Are Korean Guys Protective? (The Truth…)

When watching a Korean drama, or K-drama, men will act extraordinarily protective of their women.  This reflects the prescribed gender roles prevalent in South Korea. Because of the way their society evolved over centuries, men take on a stereotypical masculine

Why Are Korean Guys So Cute and Attractive?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has various qualities they love in a potential love interest.  However, there is a growing magnetism toward Korean guys. If you’ve ever witnessed a K-drama or a K-pop group like

Why Do Korean Actors Go to Military?

Korean actors make their way into the movie and theater industry, becoming huge stars in the heyday of their youth.  But, once they turn 18, almost all males end up serving in the South Korean military. So, why do Korean

Are Korean Guys Really Romantic?

If you’ve ever watched a K-Drama, the men are dreamy, romantic, and all about love. They’re cute, make eye contact with their love interests, and do things women would kill for.  They turn the charm on so high that you’d

Is South Korea a Good Place to Live?

Traveling to South Korea and want to live there? Before you settle down in Korea, make sure you check a few things first. If you don’t, it’ll cost you: A few thousand dollars wasted on rent 224+ hours gone like

12 Ways To Meet Korean Friends Online

Looking to meet new Korean friends online? I’ve made over 6-lifetime friends over the internet without actually being in Korea. And ever since, I have talked to my Korean friends every day. You don’t have to be fluent in Korean