, they can feel great when they arrive at their location.

Are you curious what napping is like at Incheon International Airport? On this page, we’re going to discuss the rest zone at this Korean airport and what facilities are available when you need to get some sleep. Keep reading to find out more about sleeping at Incheon Airport.

How Long Can You Stay in Incheon Airport?

Do you need to stay overnight at the Incheon Airport? There are many relax zones and nap zones in the airport terminals where travelers can take get some rest free of charge.

These designated rest areas are free to use for a 24 hour period. They are even located near other amenities, like free showers.

There are several areas available as well, so you don’t have to worry about not getting an area to rest.

Terminal 1 has 3 zones and Terminal 2 has 2 of them. If a traveler’s flight gets rebooked and they don’t want to pay for another night in a hotel, they are welcome to stay at the Incheon International Airport overnight in the 24 hour rest zones where they can rest and have a shower.

Where can you rest at Incheon Airport?

These lounges are very comfortable for travelers. They can find reclining chairs, padded benches, massage chairs, and beds. Some people even bring mats and blankets to rest on the floor. If you’re traveling at the Incheon Airport, here is where you can find each 24 hour free rest zone:

  • Terminal 1: West side on Floor 4
  • Terminal 1: East side on Floor 4
  • Terminal 1: Center of Floor 4
  • Terminal 2: Near gate 268 on Floor 4
  • Terminal 2: Near gate 231 on Floor 4

Once you arrive in relax zone, you are free to kick back and relax. You can use the airport’s WI-FI and take advantage of the other facilities. There are many spots to grab food and beverages. The eating area includes a mixture of Korean and American food chains, including:

  • KFC
  • Burger King
  • Coffee @ Works
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Gongcha
  • Cheiljemyunso
  • Dunkin Doughnuts
  • Sanuki Bore & more

When you do decide to visit one of the rest zones in the terminals at Incheon Airport, you should always be cautious. There are a lot of homeless people in Seoul and many of them pose as travelers at Incheon Airport. If you’re sleeping at Seoul Incheon Airport, you should always padlock your luggage so nobody takes it.

Does Incheon Have a Transit Hotel?

There is also an airport hotel available at Incheon Airport. A lot of travelers who know they are going to be at Seoul Incheon Airport overnight feel safer having a private room to stay in. Incheon Airport does have a transit hotel. This allows people traveling in Korea to have a comfortable overnight stay without having to leave the airport.

Incheon Airport Hotel has very comfortable rooms with air conditioning. Guest services are available 24 hours a day, so guests can request a morning wake-up call or get more information about Seoul. All guests will have access to free Wi-Fi.

The Pros and Cons of Staying at A Transit Hotel

While the Incheon Airport offers many free areas for sleeping, many passengers prefer to book a private room at the airport hotel. There are many pros and cons of staying at airport hotels.

Pros of staying at a transit hotel

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people prefer to stay at a transit hotel. The main reason is that they can be close to the airport.

If they have an early morning flight, they don’t have to worry about rushing to get to the airport first thing in the morning. The transit hotel is close to terminals, taking a lot of stress away from early morning passengers.

Many people will opt for a room at the transit hotel because it is private. If someone is traveling alone, they may not feel comfortable sleeping in a public area.

While the Icheon Airport has a great resting location, people don’t have privacy. In an airport hotel room, people know their luggage is safe and they can rest peacefully. They also enjoy the private shower.

Cons of staying at a transit hotel

The problem with staying in an airside hotel room is that travelers are near the airport and hear everything. Light sleepers find it hard to get some shut-eye because they keep waking up to the sound of airplanes taking off.

People also find the price of staying at a transit hotel to be high. A lot of passengers don’t think that the airside rooms are worth the high cost.

Why Do Travelers Stay in Transit Hotels

Transit hotels are very convenient for travelers because of where they are located. If someone has a late flight getting in or an early flight out, being close by the airport makes their traveling experience easier. Even if there are other hotels in the area, the airside hotels are a common choice.

Guest services at airport hotels, like Incheon Airport Hotel, are also in the loop about your flight. They can give you wake-up call so you don’t miss your flight, or even keep you informed of any delays that may be affecting your flight.

When travelers are in a foreign country, it’s very easy to get lost. This is why a lot of travelers prefer hotel rooms to spend the night in that are located at airports. They can enjoy their travels without having to worry about memorizing different streets and locations in the city.

Can You Leave the Airport for A Long Layover?

If you have a flight with a long layover at Icheon International Airport, you are allowed to leave the airport without a visa. This allows travelers who could be on a layover for up to 72 hours a chance to get out and explore what’s in South Korea.


Travelers who stop at the Korean Incheon Airport can take advantage of the free airside resting areas that are available in both terminals.

There are a variety of different rest lounges available to travelers on the 4th floor of each terminal at the airport center. They can take advantage of many free facilities, such as a shower, for up to 24 hours.

We recommend choosing a resting area that is near the gate to your next flight. Passengers are allowed to spend the night in these lounges, which helps them save money if they have a long layover.

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