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Is Canmake Cruelty-Free?

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Did you buy Canmake products and are wondering if their cruelty-free? I was asking this myself too and that’s why I did some research.

I’ve bought many products from Canmake before. They sell high-quality cruelty-free products. And are by far one of the best beauty brands on the entire market.

Finding cruelty products is very difficult, especially if you want good ones. Some products say they are “cruelty-free” but are officially not.

Despite all the rumors going around, Canmake is indeed cruelty-free. Receiving an email from them saying “Canmake products use plant-derived ingredients and we are not doing animal testing”

Note: Canmake does not have a policy for specifically animal-test-free products only.

In this article, I’ll explain if Canmake is vegan, a good brand to buy from, and more.

Let’s get started.

Is Canmake Vegan?

Yes, Canmake does sell vegan products, However, there are also products that are not Vegan. So look at their range of products. Read if those are in fact, actually vegan.

Don’t buy products solely on your gut feeling. Ingredient suppliers often include everything in the product. H

However, there are very small letters on the bottle, which don’t say if it’s actually vegan. So for you to find out, the easiest and fastest way is to contact their customer service.

Cruelty-free brands use their name often to promote their store.

I’m not saying all stores do this, but there are definitely some sketchy ones. So beware of those and always check for certified brands only.

This will ensure you are buying animal-friendly products. Knowing they don’t have any animal cruelty history.

There are many stores that offer cruelty-free lists. This definitely helps you find the best products possible. And look for a cruelty-free certification, often found on the about page.

Is Canmake a Good Brand?

Yes, Canmake is a good brand. I’ve bought many times from this store and never had any bad experiences.

I have very sensitive skin myself and found that the products they offer are cruelty-free. Unlike other brands, these ones actually promise what they deliver.

Beauty products in the cruelty-free space can make it difficult to find a good brand. However, from my experience and 121+ other people.

Canmake is a good brand that shouldn’t raise any problems. They have a perfect history of delivering products on time and if you don’t believe it.

Just read the reviews. That says it all.

And I can say that with confidence. There are a few brands that I tried and never delivered.

This won’t happen with Canmake, so give it a go, chances are, you’ll fall in love with this brand.

Where is Canmake Made?

Canmake is a Japanese brand made in Tokyo.

Finding cruelty-free brands in Japan is extremely difficult. Especially those ones with cruelty-free certifications.

Luckily Canmake has all those, unlike some other brands,

They offer a wide range of skincare products that work for all skin types. It’s by far one of the best cruelty-free brands on the entire market.

And the best part? They ship right from Japan.

No 3rd tier countries where shipping takes up to 30 days.

Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Skincare

Here are 4 reasons why you should use cruelty-free skincare

1. Better skin

Better skin. That’s what everyone says you get from cruelty-free skincare. But is it actually true? Well, yes, from my experience with cruelty-free skin it definitely does improve your skin.

I’m not saying it will work for everyone, however, it’s worth giving it a go.

If you’ve never tried cruelty-free products before you’re missing out big time! Animal testing on products is not the way to go anymore.

Maybe it was back in the days, but these days it should only be tested on real humans that give consent.

2. Not tested on animals

It’s not tested on animals. That’s the second reason why you need to use cruelty-free products instead of normal ones.

Animal testing is very harsh and causes a lot of pain and stress to the animals involved. And in most cases, it’s just not necessary anymore.

There are new scientific discoveries that show that you can achieve the same outcome without putting animals through torture.

3. Impact the world

You’re making a small impact on the world by purchasing cruelty-free. And this is true for every purchase you make, not only skincare.

Not buying products with animal testing will have a huge impact on the world. And it will be a good one, I personally believe that you should do whatever you can to protect the environment.

4. Save money

Buying cruelty-free products actually save you money. You might not know it but that’s the truth.

For a cleanser that’s not cruelty-free, I pay about $20/mo. And one that is cruelty-free I pay about $15/mo.

Adding it up saves you a lot of money over the year.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Canmake is indeed cruelty-free. Not only are they cruelty-free, but they also have a wide range of makeup products. And there’s something for every skin type to be found on their site.

If you’re looking for new makeup that’s cruelty-free, Canmake is the perfect brand to check out.

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