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How to Use a Korean Exfoliating Towel?

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Bought a Korean exfoliating towel, and don’t know how to use it?

That’s okay, I had the same problem but after giving it a try it worked.

Using a Korean exfoliating towel makes your skin extremely smooth when used right. Using it the right way is important.

When used wrong, it can cause your skin to be irritated and might even cause blemishes.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Korean towel the right way and how often you should use it.

Let’s dive right in.

Step by Step: How To Use a Korean Exfoliating Towel

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the exfoliating towel effectively for smooth skin.

Step 1: Soak in a hot bath or take a hot shower for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Start by taking a hot bath for about 10 to 20 minutes.

A hot shower works fine too, but I prefer taking a hot bath.

By taking a shower or hot bath the pores will open up. It’s essential to open up your pores and skin for an easier exfoliating session.

Hot water also helps loosen up the skin, which is very handy when you start using the exfoliating towel.

Note: never use cold water, this won’t open the pores making Korean exfoliating towels almost impossible to use.

Step 2: Don’t use body wash or shampoo

Don’t use body wash or shampoo when you take a hot shower.

Only let the hot water rinse off your skin. If you do use body wash or shampoo it’ll ruin the whole experience.

I’ve done this multiple times where the exfoliating towel didn’t work as well as I wanted to.

No dead skin came off and that’s something you have to avoid. So never use a body wash before using an exfoliating towel.

It’s backed by many studies that using an exfoliating towel works better on skin that hasn’t been washed before [1].

And think about it. You’re going to wash it after you’ve rubbed all of the dead skin off, so it’s a win-win.

Step 3: Start scrubbing with the Korean exfoliating towel

Start by using the Korean exfoliating towel and rub it gently on your skin with a circular motion.

It works for all skin types, so don’t worry about that. I have sensitive skin myself and I see lots of dead skin fall off when I use this.

Gently rub it for about 5 to 10 minutes, do it longer if you feel like too much skin is coming off. Some people do it for about 15 to 30 minutes while others do it for 10 minutes.

It depends on how often you’ve done it before and what kind of skin type you have.

Step 4: Do it all over the body (avoid face)

After rubbing it all over the body do it 3 more times. Every time you do it, you’ll see more and more dead skin coming off.

Keep in mind to not rub it too hard, but not too softly either.

By rubbing it in a circular motion you’ll be able to see the dead skin slowly getting more and more. What I’ve noticed is by putting too much pressure on the skin it’ll cause redness.

After you’ve done it all 3 times, start by rinsing it off.

Now you can use a body wash and shampoo to remove all the dead skin, oily residue, and residue from the Korean exfoliating towel.

Step 5: Rinse off the dead skin cells and use body wash

Take a warm shower after and make sure to use body wash and a good shampoo. You can also use a hair mask or other products to enhance your skin even more.

After that, your skin texture will feel crazy smooth. For me, I noticed that it has never been as smooth as the first time I used an exfoliating towel.

It’s really a different experience.

Some people notice that their keratosis pilaris is gone. Read more about how Italy Towels Help Keratosis Pilaris

I’m not saying that this will work for you, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

If some people get good results from it, maybe you will too.

Step 6: Apply a moisturizer

Once you’re done showering get out and apply moisturizer right away.

After using drying yourself of course.

Moisturizer helps hydrate your skin and starts the process of healing it. Apply a good amount on your skin to make sure you’re fully covered.

Using too much moisturizer can’t go wrong, so make sure to use a lot of it.

That’s it.

This is how you use a Korean exfoliating towel the right way.

Curious about how often you should use it, then please keep reading on.

How Often Should You Use a Korean Exfoliating Towel?

Korean exfoliating towels can be used daily but make sure it doesn’t cause any irritation or redness. Studies have shown that putting too much pressure may cause skin damage.

So create friction by small circular movements.

Another way is to apply less pressure on your skin, but more frequently. That’s what I did.

It works way better than putting a lot of pressure on.

All in all, it can be used daily but it’s recommended to use it at least 3 times a week.

Using it 3 times a week will restore dry skin, show visible results, and give super smooth skin. So chances are, you’ll never stop using this because of how good it is.

Can You Use a Korean Exfoliating Towel on Your Face?

No, don’t use it on your face. It’s not designed to be used on the face so don’t use it on your face. A Korean exfoliating towel is made for the body, using it on your face can cause blemishes.

Never use it on the face. Even if other people recommend it unless you want to purposely damage the skin.

Use a face exfoliator instead.

Face exfoliators are extremely underrated and basically the secret to getting glass skin.

But let’s keep it about Korean exfoliating towels.


This was my full guide on how to use Korean exfoliating towels for beginners. Use it the right way or your skin will be damaged.

Make sure to follow these steps thoroughly, that’s how you will achieve perfect skin. And it’s by far the fastest way to get smooth skin.

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