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How Do Kpop Idols Get Flat Stomachs?

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K-pop idols get flat stomachs because of their diets and dance practices. The main reason would be their extreme diets. The idols go through very-low-calorie diets while practicing for hours a day.

How Do Kpop Idols Get Flat Stomachs

If you’re looking to get a flat stomach yourself, try going on a diet but don’t go extreme from the first day. Make sure to take it slowly and day by day, by doing this, it will become easier. Most people that try to get a flat stomach often go through extreme diets that are not even necessary.

Maybe you’re on a diet already, then you should probably go work out more often. You can do some running or biking to burn those calories. These two methods would be the fastest and easiest to get a flat stomach.

Is It Possible to Get a Flat Stomach Yourself?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to get a flat stomach yourself. It might take some time at first, but eventually, it will become easier, especially if you’ve never worked out or dieted before.

Make sure to start slowly and do it step by step. Don’t go on an extreme diet the first day to get a flat stomach. This is something that many beginners make as a mistake. If you do this, it can easily cause some health issues like most commonly a lack of nutrients for your body.

Once you’re used to working out and dieting, then you probably won’t even go on an extreme diet anymore. It’s the same as with anything else in life; practice makes perfect.

What I tried in the beginning was by starting a diet that suited my daily routine. I started cutting calories and eating a lot healthier, which made it easier to get into the routine of working out. I made sure that my diet included all the nutrients that my body needed for energy and muscle growth.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Flat Stomach?

Korean Dieting

For me, it took around 2 to 3 months of dieting before I got a flat stomach. For some K-pop idols, it can be very fast because of the extreme dieting they do. However, don’t expect this yourself since it’s very harsh.

Most often, the K-pop idols don’t even like it themselves, and they must do it because of their company. So don’t set your expectations too high, it will take a lot of time and work to get your flat stomach.

What I recommend instead is that you just diet every day until you’re at your desired weight. Then continue doing some workouts to keep the body in shape.

Make sure to work out at least 2 to 3 times a week. It’s something that will speed up the process. How long before you get a flat stomach is completely up to you and how much work/time you put into it.

Do All K-pop Idols Have Flat Stomachs?

No, this all depends on what the idols have scheduled. If the K-pop idols don’t have any comebacks or even schedules, there’s no reason for them to have a flat stomach.

However, when they do have a performance or an upcoming comeback. Then, yes, they do have flat stomachs. It’s not like all idols have flat stomachs all year round, that’s way too much work, and it wouldn’t be fun.

It’s like people that work out have a six-pack all year round. That’s not realistic at all and certainly not for K-pop idols.

K-pop idols already work very hard every day, and to do even more work is too harsh on them. They are normal people like us, and it’s okay to have a little bit of fat on your body.

Flat Stomach Exercises

Here are some flat stomach exercises that might help you get a flat stomach.

  • Sit-ups are an easy way to get a flat stomach because it works out the core. You can do sit-ups on your knees or with legs spread apart, so you get more of a workout.
  • Crunching is really helpful if you want a flat stomach. It helps to build those abs and get rid of love handles.
  • Twisting is another really good exercise because it works out the core and can help you lose some more fat in your waist.
  • Running is also an excellent exercise to lose some weight around your waist. This is something that a lot of K-pop idols do to get a flat stomach.
  • It might not be something for you, but if you do like dancing, then you might as well do it as a way to exercise. Dancing is also fantastic for your core, and you can build up some abs depending on the style of dance.


Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, you might know that not all K-pop idols have flat stomachs. The main reason they have flat stomachs is because of their diets or dance practice.

Some idols also work out after normal training, but this isn’t necessary for all of them.

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