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Do Kpop Idols Dye Their Eyebrows?

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Yes, Kpop idols do dye their eyebrows. They do it every time they are going to dye their hair. It looks good, and it matches the whole look.

The majority of Kpop idols that dye their are the ones that also dye their hair. It generally looks good, and it has become a trend in the major Kpop industry. Many have been doing this since the early 2010s and are still doing it today.

Most people are also advised to do this by the company because they have an image of them already made.

Many idols that perform already are fully made and thought out very well what kind of character they are going to do. You probably won’t notice it since it looks pretty realistic, but all the characters the Kpop idols debut with are very well thought out.

The Most Popular Colors Idols Dye Their Eyebrows

The Most Popular Colors Idols Dye Their Eyebrows

The main colors Kpop idols go for are pretty normal ones in Korea. This isn’t the case if you look at western countries where almost no one dyes their eyebrows. Here are the 5 most popular colors Kpop idols go for when dyeing their eyebrows.

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blonde

As you can see, these colors are pretty normal and look good on most idols. If you want to try this yourself, it’s worth giving it a try only when you’re willing to take the risk. It might take a long time before the dye actually wears out.

Why Do Kpop Idols Dye Their Eyebrows?

Kpop idols dye their eyebrows a lot, and it looks good on them. There were sometimes where it didn’t suit them, but in general, it matches the whole look and completes it. You don’t see it often that celebrities dye their eyebrows. 

It’s really a Korean thing for them to do it. Most often, idols that dye their eyebrows also dye their hair. It’s not healthy even though many people do it, it’s definitely not recommended to try yourself.

Many idols that dye their eyebrows are the ones that have very strong hair. It needs to be bleached, which is very scary, especially when you have hair loss. You don’t want to have no eyebrows, especially as an idol.

How Do Koreans Do Straight Eyebrows?

As you can see, Korean eyebrows are often more straight than western ones. They also are pretty dark, and that’s what has been the trend for the last couple of years. Many Kpop idols really like this look, and it makes them look manly.

The same goes for men; they also really like sharp straight eyebrows. It gives a clean and smooth look, many people want to achieve this as well, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Keep in mind that wearing makeup in Korea is completely normal.

In Western countries, people look weird at you when you do that. Many will start thinking you’re an outsider, which is pretty weird. Luckily it has gotten better throughout the years, and we hope it goes in that trajectory.

How Frequently Should You Dye Your Eyebrows?

If you can, probably never dye your eyebrows. It’s a whole process to dye your eyebrows, which includes bleach and heat. Those products are known to be very bad for the hair in general. If you can avoid dyeing your eyebrows, make sure to avoid it.

Many idols that are actually dyeing their eyebrows often don’t want to do it themselves. It’s a concept already made by the company. They don’t have much saying in what they want to wear, the same goes for singing, dancing, and other activities.

The company creates a plan, and the idols have to stick to it. It’s not the other way around. Only when the idol gets big enough and has paid off their debt they can go on and do their own thing. If you want to read more about the Kpop idol schedule, check it out.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you found what you were looking for. As you might know, now it takes courage to dye your own eyebrows, and still, many idols do it. They often look different from others because of the makeup they wear.

We personally really like dyeing our eyebrows but only when we’re also dyeing our hair. This way, it completes the look and won’t look weird. Many people in western countries find it weird to dye eyebrows, but in Korea, it’s completely normal.

There are also many different things Korea is different from other countries, and makeup is one of those. If you didn’t already know, makeup is normal for men in Korea, while other countries will look weird at you if you wear it. 

Especially when you’re a man. So, that’s why we should always respect people’s opinions and let them do whatever they want. Keep supporting your favorite idol groups and stream their music.

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