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The ITZY Diet | Korean Beauty Standards

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Wondering if the ITZY diet is worth trying? Find out and see if the ITZY diet is something for you!

Itzy diet

There are many Korean beauty standards in Korea, making it very hard for most people to look perfect. However, it’s even worse for idols because they have to perform for the crowd and look at their best at all times.

This is why the idol life is very harsh, and most people criticize idols very fast. Today we’re going to talk about the idol group ITZY and how they follow their diets/weight loss. If you’re interested in ITZY’s diet, then keep reading on.

Who Are The Members of ITZY?

ITZY is a five-member girl group that debuted in 2019. Their first album was “IT’z Different,” which was a huge hit. They were very popular even before the debut because some members already participated in some survival shows.

All five members are very talented and enjoy what they do. Keep in mind that they also have gone through diets or are still dieting to this day. Let’s start with Lia’s diet and move on from there.

Lia’s Diet

Lia is a member of ITZY and the main vocal/rapper in the group. In the beginning, she was the least popular of the group, but she got more and more popular over timer. In 2018 she started losing a lot of weight, and fans noticed that they criticized her, and Lia probably got stressed.

After she received a lot of hate, her fan base started getting bigger, and she received a lot of support.

On a live stream, they spoke about their eating habits and enjoyed their food. She said that she liked eating in small bites.

Before the debut, she could only eat salads to maintain her weight. In July, ITZY came back with another hit, “ICY” she looked the same at the time but slowly started gaining weight throughout the next months as promotions go on.

In August, Lia seemed to hit her highest weight since their debut, and she received a ton of hate for that for no reason. It’s completely normal to gain some weight, but of course, the haters will always be there.

You could see that she didn’t feel comfortable in her skin because of the haters. She was later on targeted for coming from a rich family and being accused of having no talent.

This is ridiculous because all trainees go through years of training before making it to the final group.

She started losing a lot of weight, and the fans began to notice that. During the Golden Disk Awards, Lia looked “weak and tired.” Which is normal when you go through extreme diets. Now Lia’s back to her debut size, but you can see she works extremely hard to please the fans.

If you’re truly and fan of ITZY, you should support them no matter what. That’s what we’re going to do and support Lia no matter what she’s going through or how she looks.

Lia’s Full Diet Plan

Yeji’s Diet

Yeji’s diet is also something that’s not a lot, but it’s a bit better than some other diets out there. She starts with five slices of watermelon, which isn’t a lot and won’t make you feel full, but it’s probably enough for a couple of hours.

After that, it’s the chicken breast with sauce and what kind of sauce we don’t know, but it’s just an example.

After that, she gets a snack and for dinner has three chicken wings with a salad. The diet isn’t completely accurate, but we think it’s pretty close to Korean diets since the calorie intake is also pretty low.

So if you are going to try this diet yourself, make sure to add some more snacks to it to fill up your calorie intake and make sure you’re full.

Yeyi’s Full Diet Plan

Yeji’s Diet

Should You Follow These Diets?

No, you shouldn’t follow these diets yourself unless you have someone with you to check up on you every day. Yeji’s diet might look pretty good, but her calorie intake is only 900-1200 each day, which is way below the average.

The average calorie intake for women is around 1700 calories a day; however, you should also look at how you’re building and what you normally eat.

Just keep in mind that idols don’t want to follow the diet themselves unless forced to.

This often happens when making a comeback or performing. You can see that the idol’s schedules are also extremely tight and packed with events and variety shows. You can read more about that here if you’re interested.


Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, you can see that these diets aren’t good for the health. Many people searching K-pop Diets are looking to lose weight very fast, but they know deep inside that it’s very bad for them.

However, some people still do it and follow the diets, leading to a lot of stress and getting depressed.

So, it’s never recommended to follow these diets yourself unless you have professional help besides you at all times.

Idols work extremely hard to achieve the body they want but sometimes go through extreme measures, too harsh.

A good example of this is when you see the idols in real life. They often look extremely thin, and if you look it from an American beauty standard, it’s not normal.

They also have standards like whitening the skin or just using a filter, and this is very common in Asia because they don’t want to get tan while you look at it from an American stand; they all want to get a tan to look better.

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