9 Korean Grocery Stores To Visit in 2023

Grocery shopping is a whole new experience when you’re in South Korea. There are a high number of grocery chains in South Korea, and some of them are truly worth visiting. Some of the most well-equipped and unique grocery stores

Do Koreans Eat Dogs? (The Shocking Facts!)

If you visit South Korea, there will be many interesting dishes on the menu. One story that has been going around for years is that dog meat is used in some dishes. This is horrifying news to people from North

Why Is Korean Age Different?

Have you always wondered why the Korean age is different? It’s not like the international system where people are considered X months old. In Korea, it’s different, and this goes way back 10.000 years. The Korean age might change in

12 Reasons Why Korean Culture Is So Popular

Lately, Korea has become more and more popular. Now, many people think it’s because of BTS. While this is partially true, it’s not the main reason why Korean culture is so popular. Korean culture has been popular for many years.

Why Are Asians So Slim? (Secrets Revealed)

Are all Asians so slim… this might be a common stereotype but there is some truth to it. However, if you’ve ever been to Seoul, Shanghai, or any other Asian city. You might have noticed that it’s not really true,

Can 19 Year Olds Drink in Korea?

Did you just get 19 and are wondering if you can legally drink in Korea? I was wondering the same thing when I was 19 and found out that you can legally drink at 19. The legal drinking age is

How Often Can You Use a Foot Peel?

Want to peel off dead skin off your feet? Can it cause damage/irritation? Foot peels used daily can cause irritation and redness. So how often can you use foot peel? Generally speaking, foot peel can be used daily. However, studies

Does Seoul Have Uber

Does Seoul Have Uber?

No, Uber is not available in Seoul. Uber, an intelligent transportation service that connects users and drivers through its smartphone app, launched in Korea earlier this month to much fanfare.

Reasons Why Seoul Is Famous

11 Reasons Why Seoul Is Famous

Seoul has a rich history, culture, and cuisine that are so unique to this city alone. It’s no wonder why it is famous! What are some reasons for Seoul’s fame? Well, there are so many things to do in this city.

Which Korean Keyboard to Use?

When English speakers want to learn the Korean language, one of the best tools they can use to have a better understanding of the language is the Korean keyboard. Knowing how to type in Korean can further your learning of