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Are Korean Actors Allowed To Date

Are Korean Actors Allowed To Date?

Yes, Korean actors are allowed to date. It’s not as bad as the idol industry. The actors are often signed to an agency and allow to date, and it’s pretty common that actors date after a movie or drama. There’s a lot of build-up and relations created when filming.

Are Idols Looked Down On In Korea?

Are Idols Looked Down On In Korea?

No, idols aren’t looked down on. In fact, they are often looked up to by the younger generation. The younger generation often wants to be like idols themselves and respect them a lot. However, if you look at the people in the TV scene for many years, yes, they look down on some idols.

Is WhatsApp Available In Korea

Is WhatsApp Available In Korea?

Yes, WhatsApp is available in South Korea; however, most people use Kakaotalk and Line, which is the same as WhatsApp, but it’s a Korean version. You can still WhatsApp to message or call your friends from overseas.