Can You Sleep with Aquaphor on Your Face?

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Want to sleep with Aquaphor on your face? For most people, this is the last skincare product they use, which means going to bed with it.

I’ve tested this for 7 days and didn’t notice any huge differences. And I have very sensitive skin, thinking it would cause damage, harm, or irritation.

Luckily, it didn’t.

Yes, you can sleep with Aquaphor on your face. Applying it as the last product right before bed seems to be the best way to use it. Give your oily, dry, and sensitive skin the best healing process possible during sleep.

Want to read more about Aquaphor, I’ll explain if it’s actually safe to sleep with, how much you should use, and how often.

Let’s get started.

Is It Safe to Sleep with Aquaphor?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to sleep with Aquaphor on. It restores cracked skin, while also creating a new skin barrier. This enhances your skin which is proven by studies.

Say goodbye to irritated skin, clogged pores, and acne-prone skin.

The next morning you wake up, your skin feels amazing. The healing ointment is water-based, making it lightweight while giving your skin all the nutrients it needs.

I’m not saying that this will work for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a go.

Some people prefer Vaseline over Aquaphor while others use different products. It depends on what kind of skin type you have and if those products suit your skin type.

Aquaphor creates a thin layer around the face, and only a small amount will do the job. I’ve been using Aquaphor for about 2 weeks now and every morning I wake up.

My skin feels softer than ever, ever since then, it has been added to my regular skincare routine. The glowing skin is outstanding, unlike other products that won’t give the same results.

Can You Use Too Much Aquaphor?

Yes, applying too much Aquaphor will make your skin very oily. Therefore making it less effective. This is a rule of thumb, however, some people need more because of their dry skin, while others need less.

There’s no perfect amount. But what it does do is wound healing, reducing oily skin, and is by far the best facial moisturizer.

Using it as the last step for your skincare routine will massively improve your skin overnight.

No extra steps are needed.

So chances are, once you start using this, you will never need anything else.

Let me put it this way, I had extremely dry skin and tried hundreds of products before. None of them worked.

Zero. Nada. Nothing worked for me

Until I tried this one. It took some time before it started working but after a couple of weeks. All the affected areas which caused dryness were gone.

The best part? It also prevents wrinkles.

You don’t have to look as old as you actually are. Go to bed with the feeling that your skin will be baby-smooth in the morning.

Does Aquaphor Work Overnight

Yes, Aquaphor works overnight. Using it right before bed as your last step for your skincare routine will improve the skin fast.

No need to use products like eye cream, moisturizers, or any other additional products. This has been backed by a professional dermatologist to give results.

It’s by far one of the most effective moisturizers that I’ve ever used. You can expect your skin to be smooth in the morning.

And I can say from experience. After trying many skincare products for dry areas around my face.

None of them worked. Which made me try new ones until I found this one.

But it took me 142 days. Yes! Exactly 142 days.

And I spent $913.42 on skincare products that never worked. So if you haven’t been applying Aquaphor already, you’re missing out big time.

Pro Tip: Using it both in the morning and at night will drastically improve your skin. It’ll speed up the process by almost 50%. Besides that, it also works during the winter. So it doesn’t matter when or where you use it.

How Often Should You Use Aquaphor

Aquaphor can be used on a daily basis. Using it every day as the final step before bed will prevent scars, prevent wrinkles, and improve dry areas.

It can be used on all skin types, which means it’s safe to use for everyone. Make sure to try this for at least 8 to 12 days before giving up.

Especially if you have dehydrated, dry, or sensitive skin. This is the product that you must try.

Waking up without any whiteheads is the best part of your day. That’s easily achievable with Aquaphor. Given the fact that you actually use it.

And remember, consistency is key. Don’t use it once a week or once a month.

That’ll lower the chances of succeeding by a lot.

I’ve seen people use skincare products for a few weeks and give up because it took too long. If you’re like that, you’ve already lost.

Go ahead and waste your time, money, and energy if you can’t be consistent.

For Aquaphor to work you have to use it at least once every two days. Preferably at night right before bed.


Now that you know Aquaphor can be used on your face right before going to sleep. It should give you a peace of mind knowing that you’ll wake up looking gorgeous.

And your skin will not only look beautiful but feel healthy. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Smooth skin without any issues. So give this a try, and you’ll be surprised how soft and smooth your skin will be in the morning.

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