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Is Korean Tea Healthy? (4 Types of Tea You Must Try)

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Are you wondering if Korean tea is healthy? 

In America alone, over 159 million people drink tea on any given day, which shows you that it’s very healthy in general.

But what about Korean tea, and why are people so obsessed with it?

If you’re looking to lose weight fast, make sure to switch out your regular tea to Korean tea because it can speed up your progress by 10x. 

Let’s get started.

In short: Korean Tea is one of the healthiest drinks in terms of teas in the world. Experts have shown that it helps with digestive problems, weight loss, and blood sugar regulation. 

What Is Korean Tea Made of?

Korean tea is made of different kinds of leaves, boiled water, and sometimes ginger. With such ingredients, you can make all sorts of Korean teas. Like herbal tea, green tea, plum tea, and ginger tea.

With all these types of Korean teas, you can reap all of the health benefits. Now, the people that aren’t drinking Korean tea yet are missing out big time!

There’s no such thing as “one Korean tea” that everyone likes. It’s not like coffee, which everyone drinks. When it comes to tea, it’s actually very different.

Mainly because you can fully customize it to your taste, that’s why there are so many Korean teas on the market. 

And because Korean tea is made of leaves, it doesn’t contain any chemicals that could be harmful, especially when it comes down to green tea, herbal tea, and ginseng tea.

These teas are known to be very healthy. 

You can drink these every single day without worrying about them being bad for you. It’s the same as drinking coffee every day, which is also the reason why Korean tea is so popular.

Fun fact: The most popular tea in South Korea is green tea. Green tea is known for many benefits, like improved brain function, bad breath, and anti-aging.

4 Types of Korean Tea

With so many different kinds of Korean teas on the market, it might be hard to find one that suits your taste. No one tea brand suits everyone, which is why people even hold Korean tea ceremonies throughout the country. 

Here are the 4 most popular Korean teas sold in South Korea:

Korean Ginseng Tea

Korean ginseng tea is one of the most popular teas in South Korea. You can even divide the ginseng into different kinds of ginseng like Red and Panax ginseng.

Korean ginseng tea is good for your overall health, but the main benefits are strengthening leukocytes, preventing viruses from entering your body, and anti-aging.

And the majority of Koreans drink it every single day, so you don’t have to worry about it being bad for you. There’s no exact cycle you have to follow when drinking ginseng tea.

Some people drink it in the mornings while others like it in the evenings. While you shouldn’t be drinking this 24/7, it’s perfectly fine to drink it every day.

Some studies have shown that Korean ginseng tea also helps with sleep. [1

It shows that people who have taken red ginseng extract have seen an improvement in REM sleep, which is also known as Rapid Eye Movement.

Korean Barley Tea

Korean Barley tea is made of roasted barley and boiled water. This is one of the easiest Korean teas to make at home. Anyone can make this, you don’t need any prior experience with teas, which is why it’s so popular.

And Korean barley tea is very healthy because it improves your blood sugar regulation, helps with weight loss, and anti-aging. I’ve been drinking barley tea for about 3 months now, and the taste is a bit sweet but also bitter.

Some people like to add sugar to their barley tea, but it’s not something I recommend. Adding sugar to tea isn’t the healthiest thing to do. And it’ll most certainly make you gain weight. 

Even though, in general, barley tea is known for its weight loss benefits, which makes this tea by far the best for weight loss. [2]

Now, after drinking it for 3 months, it has improved my sleep tremendously. I drink it every single morning without seeing any drawbacks. So, barley tea is great for improving your sleep and works great for weight loss.

Korean Citron Tea

Korean citron tea is made of yuja fruit, honey, and ginger. This Korean tea is different from the other ones because there are no leaves inside. This is a type of marmalade that you put in a cup and add some boiled water to it. 

Korean citron tea is known for its sweetness, and there’s a strong aftertaste. The ginger creates a pleasant scent, which you can’t stop drinking.

We don’t recommend drinking it daily because it contains a lot of honey. It’s not the perfect Korean tea for weight loss.

The easiest way to drink Korean citron tea is to add some boiled water to your cup and stir it for a few minutes. Generally speaking, Korean citron tea is known to be healthy when you drink it once in a while. Plus, it’s great for a sore throat and an empty stomach.

Korean Corn Tea

Korean corn tea is made from corn. This tea isn’t very popular in South Korea. It’s mostly the older people drinking this tea. However, it is healthy to drink, and the benefits of Korean corn tea are improved vision, protection against cancer, and rich in vitamin C. [3]

Korean corn tea tastes like boiled water with a bit of corn flavor, there’s also a bit of sweetness. And the best part? It doesn’t contain caffeine, which makes it perfectly fine to drink daily. The recommended cups are 2 to 3 a day.  

Where To Buy Korean Tea Online?

There are many online stores where you can buy Korean tea. Some of the most famous sites are Hankooktea and GoodGreenTea.

These are some of the most popular stores where people buy Korean tea. They have a wide variety of teas:

  • Buckwheat Tea
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Magnolia Berry Tea
  • Goji Berry Tea
  • Cinnamon Tea

Their support is great, and the shipping times are fast. If you’re someone that prefers to buy your goods in a physical store, then finding Korean teas might get difficult.

Most of the teas that originate from Korea aren’t sold overseas. This makes it very hard to get your hands on some of these teas, but you can always ask your local grocery store.

Final Thoughts

After all, Korean tea is one of the healthiest teas to drink. It comes with many benefits, such as anti-aging, weight loss, and digestive problems.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit a traditional Korean tea ceremony, I highly recommend it. You can try all sorts of tea there and indulge yourself in the Korean tea culture, maybe even make some new friends.

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