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Incheon Travel Guide: What To Do and Must-Visit Attractions

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Are you planning a trip through South Korea and wondering whether you should stop in Incheon?

Although Incheon is a port city, it is far from dull, since there are several intriguing places to visit, like the lovely Incheon Grand Park, the calm Eurwangni Beach, and the magnificent Wolmido Island.

Incheon became a melting pot once the port was established in 1884, with the only official Chinatown in Korea and a thriving foreign market.

Continue reading to learn more about what to do in Incheon including some tourist popular activities to try, what Incheon is known for, as well as the top 3 places to stay during your trip and more.

What To Do in Incheon?

Incheon has absorbed Seoul’s swagger and vitality, in addition to sharing a border with South Korea’s capital city. 

With so much to see and do, many travelers find themselves pressed for time when visiting Incheon. 

After all, the city is brimming with options like parks, beaches, amusement parks, and restaurants.

Visit Incheon Grand Park

Incheon Grand Park is an urban natural park in Incheon’s Jangsu-dong district. 

The park provides a wonderful environment for residents to get away from city life and appreciate the natural surroundings. 

Gwanmosan and Sangasan Mountain also surround the park. 

Incheon Grand Park is the city’s sole large-scale natural green park, spanning 727 acres of land.

It is also considered one of the most popular parks in Incheon. So don’t be surprised if this location is busy during your trip. 

After all, approximately 4 million people visit the park to breathe in the fresh air and relax in nature every year.

Explore Eurwangni Beach

An hour and a half’s drive from Seoul, in the southwest of Yongyudo Island, next to Incheon Airport, lies the free city beach known as Eurwangni. 

Locals love to spend the weekend with their families at the beach, where they can swim, sunbathe, watch the stunning sunsets, and eat at nearby eateries.

Eulwangni Beach is a quiet, uncrowded spot where you can rest and relax while also getting a taste of the neighborhood’s culture. 

Many of the on-site seafood restaurants also offer a welcome array of menu choices and the majority of travelers who visit the location sample the renowned local cuisine.

Take note, however, that the beach’s jagged white shells can also make it challenging to swim and navigate the area, so make sure you wear appropriate footwear when visiting this beach.

Visit Songdo Central Park

Songdo is a futuristic metropolis with structures that resemble works of art. 

Found in the heart of Songdo is Songdo Central Park, the first saltwater park in the nation. 

This park offers guests a range of aquatic activities like canoeing, paddle boarding, and more. 

Unknowingly, Central Park in Songdo is what most people picture when they think about Korea

After all, over two billion people have watched Psy’s Gangnam Style video, which features this park.

Songdo Central Park’s parking structure served as the backdrop for the dance-off moment in the video. 

The park also served as the backdrop for the elevator sequence where Psy debuted his world-renown “pelvic-thrust” dance move. 

Explore Wolmido Island

Incheon’s Wolmido Island is the ideal spot to get away from Seoul’s bustling streets. 

Due to its proximity to Seoul and ease of access, this island is really thought of by most locals as the best place to go away quickly. 

Along the island’s coast, there are also a lot of cafés and restaurants.

Make sure to set aside some time to soak in the ocean’s fresh air and the various attractions on the island of Wolmido, including the mouth-watering seafood eateries. 

At dusk, visitors can also go on a brief ocean cruise. 

The main pier in Wolmido, which is situated on the main strip, is where you can find these boat excursions.

Shop At Sinpo International Market

The history of Sinpo Market, which is in Sinpo-dong, Incheon, can be traced back to the late 19th century when local Japanese, Chinese, and Western settlers first started buying fresh vegetables from local merchants.

Since its formal registration as a market in 1970, Sinpo Market has grown to include approximately 140 shops.

Over the last two decades, ferries and cruise ships have carried a growing number of visitors and foreign businesspeople to Incheon, transforming the local market into an international retail district. 

Even the market’s office and information desk offer a range of services for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Dakgangjeong, a Korean delicacy of crispy fried chicken covered in a sweet and sour sauce, is the market’s most well-known product. 

Explore Chinatown

Since 1884, the sole recognized Chinatown in Korea has been located in Jung-gu, across from Incheon Station. 

Today, the majority of people who live in Incheon’s Chinatown are second or third-generation Koreans, although there are still a sizable number of Chinese settlers there.

The three paifangs, or gates, are the most noticeable of Chinatown’s many architectural features. 

Additionally, there are fantastic restaurants, educational museums, and intriguing, Chinese-themed pedestrian lanes in Chinatown.

If you’re searching for a place to dine, Gonghwachun is the oldest and most popular restaurant in Chinatown. 

This restaurant is highly recommended by both visitors and locals, making it a great place to visit if you’re exploring Chinatown.

Visit Jeondeungsa Temple

Enjoy some peace and quiet at Jeondeungsa Temple, an elaborate temple on Ganghwa Island. 

Travel slowly as you make your way through the lovely wooded path that leads to the temple. 

Once inside the temple, guests can examine all of the intricate elements in the building’s design and ornamentation. 

The temple is not only stunning, but it also has a long and impressive history. 

After all, it is one of Korea’s oldest sacred sites with a history spanning more than 1,500 years. 

It is recommended to visit Jeondeungsa Temple during the warmer months to enjoy the magnificent woodland paths that surround it. 

Another excellent time to come is during the Lotus Lantern Festival, which is normally held in April or May. 

Visitors gather around this time to witness the temple come to life with a flurry of beautifully colored paper lanterns.

Explore the Fairytale Village of Songwol-Dong

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village is a regenerated district filled with street murals, statues, and picture hotspots that are all painted and themed after both western and Korean fairy tales.

Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland are examples of these famous fairy tales.

When you arrive at this vivid rainbow-colored arch gate, you know you’ve arrived in the Fairy Tale Village. 

After all, there isn’t a single lane or corner in Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village that isn’t adorned with brilliant colors and charming decorations. 

Learn More About South Korea’s Rick Historical Past At Incheon’s Metropolitan City Museum

The Metropolitan City Museum, located on the slope of Incheon Jayu Park, was Korea’s first public museum, opening in 1946. 

This historic museum was restored in a contemporary style after being transferred to its current location in Ongnyeon-dong, Yeonsu-gu in 1990.

The Metropolitan City Museum presently has around 4,300 historic artworks, and the history of Incheon is replicated across the museum.

Overall, the Metropolitan City Museum has three exhibition spaces and one outdoor museum. 

In addition, three iron Buddhist bells stand in front of the museum’s entrance.

Where to Stay in Incheon? 

The Wolmido Tourist Zone

The Wolmindo provides tourists with one of the best locations to stay in Incheon. 

This location is considered a family-friendly neighborhood for visitors traveling with children since there are several attractions for both adults and children. 

Overall, the gorgeous blue Wolmi Seohae sea is commonly cited as the highlight of Wolmido. 

Other wonderful sites in this area that are popular with travelers are the Wolmi mountain and the Wolmi traditional park, both of which are equally breathtaking. 

Both these locations are known to have fantastic views of the surrounding region.

Furthermore, several of the hotels are known for delivering outstanding vistas, as well as the best quality service in the city.


Incheon’s business district is well known as the Songdo-dong neighborhood. Songdo-dong, according to sources, is a smart city that is also a part of Incheon’s free economic zone. 

Visitors to this neighborhood can enjoy a number of attractions, including the towers in the commercial center.

This neighborhood will undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air for travelers that value anything environmentally friendly.

After all, Songdo-dong is a calm and serene location free of pollution and noise, that provides travelers with the ideal opportunity to relax.


The Bupyeong neighborhood certainly provides its tourists with a colorful and bustling atmosphere. 

This neighborhood has everything you could ever want. 

After all, it’s recognized as a big subterranean market with various modest businesses selling a selection of various goods.

However, the ultimate draw of this neighborhood is the exciting concerts and cultural acts conducted at the Bupyeong cultural street. 

These acts take place all year and provide tourists with fascinating and unforgettable nights.

What is Incheon Known For? 

Incheon is Home To The Best Airport in The World

For the past decade, Incheon International Airport has continuously been ranked as one of the best in the world. 

It’s easy to spend a whole day here since the airport is packed with wonderful restaurants, cultural performances, a spa, an ice-skating rink, a movie theatre, and all the duty-free shopping you could ever want.

The airport is also linked to Seoul by a train line that has many connections with the Korean capital’s metro. 

The railway is also known to connect the new Seoul-Incheon International Airport to the old Gimpo International Airport.

Incheon Has the Best Chinatown in South Korea

Incheon’s Chinatown is Korea’s sole officially recognized Chinatown and is regarded as an excellent way to spend the day in Incheon. 

Tourists can enjoy Chinese street food, witness classic Chinese architecture, explore the birthplace of Jajjang Noodles, and visit Korea’s sole Chinese temple. 

Those interested can also delve into the fascinating history of Chinese-Korean relations in this 120-year-old section of Incheon.

You will be astounded by Chinatown’s array of offerings as you wander about, including the area’s vibrant architecture and several Instagrammable locations. 

One of its noteworthy attractions is Samgukji Mural Street, which has several odd and distinctive murals on the buildings. 

Incheon is Considered An Excellent Family-Friendly Destination

Incheon, one of the most popular and well-known cities in South Korea, offers almost everything your family could desire from a trip. 

You’ll have a hard time picking what to see and do between the city’s gorgeous temples and significant sites, sophisticated retail malls, and top-notch facilities, including golf courses, spas, and dining outlets.

For example, many families flock to Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village, a brightly colored fantasy kingdom smack dab in the center of Incheon’s busy city streets. 

Within the fanciful village, which includes an entryway that mirrors a cartoon version of Chinatown’s renowned arches. 

Here, children of all ages can pose with characters and find beautifully painted walls around every corner.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a port city, Incheon is anything but uninteresting thanks to its many fascinating attractions, including the picturesque Incheon Grand Park, the serene Eurwagni Beach, and the breathtaking Wolmido Island. 

Along with sharing a border with Seoul, Incheon has absorbed much of its swagger and vigor. 

Many visitors actually find themselves stressed for time since there is so much to see and do. 

After all, there are tons of possibilities in the city, including parks, beaches, amusement parks, and restaurants.

Overall, this lovely port city is only 30 minutes from Seoul and is full of tranquil and intriguing things to do and see, including enormous parks, historical sites, must-see museums, small cafés, and more. 

So, if you’re visiting South Korea and looking for a day trip or weekend vacation, consider staying in Incheon or Busan.

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