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Does Eyelid Tape Work Temporary or Permanently?

Jason Park
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Bought eyelid tape and wondering if it actually works? Well, I did too, and back in the days applying eyelid tape was very dangerous.

Yes, eyelid tape does work. However, when used wrong, it will cause many issues. Avoid this mistake and use the right way to apply eyelid tape.

Sagging skin, irritation, and redness can be caused by eyelid tape. Applying it the right way and knowing how often you should use it is the key to double eyelids.

Read this article thoroughly to avoid the nightmare.

Let’s get started.

Why Do People Use Eyelid Tape?

People use eyelid tape to enhance their eyes. Using eyelid tape will give you double eyelids, which is the beauty standard in many Asian countries. By doing so you don’t have to undergo eyelid surgery, saving you lots of money.

I’ve used many different types of eyelid tapes in the past, thinking it would work.

However, after trying all those different types of products. I found out that almost all of them are fake and will never work.

Using double eyelids should be a way to enhance your look. Not to get double eyelids like those K-pop idols.

That’s practically impossible unless you want to hurt yourself and cause damage.

So given the fact that you know that, it’s very important to only use eyelid tape if your eyes can actually handle it.

Even after more than 13 months of testing eyelids, it can be very hard to find good ones.

Chances are, you are buying fake ones from 3rd party sites. Buying them from credible sources is key, like these.

How Often Should You Use Eyelid Tape?

Eyelid tapes can be used on a daily basis. However, it shouldn’t be necessary. Applying eyelids tapes will give you double eyelids for up to 3 days.

So there’s no need to use them daily.

Note: using eyelid tapes daily may cause redness, irritation, or even damage to your eyes.

Knowing that you are wearing eyelid tape can give a huge confidence boost. That’s what it did for me. My eyes looked better than ever.

And it’s by far the fastest way to get double eyelids.

Using makeup is also an option, but this takes a lot of time, especially if you’re doing it every day.

Applying makeup daily to get double eyelids may take about 3 to 5 minutes. But when you have eyelid tape, it might only take a few seconds.

For some people finding the perfect spot is very hard, while others do it with their eyes closed.

Make sure to do it safely or you could damage the eye socket, leaving you with lifetime scars.

Always make sure your fingers are very clean when applying the tape. And blink a couple of times, so you know the tape is applied right.

Pros and Cons of Using Eyelid Tape


  • Easy and affordable
  • Double eyelids within seconds
  • Enhance your look


  • Applying it wrong may cause irritation
  • Need to be applying it every 3 days

Are Eyelid Tapes Safe?

Yes, eyelid tapes are perfectly safe as long as you apply them the right way. Don’t apply them with dirty fingers, because this will cause redness, irritation, even infections.

Also, contact someone with more experience before you do it yourself. If there’s a professional helping you, it’s far more likely that it’ll be done right.

There will also be temporary crease marks. They are very visible, especially if you apply too much of the tape.

Can You Use Eyelid Tapes at Night?

Yes, eyelid tapes can be used at night, but it’s not recommended. Studies have shown that leaving eyelid tapes at night may cause damage, irritation, and other issues. So to avoid this never wear your eyelid tapes during the night.

If you’re going out, it might be good to just remove the eyelid tapes before you got to bed. This will prevent the eyes from getting damaged.

I have been using eyelid tapes for a very long time now before I used eye makeup. But this took way more time than expected. So that’s when I decided to go for eyelid tapes.

It’s way easier than applying eye makeup every day. But after using them for a longer period of time, it got a lot easier. By now I don’t even feel like I’m wearing the tapes, which I loved.

In the beginning, you’ll most definitely feel the tape on your eyes. It might be a bit irritating but you’ll get used to it.

Can You Blink with Eyelid Tape?

Yes, you can blink with eyelid tape without any issues.

The only problem would occur if the tape is applied wrong, which might not happen often. If it does happen, then you need to remove the tape and reapply this again.

This happened to me a lot back in the days, when I started using my own eyelid tape. it was quite a hassle to get it to work.

But you get the hang of it once you’ve done it a couple of times. Try to gently put the tape on and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Blink a couple of times and see if there’s any irritation. Because if there is, it’s better to reapply the tape before going out. Unless you don’t mind it irritating a bit throughout the day.

if you can handle that, then you’re perfectly fine to go.


All in all, eyelid tapes do work both temporarily and permanently.

Temporary if you use them once or twice a week. And permanently if you apply them every 3 days. You need to be consistent otherwise it won’t work.

It’s way cheaper than undergoing plastic surgery, which also costs up to $10,000. Knowing you are safe using these tapes and can sleep without any problems is very relaxing.

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