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How Long Does Salux Cloth Last?

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Salux cloths are reusable, but they do start to wear out over time. Many people notice that the thickness of their cloth starts to fade after roughly six months. Once they start to wear out, the salux cloth is still useable. Most salux cloths last up to 2 years.

Many people around the world have fallen in love with the salux cloth. This Japanese cloth has helped a lot of people who experienced rough and bumpy skin achieve smooth skin simply from washing.

Once a person starts to use the salux cloth, they don’t want to go back to using a regular washcloth in the shower.

Are you interested in trading your washcloth for a salux? On this page, we’re going to discuss how long you can expect a salux cloth to last and what you should know about them. Keep reading to find out more about this exfoliating washcloth.

Can You Use Salux Every day?

A salux cloth is an amazing way to exfoliate your skin and clear away dead skin cells for the softest and smoothest skin. Since this cloth is used for exfoliation, many people wonder if it’s safe to use every day. This will depend on your skin and how you use the salux washcloth.

It’s important to use the salux gently, especially if you have sensitive skin. You should try to avoid scrubbing too hard because you may irritate the skin. If you wash gently using the salux, then it is safe to use daily.

However, if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to irritation, you may want to limit your use to just a couple of times a week.

Dead skin cells accumulate daily, and this washcloth is great at getting rid of them to keep skin looking vibrant. If your skin is quite rough, you can use the salux cloth to remove dead skin cells before getting in the shower.

This technique is called dry brushing and is very effective for smoothing out stubborn areas. 

How Long Are Washcloths Good For?

The salux washcloth is typically good for 6 months to 2 years, depending on how often you choose to use it. These towels are quite large, and man people cut them into smaller sizes to use separately. This is a great way to extend the lifespan of each salux cloth you purchase.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to wash your salux occasionally. The good thing about these Japanese towels is that they don’t hold onto bacteria or mold like other types of washcloths. However, you should still wash them weekly to keep them clean.

When washing a salux washcloth, it’s safe to put it in the washing machine with your regular load. These towels don’t absorb easily, so they can be hung up to air dry quickly. You should always avoid placing a salux in the dryer machine because it will wear out sooner.

Salux Cloth vs Italy Towel

Both the salux cloth and the Italy towel are praised as the best scrubbing towels for Keratosis Pilaris, a skin condition that causes bumps and rough patches. 

Many people who have been living with this condition want to know which one is a better choice for their skin. Using both of these washcloth types could be the best option for achieving smooth skin.

Let’s take a close look at each type of towel so you have a better idea of how to combat rough and bumpy skin:

Salux cloths

The salux is a soft cloth that is used for treating rough skin. It is made from a combination of nylon and polyester. They are great for exfoliating the body, but people should avoid using them on their face because facial skin is a lot more delicate.

When compared to the Italy towel, the Japanese salux is a lot lighter. It is a better choice for daily use because it can exfoliate the skin without being too rough. Daily use of this cloth is also great for reducing ingrown hairs caused by shaving.

Italy towel

When you use an Italy towel, one of the first differences you will notice is that it is a lot smaller. While the salux typically comes in larger sheets, the Italy towel is smaller and can be worn as a mitt. You can use this towel for exfoliation over your roughest areas.

Funny enough, the Italy towel actually comes from Korea. It is a Korean exfoliating mitt that comes in a variety of coarse materials, such as:

  • Rayon
  • Viscose
  • Nylon
  • Sisal hemp

This coarser towel is better at smoothing out stubborn areas that may be too difficult for the salux. While it’s very effective, it’s recommended to only use the Italy towel once a week. Using it more often than that could lead to irritation.

Comparing salux cloths vs Italy towels

Purchasing both a salux washcloth and an Italy towel is one of the most effective ways to combat problems like Keratosis Pilaris. The Italy towel should only be used once a week, and the salux can be used the other days of the week with body wash.

One of the best methods of achieving smooth skin from both of these exfoliating towels is to develop a routine.

The salux washcloth is usually most effective when it’s used in the shower, whereas the Italy towel has shown better results when people use it in the bathtub.

This is because their skin has had a chance to soak in the warm water and it’s easier for the Italy towel to wash off dead skin cells so your skin will appear more vibrant.

Salux Cloth Real vs Fake

Every time a beauty or skincare product becomes popular, many fake versions start to surface. Since the salux cloth has started to become popular with people all over the world, fake companies are taking advantage of foreign customers.

Many people from Western areas look to websites like Amazon or eBay to find these Japanese towels to exfoliate their rough skin. It’s not until they receive the towel that they notice something isn’t right. One of the first things to examine when buying a salux is the girl in the logo.

The real salux cloths feature a woman in the logo with chin length hair who is showing the cloth off over her shoulder.

This logo is clear and present on all real salux packaging. If you want to purchase a real cloth, it’s a good idea to examine the real logo before searching for the product online.

  • Fake salux cloths are spottable right away because they use a different model. The logo picture will appear smaller and the most frequent fake photo used shows a model with her hair pinned up. This isn’t the only giveaway that a salux is fake. Here are some other things to look for:
  • Real salux always has “Made in Japan” on the front of the package.
  • Real white salux cloths have the number #200, where fakes are listed as #100.
  • Fake clothes typically come in a longer looking package than the real ones.
  • Fake is made from harsher materials
  • The logo is crystal clear on real salux, where it’s faded on fake packaging.


Are you looking for a new way to exfoliate rough and bumpy skin? A salux washcloth is an excellent solution that Japanese people have been using for decades. This cloth is now popular for smoothing out skin all across the world. All you need is a little bit of body wash to get the best results from a salux washcloth.

While salux cloths are amazing for smoothing out rough skin, these cloths won’t last forever. Every type of washcloth needs to be replaced at some point.

Most salux cloths will start to wear out after roughly 6 months if used daily. However, you may get up to 2 years of use exfoliating away dead skin cells from one washcloth.

Since salux clothes are usually on the larger side, many people get more use for their money by cutting the washcloth into smaller strips. This is a great way to save money and cut back on how much you are using.

Another great way to improve your washing routine if you have rough skin is to also include an Italy towel once a week for the smoothest skin results.

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