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Is Hanlim a Private School?

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Many people are interested in traveling to South Korea to attend school. Korean schools are known for being more challenging and pushing students to succeed. When looking for a school in South Korea, many people take an interest in Hanlim.

However, one problem is that in 2007 a law was passed in Korea that private institutions will not be able to provide educational qualifications. This means that Hanlim students may not be able to attend university. In April 2021, it was announced that they would not be accepting new students for this school year.

Hanlim is still allowing current students to finish their education at the establishment. This is good news for many of the Kpop idols who attend this establishment. Are you curious about what it’s like to be a student at Hanlim? Keep reading to find out more.

How Much Is Hanlim Tuition?

Hanlim is a famous school in Seoul, and it’s known across the world. Students who go to Hanlim are likely to have a Kpop idol or two in their class. Hanlim is a high school, and high schools are not required by the Korean government. This means that students have to be an admission fee.

Since Hanlim isn’t a public school, the tuition fee is higher than other schools in South Korea. The uniform is also quite expensive compared to the price of other school uniforms. Most school uniforms in Korea range between $200 to $400 USD, where the Hanlim uniforms are $895 USD.

Let’s take a look at what it costs for admission to school Hanlim:

  • Enrollment fee- $900,000 Korean won ($805 USD)
  • Lesson fee- $4 million Korean won ($3,580 USD)
  • Uniform cost- $1 million Korean won ($895 USD)

What Do You Study at Hanlim?

Hanlim multi art school is where teenagers go to get the training they need to become an idol. It has a much better reputation than competitor arts school SOPA. When training for the entertainment industry, many students feel safer attending Hanlim arts school over SOPA. This is because SOPA was involved in a scandal that put young students in inappropriate situations.

A preferred Korean vocational school is Hanlim multi art school. Pupils can focus on getting a serious education and proper training for a career in entertainment. Whether they want to break out on the Korean music scene or become a world famous fashion model, Hanlim arts is one of the best art schools in South Korea.

What vocational course do students take at Hanlim multi art school?

  • Performing arts department
  • Practical music department
  • Modeling department
  • Film making department
  • Broadcasting department
  • Dance department

How is Hanlim different than other high schools in Korea?

When Hanlim was founded, they has a different idea in mind for teens. Too many teenagers across South Korea were dropping out of the regular high school system. These schools are set up to prepare a student for their next journey to college and university. However, that’s not the path that kids who want to work in entertainment need to take.

This school was founded for the kids who want to further explore their talents and focus on a unique academic achievement in entertainment. Many of the school’s student body has already had experience in broadcasting, making this school the right fit for them.

Are Korean Arts High Schools Expensive?

Hanlim multi art school and SOPA are the two main Korean arts schools in Seoul. These schools don’t accept just any student. Getting a spot at either arts high school is difficult because they are highly competitive. These schools are not open to the public because they need to keep the classes smaller.

Admission to a Korea arts high school is very expensive. An art high school is considered vocational, and students will focus on specific training. This means that kids attending SOPA school, Hanlim, or any other performing arts school will have to pay a higher fee for enrollment.

The cost allows smaller class sizes in all of the departments. Kids can get the right training they need to become idols. Many of these teens will be prepared for the world of entertainment before they have graduated. South Korea arts high school is where kids go to become idols.

Pros of Korean Arts High School

One of the biggest advantages of attending Hanlim multi art school is that each department is very competitive. Whether the student is pursuing a musical education, fashion studies, or wants to enter the world of broadcasting, they will receive the highest level of arts training. All members of the faculty are committed to making stars out of every student.

A lot of teens get excited about attending a music or performing arts school because over the 3 years they are there, they could be in the same class as idols that they are fans of. Imagine studying practical music with SHINee Taemin or Tzuyu? Kpop idols enroll in Korea art school because their schedule is flexible enough to allow them to focus on their music and broadcasting careers.

Uniforms are common for attending school in Korea because of how strict the school departments are. The uniform fashion at art school is a lot more high end than other education centers. Kids look more prestigious in art school uniforms and ready for the entertainment industry.

Cons of Korean Arts High School

One of the biggest cons of attending an art high school in Korea is that only the public schools give pupils the education requirements needed to move on to university. Hanlim has not changed its guidelines to meet government requirements, which means it is no longer allowed to accept new freshmen. As of now, after the 2021 school year, Hanlim’s future is undecided.

There are a lot of expenses for a Korea arts high school. While there are several unique majors at Hanlim (like musical major, video production major, performing arts major, etc.) kids have to pay out of pocket for many of the things they need to do for school. According to a video from pupils of SOPA, they were required to pay to perform music at local events.

Another disadvantage that a lot of kids face at arts high school is that it is very stressful. Everything about art school in Korea is stressful, even from the start with the admission process. If pupils aren’t on their A game all day every day, they will face the consequences. Each department of art school expects students to be prepared for the high demands of the entertainment industry.


Hanlim art school is a private school for pupils who want to focus on performing, music, and other unique majors geared towards the entertainment industry. Each department in the school is focused on helping each student prepare to become an idol. Hanlim even has several idols enrolled in attending class.

However, since Hanlim isn’t a public center, it can not give attendees the proper education requirements upon graduation. This could affect a student’s opportunity to apply for a college or university. However, when pupils leave Hanlim, they will be prepared for a career in entertainment. Each student will be tested in a highly competitive environment to make sure they are ready.

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