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How to Buy Korean Skincare Wholesale (with 10+ Stores)

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Finding the best deals for your skincare store can be a tough nut to crack, especially when the shipping prices are out of this world.

And while you can get a discount when buying in bulk, they’re usually still very expensive and overpriced.

Want to get started with your own Korean skincare store or stock up on new products?

Let’s get started.

Initial Considerations to Get Started Buying Wholesale Korean Skincare

Before buying any Korean skincare products wholesale, you have to determine a few things. First, think about how big your store or shop is and how many customers you know you have. This is because some wholesalers in the list below will only sell to major retailers who open an account with them.

Then you should determine if you want to stock several brands or only have a certain select few brands in your catalog. Of course, this decision goes back to the size of your shop and other such details. This includes whether you have a physical store or just an online e-boutique.

Peruse the list of Korean skincare wholesale companies and determine which ones best suit your situation. Then, go to their sites and find the products you wish to order. Try to compare and contrast several against each other as well so you can get the lowest price possible.

List of Korean Skincare Wholesale Companies

There are many wholesale K-beauty product suppliers out there. Some of them aren’t as good as others and it’s difficult to know who will offer what you want at the price you need while maintaining professionalism. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but they are some of the more trusted ones you can find. If anything, it’s an excellent place to begin your search.

Asian Beauty Wholesale

Pairing with their sister website,, Asian Beauty Wholesale is a great supplier for authentic Korean skincare wholesale products. You do have to sign up for an account and apply for qualification. But, it’s much easier to do than at other places, which makes it more simple for those just starting out in the K-beauty industry.

They have over 700 brands with a minimum order requirement of $250. But, there’s no order quantity minimum for most of their products and they offer $30 off your first wholesale order. 

Beauty M

Based in Hong Kong, Beauty M is a professional distributor of all kinds of Korean skincare and beauty products. They have a tight knit relationship with Seoul, which means they have the best and freshest quality available. Every product from all the top brands are right at your fingertips.

Beauty M prides itself on providing outstanding customer service. In fact, they received an award naming them the “Top Exporter of 300 Million” in Korea. However, you have to contact them directly with your wholesale request.


An award-winning wholesale K-beauty supplier with a 90% overall customer satisfaction rating, BELECO is an excellent source for anyone in the industry. They will support those just starting to get their feet wet and department store chains. They have over 50,000 products from well above 200 brands.

Prospective buyers must fill out an application form and someone from their staff will reply within 24 hours. A bonus to BELECO is that you can still order wholesale from them without an application. However, you have to contact them and tell them what you’re looking for.

Cosmetic Love

After registering with the website, Cosmetic Love offers a very organized and thorough wholesale purchasing experience. They have individual order forms itemizing everything they have in stock for each brand they offer. You can find ones like TonyMoly, Benton, Banila Co., Heimish, It’s Skin and so many others.

You have to pay a 50% deposit of the total order and they require wholesale buyers to spend a minimum of $500.


KCOSERA is an American-based wholesale K-beauty suppler in Flushing, New York. You have to apply to receive wholesale prices and this will include a verified tax or federal ID number along with a business or resale certificate. Plus, they have a rigid Wholesale Policy potential customers should read before attempting to apply.

However, once accepted, you’ll have access to brands like Laniege, Innisfree, COSRX, Skinfood, Dr.Jart+ and hundreds of others.

Korea Cosmetic Mall

The Korea Cosmetic Mall has every single K-beauty skincare and cosmetic product on the market. They are constantly updating their inventory and offer the most competitive prices available. You do have to apply to buy from them wholesale, but the process is rather simple compared to others on this list.

What’s great is that they ship directly from Korea, so you know all products are authentic. They pride themselves on professional conduct with superb customer care.


This Spain-based K-beauty brand supplies their products and other major brands all over the world. They create fabulous, trusted formulations that work to beautify the skin and target many issues while providing a radiant glow. Their wholesale process is rather easy too.

Once you’ve signed up and they’ve verified your company information, they’ll give you login credentials. You’ll then be able to see what they have available and place your order. But, note that not every product they provide is available in every country.


One of the most trusted Korean skincare companies online that offer wholesale purchasing is QDepot. They have many major brands like Etude House, Innisfree, COSRX and Laniege, to name a few. They come direct and fresh from Korea with 100% authenticity and they have Japanese cosmetics too.

You must have a wholesaler account to use their site. This involves divulging information such as your name, address, business name and the purpose for your having a wholesale account. If you are confused about the process, they even have a video on YouTube guiding you through it all in detail.

Style Korean

Under the management of SiliconTwo, Style Korean offers a great wholesaler program. The only caveat, though, is that you must fill out an application to be eligible for wholesale prices and benefits. While you can look at the products they offer wholesale, you must login to your account in order to put the items in your cart.

But they have over 12,000 K-beauty products in their arsenal and support small shops as well as large business operations. However, they prefer doing business with those currently in the beauty industry looking to widen their portfolio. Yet they certainly also love people looking to get into the business of selling Korean cosmetics and skincare.


Buying wholesale Korean skincare products is easiest through SuperKos. They don’t require a signup to their website or have an application process. However, they require customers to pay for their order 100% through bank wire transfer. You simply email them the brands you want, the desired number of units and then send you payment.

There are other terms and conditions though, such as minimum order amount and the least amount of money you have to spend. Regardless, even the smallest e-boutique can benefit by going through SuperKos.


For a true hassle-free wholesale buying experience, UMMA makes it easy regardless if you have a small operation or large store. You do have to register for their site, but it’s only to ensure you’re a true beauty business owner. Powered by B2LiNK, UMMA has over 2,000 hand-picked K-beauty products.

UMMA can guarantee 48-hour quick shipping along with the ability to test products before you buy them. Everything comes clearly marked and labeled, including ingredients lists and skin conditions.

How To Check if Your Korean Skincare is Real

There have been many instances where people have bought fake Korean cosmetics. When shopping around, there are many deals that look too good to be true.

If you bought one of those deals, make sure to check if those Korean cosmetic brands are real. Here are four ways to do this:

Only buy from reputable sellers

Only buy Korean cosmetics from reputable sellers like Yesstyle and Stylevana. These stores have years and years of experience with thousands of people buying from them.

You’ll be ensured that you’re buying the real deal and not some fake products. Get a clear list of the products you want to buy and get all of those from a single store.

This guarantees your get 100% real Korean cosmetics when you use one of the stores above.

Check the packaging

Checking the packages isn’t always a given. Generally speaking, the packaging that comes from “most” Korean cosmetics wholesale brands isn’t that great. 

However, there’s always a shipping label that confirms the delivery address. That’s the fastest way you know you’re getting it from the original source, which is South Korea, most of the time.

If you buy your Korean skincare wholesale from other countries, you’re most likely getting scammed. Those stores mark up the prices by at least 20% and sell it to smaller stores, but they do offer faster shipping.

Compare it to other products

Compare your products to other skincare products that you already have. If you don’t have those already, you can always go to a physical store.

Comparing the products you already have yourself will make it way easier. You can immediately tell which one is fake and which one isn’t.

Check the barcode

Check the barcode of the product. It should be in Korean only. No other language. If it’s another language, then it’s not really Korean skincare.

The product should be manufactured in South Korea. Therefore, it should have a Korean barcode. The most popular Korean brands all use Korean barcodes only.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to buy Korean skincare wholesale, make sure you get the best deals. Always negotiate because if you don’t. You’ll most likely pay 20% above the market price. That’s how the Asian beauty industry works.

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