Do Koreans Eat Sushi?

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Yes, Koreans eat sushi quite often. Generally speaking, Koreans eat sushi about once a month, depending on their personal preference. Some people it every week while others only eat it once every 3 to 4 months.

Sushi is quite popular in Korea and has been slowly becoming mainstream. It might not be as big as traditional Korean food it is still very popular. The majority of people that like eating sushi are people that love fish.

And we’re talking about raw fish like sashimi. Sashimi is very well known in Korea, and people eat it as an appetizer.

If you’re looking to read more about why Koreans love sushi, then please keep reading on.

How Often Do Koreans Eat Sushi?

Generally speaking, people in Korea eat sushi about once every couple of weeks. This depends on their personal preference since some people it sushi every week while others only eat it once every month.

There are two types of people in Korea who eat sushi, seafood lovers and ones who don’t. Both will usually eat sushi when they’re going out or to a restaurant but will rarely go there themselves because they either don’t like it or prefer other food.

Most of my friends that live in Korea eat sushi about once every month. But as I said before, this is really a personal preference, and it changes a lot.

There are many different types of sushi restaurants in Korea, but it seems like people that eat sushi are usually from small cities. The reason for this is because Koreans tend to spend most of their time in larger cities like Seoul, Busan, and Daegu, and they prefer cheaper food.

Here below are some of the most popular sushi rolls in Korea.

  • Unagi Maki
  • Ebi Maki
  • Tekkamaki
  • Negitoro Roll
  • Kappa Sushi or Cucumber Maki
  • Sashimi and Nigiri

Is Sushi popular in Korea?

Yes, sushi is quite popular in Korea. Although sushi isn’t as big as traditional Korean food, it’s still quite popular.

It’s also not as popular as Chinese food, but it’s definitely up there. Every time I’ve been to Korea, I see lots of people eating sushi and Chinese food.

These types of foods are extremely popular. Even though not everyone likes eating raw fish, it is something lots of people eat.

If you’re ever going to visit Korea, make sure to try Japanese sushi rolls. It’s very different from other countries, while it might not be as good as in Japan.

It’s still worth giving it a try, and it’s fun going out trying new foods.

Why Are Sushi Places Run by Koreans?

Most sushi places are run by Korean people because there aren’t many Japanese people living in Korea. Of course, this is different for every city. It’s still something that needs to be taken into consideration.

If you look at Japan, then, of course, every sushi place is run by Japanese people. Koreans know that there’s money to be made by running sushi restaurants, and that’s why they do it.

It’s not like only Japanese people can run sushi places. If a Korean is trained and knows how to prepare the sushi well enough, then he or she is qualified to run a sushi place.

Most people that visit South Korea often don’t go there to eat sushi. They go to South Korea to enjoy traditional Korean food. However, sushi is still a great option because there are many different types. It’s like having Korean-style sushi with a touch of Korean.

Difference Between Sushi and Kimbap

The difference between sushi and kimbap is that sushi is often made of raw fish, while kimbap is made out of vegetables, spam, and eggs.

Here above you can see the difference between kimbap and sushi.

Japanese Sushi

Japanese sushi is made from seaweed or rice. It is a huge part of the culture because they have been making it for hundreds of years and know how to do it the best.

It might not be as good as what you get in Japan, but it is quite close!

You can also buy sushi at most convenience stores in Korea. Convenience stores are everywhere so if you get a craving for some sushi, then it’s not hard to find.

It is also very easy to make sushi at home, so if you can’t find one or want more than what the store has, then feel free to try making it yourself!

Korean Sushi (Kimbap)

Kimbap is made from vegetables and eggs. It is very similar to sushi, except it doesn’t have any raw fish in it.

It may look like strange food, but once you try it, you’ll definitely be addicted. I’ve been eating kimbap almost every week since I’ve visited Korea.

It’s really good, especially to take for lunch to school or work. It’s a great snack, and it’s very healthy too.

What’s the Difference Between Korean and Japanese Sushi?

The difference between Japanese and Korean sushi is that Koreans have kimbap. And it’s not the only difference.

Korean sushi is different because it has kimchi, which is spicy cabbage. I really like Korean sushi a lot and if you’re ever in South Korea, then make sure to try some.

The Korean sushi rolls tend to be less fishy flavored and are usually very fresh too. They also use spam, which is very popular in Korea.


All in all, sushi in Korea is very nice. It’s not as good as Japanese sushi, but it is still very tasty and something you should try if I ever go to South Korea again.

Do Mukbangers Eat All the Food?

Yes, mukbangers eat all the food every time they record a video. It might not look like they can eat all the food, but they actually do. Most mukbanger eat all the food in front of the camera.

How Do Mukbangers Maintain Their Weight

Mukbangers maintain their weight by exercising regularly. Eating small portions instead of three large meals a day is another way that Mukbangers maintain their weight. Mukbang YouTubers also tend to avoid fast food and fried food.

How Do Mukbangers Eat so Much

Mukbangers can eat a lot of food because it’s the only meal they eat in a day. Generally speaking, mukbangers eat one meal a day in front of the camera. This meal is often more than 2500 calories.

How Do Mukbangers Not Gain Weight

Mukbangers do not gain weight because they don’t overeat in one sitting. They also only have one big meal a day. This really helps to stay in shape and not gain weight.

Is Mukbang Healthy

No, mukbang is not healthy because you eat huge amounts of fast food in one sitting. Eating more calories than you can take will always be bad for your health because it can lead to obesity and other related health problems.

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