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Do Kpop Idols Bleach Their Skin?

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Kpop idols and pale white skin, is that normal, healthy, and even possible?

Most Kpop idols that have pale white skin are either born that way or have lots of white makeup.

It’s practically impossible to go from tanned to pale white. In Korea lots of TV shows “whitewash” their guests, using makeup tricks to make them look paler.

No, Kpop idols do not bleach their skin, they’re either born with extremely pale skin. Or wear a lot of makeup to make their skin look pale. It’s been known that skin lightening in the K-pop industry is very common.

Korean idols are under pressure to have pale skin because Koreans value light skin over dark skin.

Read more about why how Kpop idols get so pale, and if you should bleach your skin.

Let’s get started.

How Are Kpop Idols so Pale?

Kpop idols are very pale because of the company they’re training with.

It’s the Korean beauty standard in Korea, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. People prefer fair skin over a tanned skin at any time.

South Korea has standardized those beauty standards, which might be a bit extreme.

There are companies that offer various skin bleaching, though it’s not recommended to whiten their skin. Some companies still do it because that’s what people like.

However, undergoing these treatments can lead to serious skin damage.

These damages can stay for the rest of your life, they use injections, bleaching products, and other unhealthy practices.

Lots of Kpop idols have some “dark spots” that they’re born with so they undergo laser treatment, which is very dangerous.

So given the fact that it’s been backed by studies to be unsafe, people still do it.

They’re so-called “bleaching agents

If you plan to do this, you can expect

  • Damaged skin for the rest of your life
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Skin turning too pale or too dark
  • Unnatural looking skin

Now you know why it’s so dangerous to whiten the skin.

But still…

Some people still do this.

They want to achieve 100% flawless skin, and you can’t blame them because that’s what the fans expect.

Luckily it’s getting better these days, Kpop idols are not as pressured as before to look very pale.

Do Kpop Idols Whitewash Their Skin?

No, Kpop idols don’t whitewash their skin, it’s the company that does.

No Kpop idol would purposely whitewash their skin knowing it can lead to severe damage. Having a pale skin colour can make you “better looking” according to some people.

However, doing this can cause damages. Many idols these days have very fair skin, while in other countries this doesn’t matter.

In South Korea, darker skin is less attractive, while it other countries it’s the opposite.

Isn’t that weird?

But you know what they say: “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

That’s also the case when Kpop idols see this, they see their group members getting praised all the time for their pale skin.

While they don’t, which can be quite hurtful.

So they start to use whitening products, just to get the attention of their fans. Foreigners automatically assume that this makes them look better.

Note: Some idols undergo plastic surgery to whiten their skin. This is a very popular method of whitening the skin in South Korea.

Methods they use to this are:

  • Vitamin C Iontophoresis
  • Oxygen Peel
  • DNA Injection

But this is very dangerous, there’s no guarantee to work. And it can permanently damage their skin.

It’s better to go for some special makeup that will make your skin a bit “whiter” than undergoing a surgery.

Should You Bleach Your Skin?

No, you should never bleach your skin. Even though Kpop idols might promote this, it’s definitely not healthy. The bleaching industry has been growing to over $8.5 billion. [1]

As you can see the industry just keeps growing, but you should never do this.

Even if you have very dark/tanned skin, it’s better to use safe and healthy skin whitening products.

Never go for bleach, bleaching the skin can lead to severe skin damage. Doing this can also have a negative impact on your skin tone in the future.

Common ingredients that they use are arbutin, hydroquinone, and niacinamide [2]

But these ingredients can trigger serious side effects.

Is Bleaching The Skin Dangerous?

Yes, absolutely.

Doing this can permanently damage your skin. And it’s not even 100% safe to use these products.

If you really want to get pale skin, it might be worth trying one of these.

However, it’s safer to go for makeup that makes you look whiter than bleaching the skin.

The best way to do this is to try some different brands, and see which one works for you. I’ve tried over 20+ different whitening creams only to find out that most of them don’t work.

Try to get less sun exposure, but enough to recharge your skin.

And always moisturize your skin, it’s very important for healthy glowing skin. The best tip? Drink a lot of water.

Drinking lots of water will make your skin glow, creating a glowing effect which is by far the best method to “lighten” the skin.

Many Kpop stars and Koreans are obsessed with pale skin, but it should always be done in a safe way. Don’t do it because others like it.

Staying healthy is the most important part. If you don’t believe me. Try out those bleaching products, and you’ll instantly see how much damage it will cause.

Beware: many bleaching products are homemade without proven certification.

If you are going this route, only buy whitening products from certified companies. It’ll definitely help your skin stay healthy, while also avoiding getting scammed by a third party that’s selling on the street corner.


All in all Kpop idols do not bleach their skin.

Some idols have dark/tanned skin, while others are born with pale skin. There are many surgeries in Korea where they offer skin bleaching as a service.

But keep in mind that those can lead to severe skin damage, so it’s better to get some makeup and use those.

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