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How Do Korean Guys Flirt?

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Korean culture is appreciated all over the world. It’s very easy to develop a crush on a Korean guy because there’s a good chance he’s handsome with a fun personality.

However, it’s not so easy to tell if that Korean guy likes you back. When getting to know a guy from Korea, you may be wondering how they flirt.

Korean culture is much different than Western culture, which includes the way people flirt and date. It’s very easy to know when a Westen man is flirting with you because they want to make their intentions known in the first impression. Korean men aren’t as bold and often don’t flirt at all, even if they like a girl.

Most Korean guys are very shy, so they won’t flirt at all. This is because language and culture go together and in Korean culture, people take their relationship slowly. If you’re curious to know more about how Korean guys flirt, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading to find out more.

8 Signs a Korean Guy Likes You

Korean men may not be flirtatious, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to date women. Actually, the guys from South Korea are some of the most romantic men in the world. They are just shy when it comes to showing that side of them, especially with a new romantic interest.

If you’ve set your sights on a Korean guy and think he might like you back, there are a few ways you can tell.

They make time to chat

If a Korean man is interested in you, he will chat a lot. Korean men will always make time to send the person they are interested in plenty of messages so they are always in communication. Since most Korean guys love their gadgets, it’s likely they will communicate the most over text messages.

When he texts you frequently, it means that you’re on his mind. He always is making time throughout his day to keep the conversation going with you. This is a sign that you’re on his mind as well.

They joke

You may be feeling mixed signals because he jokes around with you a lot, but that Korean guy you’re crushing on doesn’t make any moves. It’s very common for guys from South Korea to be shy. If he is joking with you, it shows that he’s opening up.

Out of respect, most Korean men will not make a move until they have been on several dates with someone. Will joking around may seem like he’s putting you in the friend zone, it could actually mean that he likes you more.

They act like oppa

Oppa is a Korean title that originally was meant to define the older male. However, over the years it has changed and the title now represents someone who embodies characteristics such as:

  • Well respected
  • Protective of people around him
  • Responsible
  • Honorable

If you notice that he is acting more like an oppa in your presence than it’s another sign that he could have a crush on you.

Protective of you specifically

The most common sign that a guy from South Korea has feelings for someone is when they become protective over them. In South Korea, many tales talk about men who go above and beyond to make sure the women they date are well protected. Every man strives to be like that in a relationship.

Most Korean men were raised to be chivalrous, but they go that extra mile for women they care about romantically. This is one of their main love languages.

He smiles a lot around you

A Korean man is just like any other man when he likes someone. If he wants to date you, then he is probably happy to be in your presence. That means he will smile a lot when you’re around. He may even smile at you. If you notice him smiling a lot around you, then he probably likes you.

He dresses nicer

Korean men are very handsome, and they look good in nearly everything they wear. However, a Korean man will want to impress the person he likes. Have you noticed that his look has cleaned up more recently? If he’s wearing nicer clothes to see you, then he may be trying to make a good impression.

He can’t look away

If a Korean man is interested in you, he won’t be able to look away. This doesn’t mean he will stare at you like a creep. When you’re talking, you’ll notice that you have his full attention. He will be looking directly into your eyes and will be listening to what you have to say.

Hand movements

Pay attention to his body language if you are interested to know how he feels about you. Many Korean men speak volumes with their hands. When they are having a conversation with you and you notice the palm of his hand facing you, it’s a sign he is interested.

He will also show interest by placing his elbow in his palm while you are speaking about something that is important to you. This shows that you have his full attention and he is likely very interested in you.

How Do You Get a Korean Guy’s Attention

Many people ask for advice when it comes to getting a Korean guy’s attention. Most Koreans like females who are feminine and have a cute style. They don’t like girls that are overly aggressive with flirting and often prefer an old fashion girl who is hard to get.

Females don’t have to change their look or personality to get a Korean guy’s attention, but they should take care of their look and always try to look their best. It doesn’t hurt to give him a few friendly compliments either. 

Is Hugging a Big Deal in Korea?

Hugging is a big deal in Korea. In the US, people hug all the time and it’s not uncommon to hug someone you just met as a greeting. In Korea, hugs are only for special times. People who are in a serious relationship will hug.

It’s also acceptable for people who are related or very close friends to hug while saying goodbye. It would be acceptable to hug a friend or family member who is moving away or visiting from a different village. Most Koreans don’t hug as a friendly greeting unless they are in a relationship.

Are All Korean Guys Flirty?

Most Korean men don’t flirt whatsoever. They are way too shy and it’s not how they were raised to express themselves. Actually, most Koreans are so shy that why they prefer to start dating in groups, which is known as sogaeting. This is when a group of girls and a group of boys go on a group date to see if anyone from the groups pairs up.

Even when a Korean guy begins dating a woman, he will begin things on an innocent note. It won’t be until well after the third date until he even attempts to touch her hand. Flirting just isn’t a part of a Korean man’s love language.

Why Do Korean Guys Act Cute?

In Korea, it’s very common to act cute. This is a popular trend across the country and has set beauty standards for males and females. Many Korean males will act cute because that is what is considered attractive where they are from.

Every country has certain styles and behaviors that are considered attractive. Cute is what Koreans like. Innocence is respected in Korea, which is why many K pop idols will appear sweet instead of sexy.


If you’re wondering whether or not a Korean guy likes you, don’t expect him to start flirting any time soon. Most Korean men are very shy and flirting is not common where they were raised. Even though they don’t flirt with women they like, a Korean guy will have other ways to show her that he is interested in dating.

Since Korean men are shy, they will take a much more innocent approach to get a girl’s attention. They will do things like text her a lot, smile in her direction, and even act protective over her. Instead of flirting, many guys will make an effort to give a female he likes more of his time and attention. If a Korean guy likes you, expect plenty of cute texts. 

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