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How Tall Are Korean Models?

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The average height for the model in Korea is 6″0 (182.8 cm).

Male models average at 6″0 (182.8cm).
Female models average at 5″10 (178.3 cm)

The world of fashion and entertainment is a lot different in South Korea than it is in Western countries. It is a lot easier for people born in Korea to pursue a career in modeling because the standards are much different than in the US. People do not have to be considered tall to be a model in Korea.

Many Korean models are an average height. Talent scouts will be considering many things when looking for the right model. Having good skin and natural beauty is far more important than being tall for Asian models.

A good personality can go a long way towards becoming a model too. The camera picks up on a model with a star personality.

If you thought you had to be tall to be a model, South Korea is proving you wrong. Korean models bring a lot to the table, but height is not necessary for their success. Today, we’re going to discuss the height range of Korean models. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Considered Tall in Korea?

Asian people are known for being shorter than the average American. However, people in South Korea are taller than other Asian countries. The average height for a female Korean is around 5″4 and the average height for a male is 5″7. In Korea, anyone who is over 5″9 is typically considered to be tall.

When people watch Korean entertainment, they are often under the impression that the actress and models look taller than most Asian people. This leads them to believe that Koreans are tall.

Often taller people are scouted by talent agents because they do have the right look. Like most cultures around the world, Koreans do consider tall people to be more attractive.

While you don’t have to be incredibly tall and skinny to make it as a model in Korea, they still do lean towards male and female models that are taller than average because of beauty standards.

Clothes often appear nicer on a taller model and easier to photograph. It’s also easier for the audience at a fashion show to get a full view of clothes being modeled when they are on someone who is tall.

Are All Korean Models Tall?

Who says modeling is only for tall people? While tall people do have an advantage when it comes to the modeling industry, South Korea is breaking international standards.

Many Korean models are an average height, especially female models. There’s a little secret about the modeling and entertainment industry in South Korea that you may not have known about.

Many young talents will travel to Seoul, a popular city in Korea to start their career as a model. A lot of people who get discovered in Seoul aren’t on the tall side at all. To have success as a Korean model, your skin’s beauty and personality are far more important than height.

Even short people born in Korea can become successful at modeling because all the photos are edited afterward. Editing is used to each Korean model and actress appear taller in the final photo. The model often isn’t as tall as the person looking at their picture may believe.

How Tall Do You Have to Be a Korean Model?

A lot of Korean idols are taller than average. It’s no secret that taller people are often scouted to become idols based on their natural looks.

While tall people in South Korea may have an advantage in the fashion industry, there are still plenty of opportunities for Korean born people who don’t meet international beauty standards.

Many people from foreign countries who have relocated to Korea have also found success as models because of the unconventional standards.

Many people have found success becoming an idol in South Korea because there aren’t height restrictions for the fashion industry getting in their way. 

A lot of Korean models are an average height. If they have the right look and personality to represent the fashion brand then their height will not stand in the way of becoming a model.

Ideal Height for Men in Korea

There are many male fashion models in Korea that are becoming a global success. Even though they are not as tall as the average Western model, Korean ideals still capture the audience’s attention. The ideal height for men in Korea is between 5″9 and 6″1.

This is much taller than the average height of Korean men, which is typically under 5″9. However, shorter men can still make an entrance in the world of fashion. As long as they have star quality on camera and take good care of their looks, they could find success as an idol.

Ideal Height for Women in Korea

There are many beautiful females born in South Korea, and many of them have the potential to become fashion idols. In the US, models are often known for being very tall and unique looking. Female models in Korea are chosen based on their beauty and how they appear on camera.

The ideal height range for women that become fashion idols is between 5″5 and 5″9. While this is taller than the average height of Korean women, it is still shorter than international idols. Many women with a successful modeling career in Seoul are only 5″5. A female can become successful based on the way they appear on camera.

Why Are Korean Models so Skinny?

A lot of models in Seoul are skinny. Slim figures are considered more glamourous in Korea, and many people in the entertainment and fashion industry strive to maintain a small waist. Maintaining a slim body in Asian countries is a lot easier than it is in the US because of the way that they eat.

Healthy eating habits

Any model that was born in Korea was most likely raised to eat differently than people in the US. Koreans eat smaller portions and their meals often include plenty of vegetables that are high in fiber.

Portion control is very common in Korean kitchens, which helps them maintain a small size.

Koreans are known to eat fewer carbs than other nationalities. They often avoid heavy foods, like pasta with heavy sauces or bacon cheeseburgers.

Oily foods are another thing they avoid eating, which means they rarely eat deep fried foods. Lean meats and green vegetables are always served in a Korean’s kitchen, which makes staying slim easy.

More exercise

The lifestyle of people born in Asia is also different than what people are used to in the US. Korean people don’t rely on transportation to go to and from places. They will walk, even if it takes longer. All of the walking they do in a day helps them stay skinny.

Since Koreans embrace so many healthy habits from the time they are born, they don’t have to make too many drastic changes to their figure when they want to become a model. Their daily lifestyle and eating habits help them stay in healthy shape to be top fashion idols.

Even though a Korean’s lifestyle is full of healthy habits, they still take fitness very seriously. Health in fitness is a top priority for most people living in East Asia. Eating well isn’t enough to stay healthy, they believe in a heart healthy fitness routine as well.


Many international models are known for their extraordinary height. However, to make it in the fashion industry in Korea, people don’t need to be very tall.

Since the average height of people born in countries from East Asia isn’t very tall, most models from this region are shorter in height. While taller idols will have an advantage, many shorter people still have blooming careers as models.

Korea’s beauty standards are different than in the US, and anyone who is over 5″9 is considered to be tall. A lot of beautiful people who are under 6 feet tall are very successful in their careers as models. Having clear skin, natural beauty, and a good body is much more important than height.

A lot of talent agents in Korea are more concerned about how the model takes care of their looks. A model is judged based on how their skin looks and how they maintain their figure. While tall people are often considered more beautiful, those who aren’t as tall can still be very successful as an idol.

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