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Does Yesstyle Sell Fake Makeup?

Jason Park
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Ever bought any products from Yesstyle, well I have spent more than $5,000 on that site alone.

Until I found that was a rumor going around about Yesstyle selling fake makeup products.

Luckily they don’t.

I contacted their customer service asking about this, and they definitely don’t sell fake makeup.

Yesstyle does not sell fake makeup, unlike other Korean stores online. Yesstyle is 100% legitimate and active since 2006. The company is founded by Priscilla Chu, a real person. So don’t worry, they don’t sell fake products.

If you search “Fake Korean Skincare Products Reddit”, you do see some results showing up.

Those are often the stores that sell fake makeup and replica products.

Let’s dive into how you can spot fake makeup products.

How To Spot Fake Makeup Products

There are many ways to spot fake makeup products. Here are some tips you can use to spot fakes:

1. Test the product

Testing makeup products before actually buying them should be the way to go. However, I also know that this is not possible if you’re ordering online.

Therefore you should do a search on Google, see if there are other people that had the same experience. If there aren’t any ones.

Then you are good to go. The makeup product should be of good quality and you don’t have to worry.

Note: all Yesstyle reviews are from real people

This is already a sign that you won’t be buying any counterfeit beauty products.

2. Look at the serial number

Looking at the serial number can give a good indication of the product. Some products will immediately scream “replica/counterfeit” while others won’t.

The easiest way to do this is to do a Google search. Search the serial number of the given product on Google and you’ll see what comes up.

If the makeup product shows up, then you are good to go.

3. Ask professionals

Asking professionals will filter a lot of poor-quality products. This is very handy if you are looking for Asian beauty products. Most of the professionals have lots of work experience.

They can tell in one sight if it’s a replica or not.

Professionals tell the difference between a decent-priced item and an item that’s too “cheap”. If you know that the price is too good to be true.

You’re probably buying a fake. Other things could be delayed shipping or no shipping updates at all.

Undelivered packages and products that aren’t eligible for return. All of those points professionals should be able to point out instantly.

4. Pay attention to the makeup packaging

The packaging of the makeup is very important, even though most Korean fashion items come in plastic bag.

It’s no secret that most replica products use poor-quality packaging.

You can see immediately see this if the package is damaged or the logo is pressed.

Look at other packages and see how those are packaged. If it’s not very neatly packaged, then you are probably buying a replica product.

5. Only buy from sellers with real reviews.

Real reviews are getting harder and harder to spot these days. Sites like Yesstyle have real reviews but I also know there are l lot of other stores that fake their reviews.

Putting 5 star-reviews up on every product.

Having 1000+ 5 stars reviews on a single product, that’s practically impossible. So look into that and search around a bit..

Sites like forums, Reddit, and Quora are good places where people share their experiences buying fakes.

Is Yesstyle Safe To Order From?

Yes, Yesstyle is 100% safe to order from.

Their customer service responses are by far the fastest in the Korean skincare industry. They usually reply within 12 hours.

I ordered from Yesstyle many times before without any issues.

No delayed shipping. No fake reviews. No counterfeits.

So chances, are there’s a 0% chance of ordering fake makeup from Yesstyle. Yesstyle is backed by real people with real-life experiences.

They’re not an off-shore Asian beauty store that’s nowhere to be found. Their prices are very reasonable and have a great delivery time.

Read reviews on Yesstyle, and you’ll see that there are almost 0 negative reviews.

Yesstyle is one of the only stores that provide real reviews without editing them. High-quality products and a comprehensive overview, are the key takeaways.

Should You Order From Yesstyle?

Yes, ordering from Yesstyle is a great choice.

Their prices are really competitive, and they have a lot of samples. If you’re not sure about a certain product or brand, you ask their support for help.

They have a lot of brands and a wide variety of products, from makeup to skincare. You’ll find almost everything. Even clothing, so it’s basically an all-in-one shop for all your needs.

Compared to other Korean skincare stores, Yesstyle can be a bit pricier but in return, you can expect high-quality products.

Not only that, but also express shipping, easy returns, updated catalog, and regular discounts.

That’s what gets me every time. Using the discount codes they provide it feels like stealing. That’s how affordable those skincare products are.

Other customers have only had great experiences with Yesstyle. There are over 200,000 reviews on their product pages.

And almost all of them are great-positive ones. So chances are, you might order today.

My Experience with Yesstyle

So far I’ve ordered about 12 times this year from Yesstyle and there haven’t been any bad experiences. The shipping is extremely fast.

I live in New York, and shipping takes about 4 to 7 days for it to arrive. That’s insanely fast compared to other stores. Yesstyle is my go-to Korean skincare store and should be for you too.

The wide range of products they offer is huge, unlike smaller Korean stores, they actually have the products in stock.

There was a time when I ordered from a Korean skincare site and they didn’t have the products in stock. Leaving me hanging every time I contacted their customer service.

It took 2 months before I got my cleanser, but that has never happened with Yesstyle.

So give it a shot, and you’ll understand why Yesstyle is one of the biggest online beauty shops in the world.


All in all, Yesstyle does not sell fake makeup.

They have a lot of brands and a wide variety of products, from makeup to skincare. All of their products are thoroughly researched before putting up on their site for sale.

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