Is BTS Going to Disband in 2027?

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As you already may know, BTS has extended their contract till 2027. So, until then, we don’t really know if they’re going to disband. However, most idols that come from the military service are still with the original company they debuted with.

Ever since BTS debuted, we’ve heard that they have to do their mandatory military service. So, when will the other members start serving the military, and are they going to disband after? Keep reading if you want to know the full details.

According to many fans, BTS is probably going to stay in a group for a very long time, and the idols that are going to the military service will take a break. The other BTS members are going to do their solo activities and release more music.

BTS Suga, also known as Agust D, has released many songs throughout his solo career, and we think that he’s planning to do that more in the future when there are fewer group activities. BTS has conquered the world and is one of the biggest boybands to ever exist right now.

It would be a bummer if they were going to disband in 2027. Keep in mind that the BTS members can do whatever they want after the military service, so we should never hold a grudge against them. We should rather be grateful and happy that they have released awesome music for us.

If you haven’t heard about BTS before you’re missing out on the biggest boyband right now. It’s known that the fans of BTS are very passionate about them and have dedicated a lot of their time to them.

Does BTS Have To Serve The Military?

Does BTS Have To Serve The Military

Yes, BTS does have to serve the military when the time comes. However, the law allows Kpop members to postpone their service until the age of 30. This gives some idols an extra 2 years to perform and release new music.

As you already may know, many idols don’t want to serve the military service because they want to keep performing. This happened to one idol many years ago, and as a result, he got banned from Korea and was never allowed back in.

Big Hit Entertainment has become a huge company and has new groups in the making. They probably will debut some more groups in the upcoming years when BTS is going to serve in the military. Younger members, like Jungkook or Jimin, are probably going to do some solo activities or release music by themselves.

They’ve done this in the past where one song in the album would be a song sung by one member. So, we know that they can release good music and they are very experienced.

How Long Will BTS Serve in The Army?

BTS Mini Album

It’s going to take approximately 18 months. Some take longer than others but generally speaking, and it won’t be longer than two years, which is reasonable. Most people actually like doing military service because it gives them less stress. 

There are three roles you can do while serving the military.

  • 21 months Army
  • 21 months Marines
  • 23 months Navy
  • 24 months Air Force

You don’t have to do other activities other than following the normal military routine. It sounds easier than done, but for some people, it less stressful. We can understand this since we have some friends that have done military service in Korea.

It wasn’t as hard as most people say it is, but they were already very fit at the beginning of the service. Let’s hope BTS releases new music when they come back from their service.

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Is BTS Going To Enlist Together?

No, BTS isn’t going to enlist together since the age difference is pretty big. The oldest ones will go first and slowly the younger ones after. This is to keep the BTS group active, and the individual members promote their solo music. 

If BTS is going to enlist altogether, they will slowly die off and probably not as big when they come back as five. The downside of enlisting a sperate is that it will take a long time before seeing them all together again.

This can probably take around 4 to 5 years before seeing them all together again performing. We hope in the future they will release a lot of solo music and do many activities. We should always keep supporting BTS no matter what.

Will BTS Comeback After The Military Service or Disband?

Is Kpop Popular In South Korea

No, BTS won’t disband because they have renewed their contracts until 2027. This is going to take a long time before their contract ends, and once everyone has finished their military service, it’s probably around 2025 – 2026. 

That’s when we hopefully see BTS perform all together and release awesome music. Even if they don’t want to perform as a group again, which seems unreal, we should support their decision. Now that BTS is still together and performing as of 2021/2022, we should keep supporting them.

Keep streaming their music, and maybe follow our Kpop Streaming Guide. This is a guide made for streaming as efficiently as possible when they release new music. It can be applied to other groups as well, and we’ve been doing this for many years now.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve found the information you were looking for. We hope that BTS will continue to release awesome music, and we keep supporting them no matter what happens. 

Even if they won’t release music and decide to choose another path, it’s important to respect their decision. Don’t hold grudges but be happy that they were there for us when we had difficult times. There are many other groups that also deal with this struggle.

We should take into consideration that other groups don’t talk about it as often because it’s a known sensitive topic in the Kpop industry.

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