How Do Koreans Study? (10x Your Productivity)

The Korean educational system is one of the most difficult, demanding, and rigorous in the world.  Even elementary schoolchildren have a grueling schedule that lasts at least 12 hours each day.  With so much time spent on education, they must

Is Duolingo Good for Korean? (Read First!)

Duolingo is a very famous app for smart devices. It’s a way for people to teach themselves a huge array of languages.  There’s Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German, along with Russian, Japanese, and even Navajo Native American.  However, they

Is Korean a Tonal Language? (History)

There are many aspects to the native tongues around the area of Asia.  Many of these are tonal, meaning some tones or vowels come through in the pronunciation, which can change the whole meaning of a word.  Chinese, Thai and

How Do Korean Students Stay Awake?

The study schedule of Korean students is grueling. They spend the better part of the day going to regular school, followed by private school and extracurricular activities.  The average middle school, high school, or college student easily spends at least

How to Get a Scholarship in Korea

Obtaining funding for the school is a huge undertaking, and nothing about the process guarantees you’ll receive it.  Therefore, this article will detail the steps to getting a scholarship in Korea.  This includes understanding how scholarships operate there, which ones

How to Study in South Korea: University as a Foreigner

Over the last decade, Korea has become an incredibly popular student destination. With more global attention on Korean skincare, fashion, K-pop and K-dramas, it’s a trendy and modern place to earn a degree.  What’s more, the educational system in South

Korean School System Explained [English Guide]

Korea has one of the most advanced and impeccable education systems in the world.  With over 70% of the populace having education beyond high school and nearly a 100% literacy rate, Koreans are incredibly smart.  Their standards for education, learning

Do Koreans Have Middle Names? (Very Surprising)

Every culture around the world has a different way of naming people. In North America, it’s common for people to have a first name, middle name, and a surname.   If you’re starting to become more familiar with different Korean names,

Do Koreans Speak English? (The Truth)

Most Koreans do speak English but definitely not fluently. The majority of Korean students get English taught in kindergarten. But from there on, it stopped, which is quite sad. Kids stop learning English and the only way they’ll advance is

Can Korean Understand Japanese?

Are you traveling to South Korea and wonder if Koreans can actually speak Japanese? Well… I’ve visited South Korea over 8 times now and have spoken to thousands of Koreans. And let me tell you that the majority of Korean

Korean high school schedule

Korean High School Schedule

If you’re a high school student looking for a schedule with all the amenities of American education, but also want to learn Korean culture and language, this is the blog post for you! When I was still a Korean high

Do Koreans Use Kanji?

Kanji is a writing system of Japanese words using Chinese characters. This system is known as Hanja when used with Korean words. Many people in North American have taken interest in learning about Asian languages. When learning to speak Korean,