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Is YesStyle Ethical?

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When trying to understand whether YesStyle is ethical or not, you may find conflicting information online and rightfully so. There are many claims about ethics for certain aspects of the brand while other issues are completely up for debate.

I spent over $5400 on YesStyle last year, and there are some pros and cons when it comes to ordering from this site. Now, keep in mind that this is my opinion and you should decide whether you purchase from them or not.

Of the 10+ times I ordered from YesStyle, about 85% of the time my order got delivered in time. The quality was decent, but since I didn’t expect too much, it was okay.

For the prices you pay, you can’t really get it cheaper anywhere else, especially Korean clothing. 

Let’s dive deeper into the business practices of YesStyle.

Good Business Practices About YesStyle

On the one hand, they provide a great variety of products for clothing, makeup, jewelry, skincare, hair care, lifestyle products and other fashionable baubles. 

These are popular brands across the Asian world. Also, from 2014 to 2018, the Hong Kong Council of Social Services registered them as a caring company.

Because of this, they coordinate with customers and suppliers to ensure satisfaction. This is what allows them to offer products at an incredibly affordable price. 

Plus, many people seem to love what YesStyle has to offer and have a wonderful experience doing business with the company.

Some People Find the Selection Good and Convenient

For customers that know what they’re looking for, they find great skincare products and cosmetics. It’s a great go-to when their regular beauty brands are out of what they need. Plus, it’s convenient for those who need Asian styles and sizes for clothing when they are not currently residing in their native country.

For instance, many sizes of Asian types of clothing run small and are ideal for women who come from places like Vietnam, Korea, China or even Japan. If such women live in the United States, even smalls in Junior sizes can run far too large.

Great Prices and Affordable Selection

While other people may attest that YesStyle is average quality on the whole, the prices and discounts more than make up for it. Therefore, if you’re willing to sacrifice certain expectations, you’ll generally be happy with what you purchase.

This is ideal for those who are big fans of Korean beauty products. YesStyle seems to offer everything anyone could want in this arena. They carry some of the bigger name brands, which makes it easier to obtain.

Decent Shipping Times

Ordering from YesStyle has decent shipping times when you compare it to some other stores. It takes on average 5 to 14 days for your package to arrive.

Sadly, I’ve seen many times where it took way longer when I ordered from a different store. 

For the most part, YesStyle delivers its packages within the promised time frame, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Bad Business Practices About YesStyle

While they tout themselves to be transparent with a commitment to customer care, reviews on places like SiteJabber state otherwise. It would seem YesStyle has a glowing ranking on other reviewer sites like TrustPilot or But this is misleading.

It’s no secret that they offer discounts, coupons or other types of compensation to people in exchange for positive reviews. SiteJabber clearly indicates this practice at the top of their review page for YesStyle. This raises huge ethics questions.

This means they try to cover their failings rather than make corrections in ways people can trust. It also translates to the fact that you can’t fully trust the positive reviews. Whether they are authentic or not will be up to everyone’s individual discretion.

Common Customer Complaints

In fact, the issues people have are specifically about YesStyle’s corporate transparency and their purported commitment to customer care. This is great cause for concern about the company’s ethics. Plus, since the prices of their items are too good to be true, it’s raises an immediate red flag.

It’s Not Solely a Korean Company

Right from the get-go, people believe this is a Korean company when in fact it’s Chinese. But, they advertise themselves to be an Asian supplier, so it’s unclear why people have this misconception. Having said all that, it’s safe to assume that they have a Korean face supplied by Chinese manufacturers.

Not Transparent about Supplier or Brand Sourcing

Consumers have a right to know where a company sources its products and who makes them. Yesstyle doesn’t disclose anything about where the products come from, who makes them, the processes used to make them or its general supply chain.

This is especially sensitive when it comes to things like makeup and skincare. Some customers do report having severe allergic reactions after using such products. This is due in part to how they aren’t entirely forthcoming about the ingredients that comprise any given skincare or makeup product.

Not Transparent about their Code of Conduct with Brands They Sell

What’s more, YesStyle doesn’t publish their code of conduct in regards to the brands they choose to work with or their suppliers. So, you can’t do any deep research on whether or not these brands provide fair wages for their workers or the kinds of factory conditions to which they subject workers.

This means you may very well be buying a product produced by a child laboring an 18-hour workday. While this won’t be true for every brand they sell, there will be a portion of them that will have something deplorable along these lines. With the way they don’t publish this information, all we can do is speculate.

Not Transparent about Ecological Practices or Efforts

For those who like to be ecologically conscious about the products they buy, Yesstyle doesn’t disclose that information either. There is not information about greenhouse gas emissions, how they aim to target this kind of reduction or reveal any steps to reduce it’s carbon footprint.

Should You Order From YesStyle?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to order from YesStyle

It’s by far the cheapest Korean fashion store that ships worldwide. Unlike many other stores out there that only ship within Europe or Asia.

YesStyle offers a great shipping policy. And from my experience, it can’t really go wrong.

The only problem would be returning the products. This is quite a hassle and should be made easier, but besides that it’s a great store to get your clothes/skincare from.

All in all, if you want to read more about YesStyle and if the store is legitimate, check it out here.


After all, YesStyle is an ethical business, and it’s safe to order from. Now there’s not too much information about how they operate within the business, but as long as they deliver their products and the quality is there, it’s perfectly fine.

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