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Is YesStyle Legitimate and Reliable?

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Wondering if YesStyle is a legitimate and reliable source to buy from? I was wondering the same, that’s why I did some research on the store, owners, and people that work there.

Buying from YesStyle can be quite scary, especially if you’ve never bought from them before. The negative reviews, poor quality, and shipping costs. Those are the three main points people complain about.

But is YesStyle a legitimate and reliable online retailer?

YesStyle is one of the best trusted online retailers selling Korean fashion and Korean beauty products. They are backed by real people and have a warehouse in Hong Kong, which they also ship from.

In this article, I’ll explain if the positive reviews are real and why it’s a legitimate site.

Let’s get started.

Is YesStyle Legit?

YesStyle is legit. They have a special customer service department that handles all the issues. The products YesStyle has in stock are sitting in their warehouse based in Hong Kong.

It’s by far one of the best Asian beauty retailers on the entire market. Unlike many other online stores that don’t deliver on their promises.

So if you have any issues with YesStyle, talk to their customer service department. They will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

I’ve ordered many lifestyle products from YesStyle before and it’s never been this easy. Every time I order from YesStyle, the package arrived within 5 days.

That’s when the products are shipping from Hong Kong. In the past, I tried many other stores and those took way too long to ship to me. This can be quite frustrating if you need the products quickly.


YesStyle’s skincare line is legit. They only sell qualified products, which means they are thoroughly researched before they are put on the Many online stores sell products without any proof that it works. And in some cases, they don’t have it in stock.

While YesStyle actually does. So expect great quality products when you order from YesStyle.

I’m not saying their skincare products will all work for your skin type. However, comparing it to other stores, YesStyle has better products and affordable prices.


Their clothing line is also one of the best. The amount of Asian fashion they have in stock each week is outstanding.

They have thousands of items in their inventory, which are constantly being added to. And you can rest assured that what you see on their website is exactly what you get.

I’ve ordered several cute outfits from YesStyle before, and they arrived within 5 days. If you’d only read the YesStyle reviews, you can already see that it’s a reliable site.


Buying makeup from Asian brands can be quite tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, YesStyle only has makeup products that are high quality.

They have the best products for Asian skin that are organic. Their makeup products can be used for every skin type, it doesn’t matter whether you’re Asian or not.

So give it a go, chances are, it’ll almost be the best decision of your life.

How Long Does YesStyle Take to Ship?

The average shipping time for YesStyle is 10 to 14 days. Depending on where in the world you are located, it will arrive faster or slower.

So far, I’ve never waited more than 14 days for my package to arrive, which is outstanding because other stores take so much longer.

One time, I was waiting for a package from YesStyle for over a month. But that was during Christmas.

Thus, I don’t blame YesStyle for not processing my order as fast as they would normally.

If you haven’t tried ordering from YesStyle, I highly recommend they try it out. Some people get their packages faster than others.

Note: You may have to pay TAX/VAT over the products if you live in a European country.

What are the Pros and Cons of YesStyle?


  • Legit site with a great customer service department
  • Affordable prices with free international shipping for orders over $55
  • Ships to over 50+ countries worldwide
  • They have great deals and coupon codes to help you save money


  • Not all products are organic
  • They will not accept returns for skincare, makeup or skincare products that you didn’t like

Can You Trust YesStyle?

Yes, you can trust YesStyle because they have thousands of reviews from happy customers.

For me, it was the first online retailer selling Asian beauty products, so I got really excited when I first ordered from it. There are hundreds of other stores that sell similar products.

However, none of them come close to the quality of YesStyle, both in terms of products and prices.

Shopping on YesStyle makes it very easy and fun. Offering you beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products.

The only downside is that they don’t have every Korean skincare product. Therefore you need to buy it from other stores, but the majority of skincare products they do have in-house.

Is YesStyle Good Quality?

Yes, YesStyle has amazing quality products.

Give it a go and you will not be disappointed. The positive YesStyle reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

Their prices are the cheapest compared to other online stores selling similar products. Plus, they have a lot of amazing deals and coupons.

If you need any help with using YesStyle or placing an order, you can always contact their customer service team.

They are professional, friendly and will do their best to assist you.


All in all, YesStyle is a trusted and legit website that has amazing products, prices, and services.

I recommend trying them out if you want to buy Korean skincare or makeup without breaking the bank.

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