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How Often Can You Use a Foot Peel?

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Want to peel off dead skin off your feet? Can it cause damage/irritation?

Foot peels used daily can cause irritation and redness. So how often can you use foot peel?

Generally speaking, foot peel can be used daily. However, studies show that using it once a week show the best results. There have been may instances where people used foot peels monthly, removing dead skin instantly.

If you’re planning to use foot peel every single day, then it might be better to get a good moisturizer.

Foot peels are made to peel off the dead skin, however it also strips out the natural healthy barrier from your feet. Therefore you should always moisturize your feet with some type of lotion right after doing it.

How To Use Foot Peel?

Using foot peel is actually very easy. The only thing you need is to wash your feet first.

I highly recommend showering before you use them. Make sure to soak your feet in hot water for about 20 to 30 minutes. This makes your feet more flexible and easier to peel off.

After that put the foot peel on and normally people leave it for 60 to 90 minutes. However, I do about 120 minutes. This gives me a piece of mind that the whole thing is done properly.

After the time has passed, you can wash off your feet.

When you’re done washing your feet.

Try to soak your feet in hot water every night. This helps the peeling a lot. Even though not all brands might be working for you.

It’s important to try as many different brands as possible.

I have tried TonyMoly’s and BabyFoot. My personal favorite were the ones from TonyMoly’s.

These give your feet instant feel of old dead skin cells that come off. Even dry and rough skin are easily taken off.

Take time when doing this because you want to do it properly at the beginning. Don’t mess it up because it may cause irritation.

Foot Peel Tips

During the first week, soak your feet in warm water every night after you’ve taken off your shoes. This will aid in the maximum peeling of your skin.

Don’t wear socks after you’ve used a foot peel. This will prevent friction from your shoes and can cause irritation. I also recommend to use some sort of foot cream after.

It helps keep the feet moisturized without it causing any harm.

What To Avoid

If you have bad skin conditions already, it’s not recommended to use foot peel. Avoid using it if you’re skin is already very bad or people with feet issues.

Always vet a doctor before using foot peel.

Can Everyone use Foot Peels?

Yes, anyone that’s above the age of 18 can use foot peels. I personally don’t recommend it if you’re underaged. Some people say it’s safe but I’m not a fan of that.

Wait a couple of years and use some foot lotion instead of foot peels. This will give you similar results without any harmful effects.

Are Foot Peels Bad for You?

No, foot peels are not bad for you. The peeling process is very safe, it’s even backed by many studies that it won’t cause any harm.

Using foot peels only removes dead skin from the feet. There’s no any bad intention behind it. Therefore you can safely use foot peels every single day.

Although some people do have bad experiences with foot peels, it doesn’t mean that you’ll do too.

I have seen some people that used foot peels every day get irritated skin.

Irritated skin may cause cracked heels, hard skin, and maybe even pain. Chances are it won’t happen to you but if you haven’t tried it, it might be worth it.

Baby soft skin. Isn’t that what you want, given the fact that it won’t cause any harm. You can perfectly start peeling the dead skin cells of your feet.

What Happens When You Use Foot Peels on Hands?

No, don’t do that. Everyone has different types of skin and it doesn’t work the same way on everyone. Foot peels are made for the feet. And not for hands.

So that basically says it all.

Unless you want your hands to:

  • Dry out
  • Cause harm
  • Damage the skin

Thus meaning that you shouldn’t use it at any circumtances.

If you want to have soft hands, there are other ways to do so. Get some hand lotion instead.

Final Thoughts

After all foot peels should be used once a week. Don’t use it daily because it could cause severe damage.

If you follow all these instructions, you shouldn’t experience any problems with using foot peels.

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