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Do Kpop Idols Bleach Their Hair?

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Yes, kpop idols bleach their hair very often.

Do Kpop Idols Bleach Their Hair

Generally speaking pretty bad for the hair, but still, companies ask their idols to bleach the hair. This is probably because of the concept they go for when making a debut or comeback.

It’s been known that the companies make decisions for the idols and the idols have almost no saying in what they want to wear. Many idols that actually bleach their hair know that it can be very harmful to the scalp.

However, the idols still do it because they know that the company creates the concepts. If you want to dye your hair like some Kpop idols, make sure to use the right products. Some people have used the wrong products, and that’s where things can go very wrong.

Which Kpop Idol Has Dyed Their Hair The Most?

There are many idols that have dyed their hair, but which one has done it the most. That’s a question we get a, but there are too many idols to list them all. The one idol that’s most noticeable for dyeing his hair many times in a row is Taeyong from NCT.

Other idols like members from BTS have also dyed their hair much time before. There are many colors to choose from when dying the hair but make sure to have products ready when you see damaged hair. This is something many idols overlook and get hair loss.

Of course, there are hair loss treatments, but those aren’t cheap. Other idols from girl groups like TWICE, BLACKPINK, and ITZY have also dyed their hair. Dyeing the hair is very popular in Kpop because it gives off a refreshing look.

Does BTS Bleach Their Hair?

Yes, BTS also bleaches their hair. In fact, they’ve done it many times in a row. At almost every comeback, they have dyed their hair a different color. All colors look good on the idols, and that’s also what sets them apart from other groups.

They also have many hair treatments to keep the scalp healthy If you dye the hair too many times, it can be very damaging for the hair, and that’s what you want to avoid, especially as a Kpop idol. The most known member of BTS that had the most outstanding colors is Jimin.

He can literally pull off any color, and it looks awesome. You can see in some music videos where he has blonde and then red as hair color. If you have a strong scalp and want to look like BTS, it might be worth dyeing the hair.

Keep in mind that it could lead to damaged hair later on in life. So, make sure you don’t have extremely dry hair, and after bleaching, it moisturizes it very well.

This is where many people use the wrong products, and eventually, it leads to a very dry or damaged scalp. 

Why Do Kpop Idols Bleach Their Hair?

Idols bleach their hair because they are performing again after a long hiatus. It gives off a refreshing look and fits more into the concept they’re going to promote. Let’s say the idols are going to promote a red-themed song, and it would only be reasonable if the idols were dyeing their hair in some red-themed color.

So, that’s one of the reasons why idols bleach their hair. Another reason can be that the company has decided to give the idols a makeover. This happens very often in companies, and that’s why you see many idols with different hair colors.

The last reason that could be relevant is that the idol wants to dye the hair themselves. This does often happen where idols want a different hair color because they’re either tired of black hair or just want something new.

You can see this more often with idols that have already established a fanbase. New idols don’t have the luxury to bleach their hair when they want it.

How Do Kpop Idols Treat Bleached Hair

How Do Kpop Idols Treat Bleached Hair

There are many ways to treat bleached hair, but we’ve picked the three most popular products. Treating bleached hair can be very hard, especially when you have damaged hair. So, using the right products is extremely important. Here are the three ways Kpop idol bleach their hair.

Using The Right Shampoo

Using the right shampoo is extremely important. When you’re using the wrong shampoo that doesn’t suit your hair type, it could lead to a dry scalp. You can try out some shampoos that suit your hair type. For example, use an oily or anti-dandruff shampoo.

By testing as many products as you can. It will help you find the right shampoo. It does take some time in the beginning, but once you found a shampoo that suits the hair type, you can treat bleached hair very easily.


Conditioners are also one of the key factors and many kpop idols. Use conditioners. If they don’t, their hair will probably dry out very fast. So, what the conditioner does is basically giving the hair an extra protection layer while also moisturizing it.

There are many different conditioners on the market, and it’s the same for shampoo. You should find a conditioner that suits your hair type. This helps idols treat their bleached hair way faster than using a random one.

Hair Masks

Hair masks are pretty popular in Korea, however, in the USA it’s not as popular as t should be. If you’re bleaching the hair very often like kpop idols, it’s important to use hair masks at least two to three times a week.

This will prevent the hair from drying out if you don’t know which one to go for. It’s always possible to ask a professional hairstylist or try as many different hair masks as you can.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for. In short, idols bleach their hair very often. It happens for almost every comeback, and the idols treat the hair by using shampoo, conditioners, and hair masks that suit their hair type.

The stylists make sure that the hair stays healthy and use different products to prevent damaged hair or a dry scalp. If you’re looking to bleach your hair yourself, make sure to use the right hair treatment right after. The last thing you want to happen is to experience hair loss at an early age.

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