Is Soju Gluten-Free?

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Yes, soju is gluten-free. Due to its low sugar content, alcohol content (around 10–30%), and distillation process, soju should be free of any detectable gluten.

The majority of people that drink soju do so because it is gluten-free. It can be enjoyed as a safe alternative to beer and other forms of alcohol.

Make sure to drink in moderation if you’re mixing soju with other drinks because you want to limit your exposure to gluten.

Other alcoholic drinks and brands may contain added hydrolyzed wheat protein, maltose (which is a sugar), soy sauce, and other ingredients that might cause reactions.

If you want to know more about soju, then please keep reading on.

Does Soju Have Wheat in It?

No, soju does not have any trace of wheat in it. Soju is traditionally made from rice, but some manufacturers add other types of alcohol to give the drink a sweeter flavor.

This is done with the help of enzymes that break down gluten into smaller molecules. If you’re allergic to wheat, then you’re good to go.

You can drink soju safely and enjoy it as you would any other gluten-free alcoholic beverage. Try to avoid mixing it with other drinks to keep your exposure to gluten as low as possible.

When Does Soju Go Bad?

Generally speaking, soju doesn’t go bad. Because it is an alcoholic distilled beverage, the alcohol will keep any bacteria and other contaminants at bay.

It can be kept for many years if it’s unopened and stored in a dark place. Usually, a year or two would be more than enough time to finish a bottle of soju.

If the bottle is opened, then it might be better to buy a new bottle of soju. Especially if it tastes weird, then throw it out and don’t risk your health.

Please keep in mind that you cannot freeze soju and expect it to maintain its quality. The freezing process might cause the beverage to lose some of its flavors.

What I normally do when I have leftover soju is put it back in the fridge with the cap sealed tight. This way, the soju can remain fresh without freezing it.

So, whenever you’re ready to drink some more soju, then take it out of the fridge and enjoy. I don’t leave soju in the fridge longer than three months.

Is It Okay to Drink Soju Every Day?

Yes, you can drink soju every day, but it’s not recommended since drinking alcohol every day can increase the risk of liver damage and other health concerns.

If you’re wondering how many times a day you can drink soju, then just stick to one serving at a time. Having more than one serving isn’t recommended since it might lead to an increased tolerance that can cause drinking problems down the road.

So if you really want to drink soju every day without worrying about liver damage, then make sure to drink in moderation. I would say one serving per day is perfectly fine.

Back in the days when I used to drink a lot, I would probably drink a bottle of soju every 2 to 3 days, but once I got older, I stopped drinking so much.

In the long run, it’s not worth it to drink soju every day.

Is One Bottle of Soju Too Much?

One bottle of soju is enough for most people, but heavy drinkers can drink up to 5 bottles of soju in one night.

So many people drink way too much soju and get into all sorts of trouble. Drinking more than five bottles of soju in one sitting is a lot and not recommended.

I would say you’re good to go if you only drink one serving, but it’s better not to put yourself in a situation where your judgment is impaired.

If there’s anything I learned from my past experiences with soju and other alcoholic beverages, then it’s that moderation is key. It doesn’t matter how much alcohol you consume, but rather how well you can handle your alcohol.

Just be careful and take it easy when drinking soju because it’s delicious, but also very strong.


In short, soju is gluten-free, but it’s made from rice. Some manufacturers add other types of alcohol to give the drink a sweeter flavor. Soju doesn’t go bad since it is an alcoholic distilled beverage. It can be kept for many years if it’s unopened and stored in a dark place.

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