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How Do Mukbangers Eat so Much?

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Mukbangers can eat a lot of food because it’s the only meal they eat in a day. Generally speaking, mukbangers eat one meal a day in front of the camera. This meal is often more than 2500 calories.

As you might have noticed, Mukbang has gained a lot of attention lately. Even the media is picking it up and not without reason. We will take a closer look at Mukbang and show you why it has become so popular recently.

I’ve tried many mukbangs myself, and it’s actually really hard to eat all the food in one sitting. So many people are wondering if they’re actually eating all the food.

If you want to read more about mukbangs, then please keep reading on.

Why Do Mukbangers Drink Before Eating?

Mukbangers drink before eating to get rid of the hunger. In other words, Mukbangers drink to prepare their stomach for a lot of food that they’re about to eat.

This is something that people often wonder about. It’s also because the food they eat is very greasy and hard to eat.

Taking a sip before eating is made to ease the process of eating. If you haven’t done that before, have a sip before you start to eat and see the difference yourself.

What I normally do is drink a glass of water before eating. This helps digest the greasy food a lot better.

But I’ve also seen other people drink milk or energy drinks. This is completely up to you, and I think it’s worth trying out yourself.

I don’t recommend drinking energy drinks with meals. Energy drinks, in general, are quite unhealthy and could affect your cholesterol levels.

Do Mukbangers Spit out Their Food?

No, Mukbangers don’t spit out their food. This is because they want to show their viewers that they eat the same amount as any other person would eat.

However, Mukbangers do throw away the food after the shooting is done. It has been known that lots of Mukbangers do that and only eat the food in front of the camera.

When I watch a Mukbang, it’s impossible for me to finish all the food. I’m not even sure if they’re eating it, but you can tell that something is happening inside their mouths.

Some people also chew in front of the camera and cut out the parts where they don’t actually swallow the food. This is done to make viewers not feel bad about themselves.

On most occasions, I’ve seen Mukbangers eat some of the food off the plate. It’s all about the way you present it to your viewers and not so much about what you actually eat.

Other than that, Mukbangers also try to be healthy on the outside. It’s okay to eat something tasty once in a while, but they still pay attention to what their calorie intake is.

How Many Calories Do Mukbangers Eat?

Generally speaking, mukbangers don’t eat up to 2500 calories a day. But there are some people who eat more than 2500 calories, but it’s not something regular.

It really depends on what your diet looks like. Some mukbangers eat healthy, while others eat unhealthy food.

Some people that are looking to lose weight only eat about 1500 calories a day, while others eat about 3000 calories. It’s really up to you how many calories you want to eat, but also make sure that your diet is healthy for you.

Try out different diets and see what works for you.

Mukbangers don’t eat that much in general, but it’s more likely that they eat around 2000 to 2500 calories per day.

Most of them aren’t as big in real life as they are on camera. Some of them might be pretty big, but it’s hard to tell how many calories Mukbangers eat if you don’t follow them 24/7.

Are Mukbangers Unhealthy?

No, I highly doubt that Mukbangers are unhealthy. I would say many of them eat pretty healthy and don’t eat any junk food at all.

The food they eat is not something you want to eat regularly, but once in a while, it’s okay. It’s not like all the mukbangers eat unhealthy food all the time.

The thing is that a healthy diet takes time, and it’s not something you can change in a day. It’s a long process, and a lot of people start to eat healthy too late.

For some reason, Korean society has started to care more about their health. It was mostly about looking good and having a pretty face, but it’s becoming more like men want to live longer and look better.

How Does Tzuyang Stay in Shape?

Tzuyang probably stays in shape by exercising and has a pretty high metabolism. This means that her food digests extremely fast. These types of people aren’t seen often, and she is certainly a rare specimen.

Her dieting is probably quite extreme, considering the amount of food she eats in a mukbang. She can eat up to around 5000-7000 calories a day and still stay in shape.

Tzuyang eats a lot of food and doesn’t gain any weight. I’m sure that there’s a reason for this, and she probably has an extremely fast metabolism, which is pretty rare.

There’s a possibility that she only eats the healthy parts of the food and cheats herself from eating junk food. But it’s highly unlikable that she doesn’t like junk food at all.

There is no real way to stay in shape without watching what you eat and exercising regularly.


All in all, mukbangers eat a lot of food when they do a mukbang. The amount of calorie intake in the video is unknown, but it’s more likely that Mukbangers eat around 2000-3000 calories a day.

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