Does It Snow in Seoul?

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Yes, it does snow in Korea. However, it doesn’t often happen only when the temperature is below zero degrees. It snows in Korea. Normally this happens around the end of November or early in December.

Snow isn’t seen often in Korea because the weather isn’t perfect for it. Generally speaking, it snows on average 26 to 30 days per year in Seoul. In other smaller cities, it doesn’t snow, or it’s less.

If you look at a smaller city like Incheon, there’s little to no snow. So, keep that in mind when you’re planning to visit Korea during the winter.

The majority of people that visit Korea won’t see snow because they either don’t visit Korea during the winter or don’t live there.

Most often, it’s the locals, foreigners, and international students that live in Korea who see the snow during the winter.

How Often Does It Snow in Korea?

Generally speaking, it only snows once a year in Korea. it’s not like other countries where it snows multiple times a year. This normally happens during November and December, when it’s the coldest in Korea.

If you’re planning to visit Korea during the winter, make sure to visit in December, this will give you the best view and experience.

There are many fun places to visit during the winter, like the Skiing/Snowboarding slopes. Ski resorts in Korea are located all over the country, and thought is very fun to go to.

Top 3 Ski Resorts In Seoul:

  • Yongpyong Resort
  • Alpensia Sports Park
  • Odaesan

Also, if you’re planning to visit Korea during the winter, make sure to pack clothes for the cold. Snow doesn’t fall often, so when it does, most people are caught unaware and don’t dress for the weather.

Snow in Korea is very beautiful. It’s something that many foreigners have never seen before and wish they saw. Hopefully, if you’re planning to visit Korea during the winter, it snows on your visit.

What Months Does It Snow in Korea?

Generally speaking, it snows in November and December in Korea. This could change, but it normally happens during November and early December.

The months aren’t exact, and it can start as early as late October or early January. This all depends on the weather and when it’s cold enough. So, there isn’t an exact answer to “when does snowfall” in Korea because it will change each year.

How Much Does It Snow in Korea?

Snow levels aren’t high in South Korea, so don’t expect huge amounts of snow. The average is about 1-2 inches. However, it can vary, and certain years will have more or less snow than others.

For example, the year 2014 had huge amounts of snow in Korea because it was colder than usual for that time of year.

Most people only see small bits of snow when they visit Korea during this time. In most cases, you’ll only see a little bit, and it won’t last long.

Does It Snow Every Year In Seoul?

No, snow doesn’t snow every year in Seoul, and it doesn’t snow most years. It’s a once-in-while thing when it snows for one reason or another.

Most of the time, it’ll only happen during the colder months, near November and December. That can change, but that’s normally how things go.

Does It Snow in Busan?

Yes, but very rarely. Snow in Busan isn’t a common thing, and you’ll probably have to wait years for it to happen.

Busan isn’t known for having snow often, and that’s why it’s extremely rare. If you’re ever planning to visit Busan during the winter months. Don’t expect any snow because if you do, it will be very special.

Does It Snow in Daegu?

Yes, but not very much. However, snow never falls as abundantly as it does on the northern regions of Korea when winter arrives.

In fact, around Daegu and other nearby cities scattered on the southern side of the country, snow is a pretty rare phenomenon; it only happens every few years and usually after a strong cold front or a powerful ice storm.

Interestingly, the announcement of snowfall usually results in people waking up early to catch this rarest of opportunities to play in the snow.

Does It Snow in Jeju?

Yes, but it’s very, very rare. If you want to see snow on Jeju Island you’ll have to climb the mountains.

Jeju Island is known for its beautiful beach and seaside scenery, so don’t expect snow to happen often here. If it does, you’ll be extremely lucky!

Is Korea Colder than Japan?

Yes, Korea is colder than Japan in the winter, but it’s not a huge difference. It also depends on where you live in Korea. If you compare Tokyo to Seoul, then yes, Seoul is colder during the winter months.

The average temperature in Seoul, South Korea, is below freezing at -1.5C, while Tokyo, Japan has a temperature of 5.8C during January.

It’s well known that Korea is colder than Japan in the wintertime. This difference between temperatures is what makes snow possible to fall in Korea and not in Japan during November and December.

In Japan, it snows in early January and late February. This is much later in the year than Korea because of how cold it gets.

Make sure you pack the appropriate items for your trip, and you should be fine.


All in all, Korea isn’t the place to be for snow or wintertime. The weather is usually too hot to snow, so don’t count on it happening in Korea.

Despite the average low temperatures during the wintertime, snowfall rarely happens, and most people go their entire lives without seeing a flake of snow in South Korea.

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